Odd computer freezing/overheat issue

By Sudoka ·
Well, here is the strange thing, My computer has plenty of fans. Ten inch fan in the side, a fan on the mobo itself, a fan on teh back and a fan on the front. The issue is it's still overheating (I guess). It happens a lot more while I use Windows than when I use Ubuntu.
The other odd thing is that I don't see anything that would cause this. The case is an Enermax uber-chakra case. Now I'm not very familiar with cases but I assume the more holes the better?

Now what is your suggestion on this? Should I get a new case or is there something horribly wrong with ym computer?

I am not overclocking, and my heatsink is the default intel heatsink.
if you need specs I will be happy to provide some.

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I don't fully see the purpose of both but

by Slayer_ In reply to Sinnerslayer

As I understand PhysX, it has to run on the card producing the graphics. But anyways. It is possible that your 9600 could be damaged. Would be easy to tell if you run your 260 as your primary.

I personally run an Stock OC'd 9600, I can OC the snot out of it without issue EXCEPT in one game, that if it is even slightly OC'd (Beyond the stock OC), it falters and hangs and graphic corrupts randomly. I can actually only play Mass Effect on it when its OC'd. I am not entirely certain if 9600's are a particularly well manufactured card.

Fortunately that 260 you have is nearly twice the power potential than a 9600, so who cares right :).

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by Sudoka In reply to I don't fully see the pur ...

Long story short mirror's edge won't run very well on my 260 if I use physx. The thing is, even with that 9600 as the dedicated physx, it still won't run in physx.The logic would be that I don't want to strain the 260 with overclocking.

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Mirrors edge?

by Slayer_ In reply to Well,

Isn't the latest drivers to fix that game?
I remember seeing that game in their listing of performance boosts. Are you sure you are using the most recent drivers? Maybe try the beta drivers. PhysX doesn't really strain your card at all. That's the point :).

I also agree that you shouldn't overclock, most safe overclocks will buy you, maybe 10-30fps on the top end, and 1 or 2 FPS on the bottom end.

Thats like, if your getting 200fps, OC'd you'd get 230, but if your getting 10fps, you might get 11 when OC'd. It's not worth it. You almost have more effect OC'ing your CPU.

I read some reviews, looks like nVidia cards have lots of trouble with that game. That's pretty stupid lol

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by Sudoka In reply to Mirrors edge?

Also, I've played a good solid hour of MW2, and the computer froze. Then i booted it back up, kept tabs on the temps, and max temp on the GPU was 70. But on my processor, core 1 was 61, core 2, 57, core3, 61, core 4 58. GOU mem was 62 and gpu ambient was 54. As for the mobo, well 41.
Soo I'm not sure if it's good or not, but yeah. That's pretty much what I spiked to.

As for mirror's edge. It's working fine until I get to a part where there is a lot of debris. IE glass smashing and shards flying all over. That's when I get about 3fps.

But so far I took out the 9600 see how it fairs.

Also I noticed that i froze when I had the resolution of MW2 up at 1600x900. Lowered the rez and then I got a good 3 hours of solid game play. I did get some lag though, but only short spikes randomly.

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Well your CPU is a touch hot, but thats about it

by Slayer_ In reply to Yep.

Ideally, you don't want to go over 60C with your CPU. But it's not serious, I believe shutdown temp for CPU is 90C. As for particles, the 260 has fewer CPU's than the 280. Thats why the sudden performance drop in those scenarios. Also, some programs **** off games and physx, such as Xfire and Steam overlays. Even the RivaTuner overlay can cause problems.

Perhaps we should get you to download nTune and do stress tests. Or download the 3D Burn test, which makes all your hardware run at peak for a long time, making it very hot to test your cooling.

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Yes and no.

by Sudoka In reply to Well your CPU is a touch ...

My 260 has more cores than a standard 260. BFG Tech 260 Maxcore 55.
Also nTune just bluescreened me..

Actually it's the nvidia monitor thing. I'm running the 10 minute stress test now.
Well, I'm getting bluescreens. Something about nvoclk64.sys.

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Sounds like really bad driver

by Slayer_ In reply to Well your CPU is a touch ...

If you are using the latest version, try using the version that came on your CD with the graphics card.

To downgrade drivers, you need to uninstall them, I am pretty sure the nVidia installer has an uninstaller somewhere. nVidia installers keep the files off the root of your C drive.

mine for example are here.


Try different versions of the drivers. BSOD's are almost always about bad drivers or bad memory.

Also don't fall for the sales hype. There are 2 official versions of the 260. One has 2 processing sectors removed, the other only has 1 removed. The original had 192 cores, version 2 had 216 cores in order to compete better with the 4800-series such as ATI?s HD 4870.

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FIXED (I think)

by Sudoka In reply to Odd computer freezing/ove ...

Well after switching to 32 bit I didn't overheat after an intense gaming sessions.

Actually the switch from 64 to 32 bit fixed almost all my problems.

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keep monitoring your gfx card temps

by Snuffy09 In reply to FIXED (I think)

you could have a fan going bad on your graphics card (1 of them)

or the whole graphics card could be "defective" if its producing more heat than it should.

there are many softwares to monitor heat and fanspeeds. i dont use anything fancy so others may be able to suggest something

I use SIW (system info for windows) you can use this program to poll massive amounts of data about your computer including temps... i check my temps before gaming and then right after you exit your game and compare. you can watch your numbers down as your temps drop which is kinda cool.

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by SystemCheck In reply to keep monitoring your gfx ...

what type of video card do you have cause do you have all possible molex connected to the video card up to two, i had that problem before but i didnt have all power connected to the card

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