OEM Licensing and Windows Deployment Services

I have recently been turned on to Windows Deployment Services and I would love to use this option to save myself some time on re-imaging user machines.

I currently have a WDS server setup and am able to successfully deploy our Windows 7 Pro partner license software to machines. This is using the "install.wim" from our partner license media. All of our new PCs come with the Winodws 7 Pro OEM license. In order to reserve the partner licensing for other applications, I would like to be able to use the OEM licensing on the new PCs. The problem, or inconvenience rather, is that I can deploy the OEM image to the PCs using the "install.wim" file I pulled from the HP Windows 7 Pro installation media, however the license key doesn't populate automatically like it would if I popped the disc in the drive and installed the OS that way. Typing in the key manually after being imaged would not be an issue, except that on the new HP machines they don't have the COA or license key printed on them like our old Dell machines did.

Additional information:
I have only tested this with the install.wim file pulled from the installation media for that type of machine (HP ProBook 6750b) and have not made any custom images.

I have been searching around for a solution to this and would like to use WDS if possible.

So now the questions associated with the information:
If I create an image on one of the 6750s (with our software load and Windows 7 activated), will I be able to deploy this to another 6750?

If this is possible, I'm assuming I would need to run the sysprep generalize command to make the PC unique; would this un-activate Windows 7 in the image when I go to image a new 6750?

If the above is not possible. Is there a way to use my OEM installation media with the WDS server and have the 6750s pull their activation key automatically like they would if I were to put the OS CD in the drive and install that way?

Any information is welcome and questions are encouraged!

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