Odd computer freezing/overheat issue

By Sudoka ·
Well, here is the strange thing, My computer has plenty of fans. Ten inch fan in the side, a fan on the mobo itself, a fan on teh back and a fan on the front. The issue is it's still overheating (I guess). It happens a lot more while I use Windows than when I use Ubuntu.
The other odd thing is that I don't see anything that would cause this. The case is an Enermax uber-chakra case. Now I'm not very familiar with cases but I assume the more holes the better?

Now what is your suggestion on this? Should I get a new case or is there something horribly wrong with ym computer?

I am not overclocking, and my heatsink is the default intel heatsink.
if you need specs I will be happy to provide some.

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Odd enough!!!

by Mehul Bhai In reply to Maybe I should clarify.
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BAD RAM issue?

by Snuffy09 In reply to Odd computer freezing/ove ...

try to run memtest and see what it finds

have you checked your system eventlogs? may be some tips in there. any bad blocks on HDs?

you proved you have enough fans to power a small air boat across the everglades, which leads me to believe it has nothing to do with overheating

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Nope, RAM is fine.

by Sudoka In reply to BAD RAM issue?

Memtest86 and the microsoft mem test showed nothing wrong. Now what?

It happened again, I started up DragonAge,a nd a good 5 minutes into the game, and about 30 minutes prior to that of running random programs and such, and it froze. Became unresponsive and I had no choice but to do a hard reset. Any more insight?

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question is

by SystemCheck In reply to Nope, RAM is fine.

what is all in the computer ram, cpu, # of fans, gpu, psu, drives, hdd, everthing and the size?

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by SystemCheck In reply to question is

is the cpu secured properly along with the cpu fan and heatsink.

then just out of curiousity when the computer, shuts down can you start it up right a way

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by Sudoka In reply to question is

Well here are my current system specs:
Core 2 Quad q9300
Nvidia geForce 9600 GSO (by Fatal1ty with 768M ram)
Nvidia GeForce GTX 260 (Maxcore 55, by BFG Tech with 896M ram)
Fatal1ty RAM (2x2Gig sticks) DDR2-800 SDRAM
Evga nForce 750i SLI FTW edition
2x 500gig SATA HDD (One W7, other Ubuntu 9.1)
System is set to 64 bit (except my ubuntu partition)
The PSU is by silencer. 750W EPS 12V (not sure what that means but it's on there.)

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Did you go from one video card to two?

by JamesRL In reply to Specs
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Started with one

by Sudoka In reply to Did you go from one video ...

The 9600 was the basic first card I had. Then I took it out and replaced it with the 260.
For a while I ran with the 260 only, Then i decided to pop back the 9600 to give my computer a dedicated physx card. I do however want to remove the 9600 completely and buy another 260 to sli it.
(Well when I have the funds for it, so probably after my birthday tomorrow).

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I'm thinking that 2 video cards =hot case

by JamesRL In reply to Started with one

The 260 certainly puts out more heat than the 9600, it may be enough when you combine the both to raise the internal temp to a level where things fail.

Can you try taking the 9600 out and try to replicate the scenarios where it causes problems?


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by Slayer_ In reply to Started with one

The 9600 runs significantly hotter than a 260. A 9600 vents into the case while a 260 takes air and blows it over the card, out the back of the case. Theoretically, there shouldn't be any heat build up in the case from them. Of course, the 9600 could be heating up the space around the 260 and causing it to falter. But his GPU temperatures were really low.

Edited, Cord = card :)

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