Odd computer freezing/overheat issue

By Sudoka ·
Well, here is the strange thing, My computer has plenty of fans. Ten inch fan in the side, a fan on the mobo itself, a fan on teh back and a fan on the front. The issue is it's still overheating (I guess). It happens a lot more while I use Windows than when I use Ubuntu.
The other odd thing is that I don't see anything that would cause this. The case is an Enermax uber-chakra case. Now I'm not very familiar with cases but I assume the more holes the better?

Now what is your suggestion on this? Should I get a new case or is there something horribly wrong with ym computer?

I am not overclocking, and my heatsink is the default intel heatsink.
if you need specs I will be happy to provide some.

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Manufacturing defects

by Slayer_ In reply to Ram is fine.

RAM is usually broken why you buy it. RAM usually doesn't break down UNLESS you overheat it at some point in it's life.

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That doesn't eliminate much...

by Slayer_ In reply to Maybe I should clarify.

Overheating of the CPU is still possible.
Overheating of the GPU is still possible.
Bad power supply is still possible.
Bad RAM is still possible.
Bad CPU is still possible.
Bad Motherboard is still possible.

If I were to guess, I would say the most likely culprits are RAM, Power supply.
Bad ram will cause your system to hiccup and even BSOD or freeze up every time a bad place in memory is used to store something.

A bad power supply can short power your CPU causing it to shut itself off, effectively freezing your system.

I have a system that does something similar to yours, if I just leave it on, randomly I will come back to it and it's off, other times it has lasted weeks. Sometimes if I run a game on it, it will just shut down while I am using it. It is most likely the motherboard (The mobo has been replaced 3 times already in that machine) or the power supply, or both (Bad PSU could be damaging the boards).

I had another system that often froze up or crashed stuff (Especially web browsers). Turns out it was cause the Mobo was broken and it was stuck with a BIOS firmware that didn't understand the processor and wasn't giving it enough power. All BIOS flashing failed on it, so bad board. Took a long time to figure that out. (Its a funny story actually, but Linux people will hate the story).

On the same system, a few years later, the PSU apparently started to get weak, and started blowing up my video cards. When a video card goes, usually your system refuses to boot and just keeps restarting, or it will magically shutdown and reboot while your using it (Reminds me of a hellish time of my life involving iMacs).

So, can you please run a program like SpeedFan, and tell us the temperatures in your system. if you can, try and watch it while playing a game. Ideally a CPU should never exceed 70C, a GPU should never Exceed 80C. Most GPU's go critical at around 90C-120C

We can also use SpeedFan to monitor the voltages from your power supply. If your temperatures check out fine, then we will check the voltages next.

Direct Download


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Leaning towards the GPU I guess.

by Sudoka In reply to That doesn't eliminate mu ...

Well it's been on for a while.
Here is the current temp readout after quite a while of idling.
Mobo = 37C
CPU = 34C
Core 1 = 51C
Core 2 = 48C
Core 3 = 51C
Core 4 = 51C
SPP = 47C
GPU1 GPU = 50 C
GPU1 Memory = 42C
GPU1 Ambient = 50C
GPU2 Diode = 54
HDD1 = 29C
HDD2 = 31C
HDD3 = 31C

Temps seem fine to me. Speedfan caused some issues for me though, Prior to switching to 7 My computer was bluescreening a lot. Since I had 7 I haven't bluescreened much, once it happened due to a program that I tried closing and I spam clicked all over. Forgot the program name though.

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Thats not that hot

by JamesRL In reply to Leaning towards the GPU I ...

My card idles at about 50 degrees C, but when playing games it can hit 90, 95 is my shutdown point.


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Sounds like bad RAM

by Slayer_ In reply to Leaning towards the GPU I ...

If your getting BSOD's, good chance it's bad RAM.

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I don't think it's ram

by Sudoka In reply to Sounds like bad RAM

Ever since I had W7 I haven't bluescreened. So if it were bad RAM shouldn't it still bluescreen? I've also noticed a slight difference between room temperatures, the cooler, the longer it can run if I stat gaming. I'm gonna buy a fan for my graphics cards, maybe that's the culprit?
But I will take the RAM into consideration.

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Not necessarily

by seanferd In reply to I don't think it's ram

Sometimes bad RAM reveals itself in odd ways, not always with a BSOD, especially if it is in an area where the system isn't loaded. Perhaps, with the change of OS, the system is now loading in the malfuntioning area.

Tests are simple.
Take your pick, or try more than one. Sometimes one will show an issue where another might not.

But it very well could be a heat issue. With all those fans running, there may be spots where the air actually circulates less, or isn't removed from the case. Sort of counter-intuitive, but a physical reality nonetheless.

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Actually I would think that it's more likely

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Not necessarily

To be timing issues between different Modules of Mismatched RAM.

All the RAM cam be perfect but if there is Modules from Different Makers/speeds this can cause issues when they are under load.


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And OH Smeg makes another good point about RAM

by seanferd In reply to Not necessarily

So check that the modules are matched.

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Well your GPU was cooler than mine

by Slayer_ In reply to I don't think it's ram

Try leaving speedfan running and play a game for a bit, watch how hot it gets. Again, under 90C your fine, above 80C you will see performance degradation.

I know my Tecra Laptop would randomly BSOD after time, being used or not, because 1 of the two RAM chips was half dead. I ran that Gold memory test on Hirens (memtest refused to launch) and after it was running for about an hour it started to show about 10 bad blocks of memory over and over.
Essentially it would degrade when the ambient temperature increased. RAM is very sensitive to temperature. Overheat it once and it starts to degrade. And broken RAM can work just fine until the air around it warms up.
If your RAM is new, maybe you can get Warranty on it?

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