Offisite Backup

By arthur.acopians ·
I am trying to find the best and most "economic" way to setup an offsite backup. I have a client that does not want to spend money on it so I am exhausting all of my options before I tell her the bad news. She has about 50GB of data that needs to backup at least once a day to an offsite machine located in her house.

Please let me know if you have any opinions or advice on this. Anything at this point would be helpful.

Thank you in advance folks!

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Offsite Storage

by dsarowski In reply to Offisite Backup

Check out a client of mine They just announced a Rural Health Initiative that may be of interest to you....... Good luck
David Sarowski
EMG, Kansas City

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OffSite Storage

by dsarowski In reply to Offisite Backup

Does your client just require a daily back-up? or do they need to view the data as well? Either way, Cloud Storage may the solution. allows you to pay for only the data stored without obligating you to a long term contract with unreasonable storage requirements...If the data needs to be accessed, you can view it from any viewing station anywhere you can connect to the web. Check them out.....Good LUCK

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by markp24 In reply to Offisite Backup

I agree with making this web accessible or let the user vpn and use RDP (or use ssh tunnel with rdp)(or use logmein free edition) to access the office copy.
And make your own backups to keep offsite.

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Shadowprotect or something similar

by IcebergTitanic In reply to Offisite Backup

You might try using software such as StorageCraft's Shadowprotect.

This type of block-level backup would allow you to do the types of backup you want over the 'net (most likely).

It works by first taking a full image of the drive to be backed up. You would probably want to do a USB drive "seed" for this part.

Then, during the rest of the day, it sends an occasional incremental update to the backup destination. This incremental update only contains the changes made to the hard disk itself since the last incremental update.

Finally, software on the backup destination will consolidate those changes into an updated full image on a set schedule.

You would still want some sort of secure method for connecting the two sites, such as a VPN tunnel.

One of the nice things about this type of backup software is that it gives you very good versioning control. Depending on how you configure the Image Manager (the part that consolidates the incrementals to the full), you can have a large number of possibly restore points. So you could have the ability to restore back to a specific hour, or specific day, or specific week for example.

I'm sure there are other programs similar to this one, but this is the one we use. (Is there an OSS program that works similarly?)

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