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Obama Reverses Rules on U.S. Abortion Aid

By jdclyde ·

?For too long,? he said, ?international family planning assistance has been used as a political wedge issue, the subject of a back-and-forth debate that has served only to divide us. I have no desire to continue this stale and fruitless debate.?

Is Obama's exporting of the culture of US paid for abortions his idea of improving the world view of the US? How does pushing abortion as birth control make us look good?

This goes against his earlier statements that he would work to reduce the number of abortions. Looks like he just found a larger "customer base".

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jdclyde is right

by john.a.wills In reply to Obama Reverses Rules on U ...

but I would like to go off at a tangent. The agencies which push abortion, notably International Planned Parenthood Federation and its associates, do not teach Billings, the most effective method of family planning, but concentrate their efforts on the Pill and condoms and so forth. Why did not Bush feed the family-planning money into WOOMB and the like?

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probably because

by jck In reply to jdclyde is right

they didn't give enough money for his "office for faith-based initiatives" to help out with that.

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We will see

by jdclyde In reply to probably because

Obama said he intends to INCREASE faith based initiatives.

Being a community organizer (as you repeatedly bragged), he knows first hand that government can't do ANYTHING half as efficient as private organizations. More money and better care gets to the end user this way.

And the great thing, HE is intelligent enough to know that it IS constitutional for government to give this aid.

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funny thing is

by jck In reply to We will see

faith-based doesn't necessarily mean "community". churches aren't required to let anyone participate. public funded programs require equal participation by law.

Oh, and btw: if Obama doesn't believe that government "can't do ANYTHING half as efficient as private organizations", then why is he trying to nationalize to some extent healthcare? Hm?

Please explain his concept of a "National Health Insurance Exchange" to be run by the federal government as part of his plan, if what you say is right?

You can't dispute it. He's looking to implement more government oversight of the operation of insurance to stop the system raping people (patients and doctors) for profits.

As for aid programs:

He is also intelligent enough to understand the Supreme Court decision that says you can't use your programs to push religion as well. He is, after all, a constitutional professor of law.

Unlike Bush, I don't think Obama will be as likely to overlook transgressions in the law in favor of organizations who "helped out" his campaigns in trade for a "faith-based" check-in-the-hand.

BTW, when did you think him to be so intelligent about government? I thought he wouldn't be able to do a good job cause he wasn't experienced enough in government? :^0

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I didn't say he is going to be able to do good

by jdclyde In reply to funny thing is

again, reading into it what you want.

only, unlike many others of clearly limited intelligence in this country, Obama understands that if the Supreme court rules something to be constitutional, then it is.

There are many of questionable intelligence that have actually tried to say otherwise.

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and of course

by jck In reply to I didn't say he is going ...

You still don't understand the concept of caveats placed upon the program by law.

You think because someone professes they are of God, then they have divine right to free reign to do as they wish.

If they start teaching God as a part of the program, they lose funding. As well, they can not exclude anyone from participating in it even if they are not of the religion they prescribe to.

Hence, it's not really faith-based. It's volunteer.

Just Bush was giving kickbacks through a loophole to religious orgs who contributed to his campaigns.

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That Obama said he would increase

by jdclyde In reply to and of course

and since it was just evil kickbacks on the part of Bush, it must be REALLY evil kickbacks on Obama if he wants to increase it, right?

Or can't you be honest and consistent on a topic?

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by jck In reply to and of course

Since Bush did it means Obama is gonna do it?

You have just made ZERO sense.

You really are losing it. Go home and have your booze and play your video games.

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No, since OBAMA said he would do it

by jdclyde In reply to and of course

I assume he is going to do it.

Since you only remember what you very selectively what you wish, let me remind you what he said in his own words.

"They are ALWAYS free to hire who they wish"

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let me make it clearer for you

by jck In reply to and of course

You implied:

That since the Bush-initiated "Office of Faith-Based Initiatives" was shown to have been giving the vast majority of it's funding to religiously-affiliated organizations who contributed time and/or monies to his campaigns...

That Barack Obama is going to do the same thing?

That's a stupid thing to assume, since Obama has done everything he can to recuse his staff and appointees from all lobbying and special interest.

And, it is something Bush never did.

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