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hello guys iam learning IT Engineering it's my first time and i dont know where to start

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I'm all talk

by maecuff In reply to You should

I'm not scary at all.

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cough, choke, wheeze

by jdclyde In reply to I'm all talk

oh, um, ah, yeah, what you said Mae....

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It's true, I am all talk and I'm not scary

by maecuff In reply to cough, choke, wheeze

I can't help it if you're a p*ssy, JD, now can I?

You need to toughen up a little. You big ol' whiny *** ***** baby.

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yeah, thats it

by jdclyde In reply to It's true, I am all talk ...

your WHINING about a LITTLE bump to your delicate foot, but it is ME that needs to toughen up.

Fine, no cookies and tequila for you!

Taking my cookies and tequila and going home!

"screw you guys, I'm going home!" - Eric Cartman

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a Good Start ....

by dawgit In reply to office assis

It sounds to me that you've already made the <i>Start</i>. Welcome to the TR. Now just sit back and watch, read, and see how it works here. There is a lot of really good info floating around here. See what interests you, or what you might <u>specificaly</u> have have questions about. As JD said above, find a field in IT that might interest you and concentrate on that. Enjoy. -d

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You can learn 'stuff' here that you won't get in class.

by OnTheRopes In reply to office assis

I just have a couple of lowly A+ certs but to get those I had to do independent study beyond what was in the on-line courses I <i>paid</i> for. I didn't buy the answers to all of the tests and try to memorize those like some do. I tried to pass legitimately and I did. The tests I took didn't relate to much of what I'd studied and if it hadn't been for what I picked up at places like TR I would've been hosed.<br><br>
If you run out of good IT study material at TR you'll be the first one to do so.

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A lot of the "stuff" you get in classes

by jdclyde In reply to You can learn 'stuff' her ...

is now sales propaganda.

The real world information you NEED is often lacking. I think that is because the people that make a living writing the books are to busy writing books to actually WORK with the technology. It behaves quite differently "in the wild" than in a test lab, where everything is set to standards.

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