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oh my

By jfuller05 ·
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This is very interesting. Chances of Obama winning re-election are falling.

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Coming from a conservative, that's sobering...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Sorry James, I HAVE to di ...

I do agree that many businesses being in most direct competition with compatriots, the impairments will be equally distributed...

There's of course no point in pointless obstructions to business, but on the other hand, the effect of these hindrances are often overestimated, since companies do in fact want to make a profit - they would like to be more free, but they're not going to stop doing their thing just because there are some nuisances.

I still think Obama could have done very well if he had harnessed his oratory skills and worked more on being inspirational than on politicking. That's what a crisis president is for, stopping the buck here.

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If those taxes were sky-high, maybe. But they're not.

by DelbertPGH In reply to Sorry James, I HAVE to di ...

Although we have a high nominal corporate tax rate, we have big loopholes to go with it. End result is that few companies pay anything close to 35% of their profits in taxes. You need to compare current tax rates on companies and wealthy individuals in the U.S. against times when we had prosperity, and against times when we were successfully recovering from recessions. If we were prosperous then, or fought our way back up to prosperity then, what makes you think we need to lower taxes below the levels of those earlier times?

There's something screwing us up, but it's not taxes. Lowering taxes with the goal of firing investment and spending is just a case of pushing on a string. All we'll end up with is more deficit, and a bigger gap between the super rich and everybody else.

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Consumer confidence is a big problem

by AV . In reply to The president and the con ...

Our economy is largely based on consumerism, but since the economic collapse in 2008, people either have no money or they are hoarding it because of uncertainty about where the economy is headed.

The stimulous package that Obama introduced was temporary and did nothing to get the economy moving again. The bailout for the auto companies was successful, but not anything the government should have ever been involved in. It worked because there was no private capital available to provide a bailout under Chapter 11 reorganization laws.

If the government could provide more long-term certainty to businesses about their policies and what incentives they can expect, I think private businesses would feel more confident about investing and banks would be comfortable lending money to businesses. Our government hasn't done that, so right now, we are at a standstill.

Obamacare is part of that equation too. No one knows the true cost of the program because it doesn't fully go into effect until 2014.


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AV, I think you hit the nail on the head

by NickNielsen In reply to Consumer confidence is a ...

in your first paragraph. An economy based on consumption simply cannot thrive if nobody is consuming.

It's a giant feedback loop: somebody starts a business, people buy his product, he hires people to make more product, more people buy his product, he hires more people, and so on. By allowing money to concentrate in the hands of a very few consumers, rather than allowing it to distribute to the hands of the vast majority of consumers (the middle class), our current tax code cuts out half the loop.

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Regardless of what party you support or if you like the candidates,

by Deadly Ernest In reply to oh my

from my perspective you just HAVE to vote against Obama as he's threatened to take unconstitutional action has done 180 degree turns on promises that affect the US economy (made promises for deals that would help then rejected the promised deals to organise ones that hurt the US economy), and has become angry when people challenge legislation he's pushing that is dictatorial in nature and probably unconstitutional. It's clear he has no respect for the US Constitution or the due legislative system of the US people as a whole.

After that, you can get into his various comments on specific religions and his disdain for US traditions.

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by jebelhar In reply to Regardless of what party ...

I could not have put that any better myself. Regardless of who i DO vote for, it WONT be Obama

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Both interesting...and scary

by NickNielsen In reply to Regardless of what party ...

This same post would have made sense in 2004 with Bush's name in it... :0

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Any moment now...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Both interesting...and sc ...

Someone will ask why the Emperor has no clothes...
And then the MIB will show up, and everything will go back to being perfect, like it is now.

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Profoundly disagree. Obama's no dictator, and has not hurt the economy.

by DelbertPGH In reply to Regardless of what party ...

I can't figure what unconstitutional action you're talking about. Guaranteeing everyone's access to health insurance, maybe? About a sixth of the country has no insurance coverage, and it all just keeps getting more expensive. The country needs a solution. I don't think Obamacare is a very good one, but it's a start.

His "disdain for US traditions?" I'm unaware of anything in his actions or statements that correlates to that. It's tea-party goofiness.

Nothing Obama has done has sabotaged the economy. When he came in to office, he inherited the biggest financial crisis we had seen in 80 years. He had to borrow a lot of money to fight it; apart from any "stimulus", when people are out of work, they stop paying taxes, and start asking for benefits. Those are two big, inescapable forces that automatically make deficits bigger. He should have borrowed more, and spent more on public works that would have created jobs and confidence, instead of labeling unemployment benefits and tax cuts as stimulus. He made the mistake of believing that it wasn't as serious a recession as it turned out to be, just as his economic team (Wall Streeters, all of them) and the Republican opposition believed, and held back.

We don't have 20% unemployment, like in the Great Depression. But we're a long way from 6%, and we don't have a recovery in housing prices, and the banks are afraid to lend because they don't know what trouble is around the corner.

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Augh; that's a good example of how Blogging Makes Everybody Stupid:

by AnsuGisalas In reply to oh my

Now, I don't mind if Obama fails to re-elect... it doesn't seem like the republican adversary is going to be a prohibitively destructive one (Not-The-Michael, for instance), and Obama has let "Intellectual Property" ghouls have a heyday, appointing them and their cronies to government office, so he's off my Christmas list.
But! Look at that curve! It's FULL of jumps up and down, and the latest dip is in NO WAY extraordinary. In fact, it's a dip from a high point, yes, it moves out of the movement curves, so it's a notable dip, but it doesn't take the value to an all time low, or even set a trend toward such a low. This tendency of ABSOLUTE IDIOTS to grab whatever they can find and then blog about it as if they know anything at all (saying at the same time "Now, I'm no expert, but..."), is making the whole world dumber!

I want to tell all those bloggers right now; If you don't know something, DON'T SAY IT!!! SHUT THE FLUCK UP ALREADY!!! Just because a gazillion partisan idiots will "like" your crap on FacePalm, doesn't entitle you to open the floodgates to your inner Sea of Stupid!

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