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Office 2003 Not recognizing .msg files

By VonK ·
My User has XP Pro and Office 2k3 Pro (fully updated). When attempting to open an attached .msg file from within Outlook (i.e. open a host Email, then open the attached message from there), the system doesn't recognize the file type. However, if you save it to disk then open it, the system recognizes it and opens it through Outlook.

I've verified the system is virus-free, deleted the user's mail profile and recreated it, ran the repair, uninstalled/reinstalled Outlook, and even uninstalled Office altogether, shut down system (for five minutes), repowered the system, reinstalled Office, fully updated it, and recreated the profile: same result.

However, this ONLY occcurs with this one user's profile. I've logged onto his system with my account, and was able to read attached messages right there from Outlook; no saving required. And yes, Windows does have the association between .msg and Outlook - I checked.

I'm going to **** away his Windows profile tomorrow morning and recreate that to see if it's the issue, although I don't expect it to have any impact. Has anyone else run across anything similar to this, and if so, how'd you get around it?

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Safe Mode...GREAT fix

by pyro3113 In reply to Safe Mode...GREAT fix

Thanks... I'm glad to share any information to help others!

This problem was really stressing me when it first happened and I didn't want to go through the hassle of recreating the user's profile because I just KNEW there was a simpler way. It would be very interesting to find out exactly what causes this little glitch.

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Safe Mode

by Vicarious In reply to Safe Mode

I was skeptical when I read this, but I tried it none the less and it work.

This one is for the books.

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Safe Mode

by crbern In reply to Safe Mode

I have seen this a few times and starting outlook in safe mode does the trick...

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Safe Mode works!

by pbgibson In reply to Safe Mode

One of my managers was having this same issue with .msg attachments not opening in Outlook emails (however if you save the attachment in My Docs and open it, it works). I looked through other fixes and blowing away outlook profiles, xp profiles, re-installing outlook and registry tweaks is way too much hassle for just a minor annoyance. Hard to believe that just opening Outlook in safe mode, closing and restarting Outlook resolved the issue. This was one of the most helpfull solutions I've found on the web in awhile.

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I didnt work for me

by xpgpx In reply to Safe Mode works!

The fix works fine when I'm in safe mode but once I get back into Outlook w/ out being in safe mode the problem remains.

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Me neither

by jtwiller In reply to I didnt work for me

Me neither. Once I exit safe mode and reenter in normal mode, the issue comes back. Please help with this.

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Only worked in safemode

by ken.lum In reply to Me neither

Once I exit safe mode and reenter in normal mode, the issue comes back. This is driving me crazy. HELP!

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Problem resolution

by ken.lum In reply to Only worked in safemode

I first removed Google Desktop Search from my Outlook Com add-in but that didn't work. So I then uninstalled Google Desktop Seach and that resolved my problem.

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Google Desktop Outlook Issue

by sthangirala9 In reply to Problem resolution

That is right. Google Desktop conflicts with Outlook. I had the same problem and the same solution worked - removed Google Desktop. Thanks for the tip !

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It almost worked

by mark In reply to Safe Mode works!

I have been struggling with this for a while, then I find costly downloads, etc. etc. I did the restart in safe mode and it now allows me either to open or to save. I just want the files to be associated with a program and open. I saved them down to the desktop and they still did not open when I associated the files with ie, outlook or word. any other suggestions?

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