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Obama and the Democrats in Congress CAN NOT . . . . .

By maxwell edison ·
..... properly address the nation's financial woes, because growing government, extending unemployment benefits, increasing the deficit and debt burden (on future generations), bailing out companies, increasing regulation on companies, nationalizing companies, increasing individual dependency on government, allowing - and even encouraging - illegal immigrants' abuse of government services, increasing taxes on the producers, taxing energy, et al - all the things Democrats typically do - are all counterintuitive measures.

It's like trying to lose weight on a diet of triple bacon cheese burgers, chili cheese fries, and monster-sized milk shakes.

Question: What steps would you take if you wanted to completely destroy a free nation from within?

Answer: Do all the things Barack Obama and the Democrats in Congress are doing and/or would like to do.

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I agree, but consider the "therefore what" question. . . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to You know, I saw a show th ...

.... and how it always seems to be a point of contention.

Therefore, I want to REDUCE the size, scope, influence, and control of government into personal lives.

Why do people who agree with what you said - including you - want MORE government influence and control into personal lives?

I want LESS of it, not more!

Disclaimer for those who want to misrepresent my point of view: government is good; TOO MUCH government is bad.

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about misrepresentation

by Oz_Media In reply to I agree, but consider the ...

While you exit with a disclaimer, you fail to recognize that you too did the same.

I do NOT want mroe government, not at all.

I agree government is needed, too much influence on your personal life is bad.

HOWEVER, because I accept what I deem essential services, such as medical care and welfare, you see that as wanting more government. MORE government being a relative term up to personal interpretation.

I was discussing this issue with someone while having beers at the beach a few weeks ago. Well it turned into taht sort of 'uncomfortable' debate after a few beers anyway, it started with doggie parks and people picking up after themselves etc. The guy I was with commented, "Well you are so right wing, you think the world should run free without any laws." LOL

I laughed and told him that Americans see me as a tree hugging lefty who wants the government to carry me womb to tomb, he laughed even harder of course. We are good friends so we try not to push politics and pi$$ each other off too much, so we just started on about how cool the mountains looked again.

We usually throw a few chairs on the shoreline and share a case of beer in the evening, a few times a week. Cops don't bug you for drinking, it's pretty low key and tranquil.

(no, it's not 'THE LINK', it was just a long photbucket URL)

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you do know

by Jaqui In reply to about misrepresentation

that Canada is the closest country in the world to have a "true" socialist state?

Though that is being eroded by the traitors in Ottawa selling us out to the communist state down south. [ the U.S.A. ]

and before anyone blows a fuse, things like the "Patriot Act" and complete destruction of the American people's rights by the American Government has MADE the US into a communist state.

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I think the UK has us beat by a long shot

by Oz_Media In reply to you do know

Try living in the UK or France and then tell me Canada is close to being a socialist state.

We are like the free wilderness of the wild west in comparison.

As for teh US, that's my point too, they keep saying they are becoming more and mor elike Canada, whereas that mark was passed agges ago and they kept sprinting on by. the Patriot Act destroyed the US from a privacy and personal liberties standpoint. It just keeps gettign worse and worse too, rights are SO quickly ignored and stepped on. All those years Americans were proudly free, and it was stripped in a heartbeat. That 'freedom' so many enjoyed was only there because they had no reason to remove it, but as the DESIRE for them to watch people got more urgent, those right were gone in the blink of an eye. Perhaps that ideal government and freedom we've had flaunted in our faces for deacdes was all just a facade, that inpenetrable wall or personal liberties and protections was proven to be made of tissue paper.

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I've never really thought us too socialist...

by Slayer_ In reply to you do know

Far as I can tell, any required services are government run. Everything else is free.
MB has public auto insurance as well. I rather like it overall.

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I agree

by maxwell edison In reply to You know, I saw a show th ...

You said, "The reason I see that so many people supported Obama, even if they have since changed their ways, is because HE WASN'T Bush."

And shame on them for being so blind, gullible, and naive' - and stupid.

Regardless of any charges to the contrary - unlike SO MANY PEOPLE around here, including leftists, socialist, and Democrats - I am not a partisan person. (Partisan being strictly Democrat or Republican.)

I'm a principled person, with the underlying principle being less government and more individualism - and I'll let those chips fall where they may.

The beacon of freedom, previously known as the United States of America, is in a decline - indeed, it's in a freefall. And when this beacon is extinguished, there's no place left on the face of the earth for people who long for freedom and liberty to go.

I'm actually ashamed for the state of affairs we're leaving to future generations. My parent's generation (the Great Depression and WWII generation) has been dubbed the Greatest Generation. Mine, however, will probably be called the Sell-Out generation - those who've left a legacy of insurmountable debt and the most egregious infringement on individual freedom ever to attack a free society; and it's all to satisfy their desire for security and instant gratification.

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But who are you ?

by Oz_Media In reply to I agree

Anyone who voted for Obama is deemed " blind, gullible, and naive' - and stupid"?
What for not thinking as you do? Implying you are all seeing, astute, sharp witted and intelligent? You supported Bush through the debacle he called a presidential term, TWICE! Even after he was found to be a liar, hypocrite, truth spinner and a complete f-up overall!?

Who are you to judge the political intelligence of your fellowman, strictly because their democratic vote differed from yours?

There were PLENTY of Republicans during Bush's term that said the exact same thing. People left the party, people changed their political status and said they'd never support the republican party again.

We ALL want our own ideal government, and being centered is one thing, but reality is, NO government will EVER govern the way you feel it should, or me or anyone else.

If Bush had better terms in office, the Republicans had a fair shot, even I commented hos I liked McCain from an American's standpoint (and them golden fries, yummers!), but I had to side with Obama due to foreign relations.

To see flaws from both sides is good, it illustrates that your views on your government are not strictly right wing. Yet due to your vociferous defense of anything Bush did for 8 years, and your equally opposing dislike for anything Obama, it's a pretty hard stretch of the imagination to believe you are REALLY libertarian.

Where will people go? Same place Americans are going, Canada. I have freedom of speech, REAL freedom of expression, freedom of press (where they can actually report and print what they really see). I have REAL privacy protection, not some facade that is stripped on a whim and justified as being for our 'collective' safety (even if they call it a Union there) the list goes on and on, I used to see it the other way around, that America was the real free and prosperous nation, but those childhood views quickly diminished when I saw the reality from both sides of the border.

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it's odd

by Jaqui In reply to Obama and the Democrats i ...

triple bacon cheeseburgers, fries and gravy, baked potato with lots of butter and chili with cheese on it, every day, couldn't gain weight for the life of me.
had a hard time not losing it actually.

so I could lose weight on the diet you specified.

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I look at a burger and plate of fries and gravy . . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to it's odd

..... and the weight simply transfers itself, seemingly by osmosis.

In fact, I gained two pounds just writing about it!

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which is

by Jaqui In reply to I look at a burger and pl ...

like most people.
I'm screwed, they had to change the names of groups like weight watchers from "weight control" to "weight loss" from the tiny segment of the population asking for help to GAIN weight.

I know, I'm one of that segment.

I'm being a serial killer. [ cereal ]
a snack consists of an entire family size box. one sitting.

The food guide's recommended daily intake is about 1/6 of what I need to maintain.

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