Odd computer freezing/overheat issue

By Sudoka ·
Well, here is the strange thing, My computer has plenty of fans. Ten inch fan in the side, a fan on the mobo itself, a fan on teh back and a fan on the front. The issue is it's still overheating (I guess). It happens a lot more while I use Windows than when I use Ubuntu.
The other odd thing is that I don't see anything that would cause this. The case is an Enermax uber-chakra case. Now I'm not very familiar with cases but I assume the more holes the better?

Now what is your suggestion on this? Should I get a new case or is there something horribly wrong with ym computer?

I am not overclocking, and my heatsink is the default intel heatsink.
if you need specs I will be happy to provide some.

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His listing only showed on GPU temp

by JamesRL In reply to Started with one

Wonder what the other is.

The 260 GPU certainly generates more heat. You are correct it vents to the outside, but its also sucking air from inside the case, so there are limits.

And you are correct, position can play a factor as well, I had a card in the slot next to my 2 slot Vid card and it blocked the flow of air to the fan and overheated constantly.


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by Sudoka In reply to Odd computer freezing/ove ...

As it seems, this issue is not only when I play games. A moment ago, as I was installing MW2 (which used up a suspicious 96% ram and all of my first core, the computer has again frozen.
I'm not sure if this indicates anything terribly new, but it could be helpful information.

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if possible

by SystemCheck In reply to Update!

can you get us a screen shot of your processes when its idle

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try this

by SystemCheck In reply to Here you go.

uninstall firefox (seems way too high for a browser) then reinstall and then go to

and follow instructions, then go to start, programs, accessories, system tools (assumning for W7), disk clean up (select everything) and clean up. then if have not done so yet scan for virus, malware, and spyware. when complete test and get back to me.

and get rid of that teatime.exe (believe its for spybot) its a hog

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The processes are fine.

by Sudoka In reply to try this

Svchost isn't using much of the processor. As for firefox, I have a few tabs open and set to above normal priority. The screen shot was showing all processes from all users. Not just mine. Yes, teatimer is for spybot, I need to get rid of it somehow.

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teatimer can be turned off within spybot

by Slayer_ In reply to The processes are fine.

But I recommend leaving it on. it provides good solid last line of defense protection and helps keep viruses and the like spreading to deeply into your system.

It uses lots of RAM, based on your registry size but it does not cost performance.

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by Sudoka In reply to Odd computer freezing/ove ...

Yes, it happened with the 9600. Do you think I should remove it again and try to see what happens?
Also if it were the gpu shouldn't it notify me somehow, by either lag in game or something of the sort? Also, do you think I should get a 260 or a higher version gpu as my primary?
Like should I SLI or should I just use my 260 as a physx card and buy a higher end card?

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by Sudoka In reply to Sinnerslayer

I'll try that after I have my next class. If that is the cause of the problems I assume adding in a new GPU that's higher end would be stupid without adding in a pci fan?

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by SystemCheck In reply to Sinnerslayer

id get it a shot, seems liek your running out of options, everyone been helping you since november 18, someone should of came up with something, even try putting the 260 in the same spot as the 9600 if havent already

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