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OK Apple-addicts, sell me a Mac

By robo_dev ·
Having spent the last three hours of my life removing a nasty Vundo virus from a PC, I think I am ready.

This Vundo variant went through the PC AV defenses like a magnum round through cardboard. Machine was all patched and updated and running the latest and greatest trend micro AV.

One stupid user click and Trend AV kept identifying and quarintine more and more files as this bugger reinstalls itself automatically.

And of course the virus dlls hook themselves to the winlogon process, like what that alien-monster-******* did to the sled-dogs in that 1983 film with Kurt Rusell at the North Pole (the Thing). So you cannot just delete it, nooooo that would be too easy. Nor can you delete it in safe mode.

//begin rant//
WHY do us PC users have to resort to using tools like process explorer and movefile on a fully patched PC running current AV software??? I've worked with these dammed PCs for over 20 years, and why is it so difficult to protect the core critical processes of Windows (Winlogon?? Explorer??? Hellloooooooooo).

Why I need to spend hours cleaning out registry keys and playing hide-and-seek with some evil-******* polymorphic trojan virus???

//end rant//

So should I get my Mac pro from the apple store or Best buy? Any shopping tips?

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There is a much less expensive alternative

by nepenthe0 In reply to OK Apple-addicts, sell me ...

Robo -

I certainly empathize with your frustration. I don't use antivirus software. My PC is protected by the default Windows firewall plus the Linksys router's firewall. The ShieldsUp! test reveals total 'stealth' mode, no ports visible to prowling eyes.

I run Spybot and Spywareblaster, and once a month I force myself to run Norton Ghost (a complete backup takes ~6 minutes for the 10GB of files on the 'C' partition).

Sometimes (I admit it) I make an egregious mistake, trash the OS and reach for the Ghost boot disc to restore the corrupted 'C' drive. I'm back up and running in 10 minutes.

Before you shell out $1500-$2000 for a Mac, why not spend $70 for Norton Ghost and protect yourself from future messes?

Rick/Portland, OR

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by cmiller5400 In reply to There is a much less expe ...

Have you EVEN run a scan? You still could be infected with out any signs. Firewalls can't protect you from all viruses.

If you are too cheap to buy software, AVG Free version is quite good.

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I think antivirus software is oversold

by nepenthe0 In reply to HA!!

I'll purchase whatever 3rd party software is required, and I've sent donations to both Patrick Kolla and Paul Wilders for their excellent antispyware software (Spybot & Spywareblaster). Your language could use a bit more tact.

Robo was not protected by his antivirus software, which should be a wakeup call to all who feel complacent. My point was not that one avoid paying for necessary protection (I'll send donations for free software). Many experienced and knowledgeable PC users avoid the performance degradation inflicted by antivirus software, and make backups to an external hard drive for emergency recovery.

Norton Ghost is a good product. I make backups to an external HD which is normally powered off. The backup file is protectively isolated. Restore mode overwrites a corrupted 'C' drive at 1-2GB/min.

Rick/Portland, OR

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I also have multiple backups, and use Ghost

by robo_dev In reply to I think antivirus softwar ...

The problem is deciding when to 'go Nuclear' and restore the drive versus fixing what you got.

I agree that anti-virus software is oversold. I've had good luck with Trend Micro so far, and also use AVG and Kaspersky on some PCs.

I scratch my head when I think about what 'normal' PC users must go through with this sort of malware.

It also grinds my gears that Vundo is perfectly legal, and a 'marketing tool' from some site in Brazil.

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I agree that it is oversold, but

by cmiller5400 In reply to I think antivirus softwar ...

You still need some sort of protection. Norton and McAfee both are very bloated and are pigs on system resources. I use the professional version of AVG Internet Security. I turn off the auto-protect virus scanning when I am not online. I have not used TrendMicro or others, so I can not comment on their specifics.

I use Acronis True Image to backup my machine, and have never had to restore yet (crossing fingers.)

I am a huge fan of Spybot & Spywareblaster. I also bought a copy of AdAware.

I was just simply pointing out that firewalls only are part of the solution... Maybe I did not word it appropriately. My bad.

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Sure, pile on the anti-... software, if your time is worthless.

by $$$$$$$$$$ In reply to There is a much less expe ...

The market demand is for a computer that's secure enough to use, not a computer that's as secure, and as useful, as a doorstop, if and only if you're willing to spend hours every week on maintenance & repair. It was sold as a convenience, not a hairshirt, remember?

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Even Less Expensive than Ghost

by Daniel.Muzrall In reply to There is a much less expe ...

I use Ghost at work, and love it...great software. I'm thrify too though, and have an odd love of freeware/FOSS products, which turned me on to RunTime Software's DriveImage XML product ( You can run it within Windows (it can handle open files via VSS), or run it from BartPE (extension is downloadable). Asides from being a user of the software, I'm not affiliated with Runtime Software. They make some other great recovery/investigative software too!

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by cmiller5400 In reply to OK Apple-addicts, sell me ...

Been there done that. Vundo is pretty nasty. Luckily where I work, we have a standard image and I just re-image if there is an infection. But not so easy on home pc's...

TiggerTwo switched over to a Mac awhile ago; she could probably give you loads of advice.

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I suggest you get in quick no matter which you try to buy from

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to OK Apple-addicts, sell me ...

If Apples reports of new sales are even part way correct they just lack the Manufacturing Capacity to supply Demand that is coming about because of that Excellent M$ Product Vista.

As for using your preferred Tools you can thank Microsoft for that Lovely work as they never considered that it was necessary to mount the OS Kernel on a different partition to the Data Files so we have a constant stream of Infections from even sloppier code that M$ offerings. Or maybe it's just better code and takes full advantage of Windows Design Flaws.

Anyway with Vista being so Popular with the Buying Masses I can see Apple Auctioning off new builds to their resellers and the resellers auctioning off all new Mac's at massively inflated prices just because they can.

M$ has always needed some decent competition but their blind faith in their new product is beyond belief and is hurting them no matter what Steve Balmer says in Press Statements. Trusted Computing and Secure Code are a complete joke when we see M$ still using a cheap silly design principal because it;s easy to use.

Personally I believe that M$ & Windows has put the cause of Serious Computing back at least 50 years if not longer with their blind following of the One Size Fits All and Security is a Unnecessary thing to consider.

While you may enjoy moving to a Mac I'll be using all the freely available Hardware and installing some form of Linux it's just cheaper and works so I can retain productivity with all the new secondhand equipment that I can buy from the Bankruptcy Sales that ensue from the adaption of Vista.


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you forgot the important point oh broken one

by Jaqui In reply to I suggest you get in quic ...

Macbook Air was the FIRST system to get cracked at pwn2own
Vista was the second.
and there was no third, LINUX did not get cracked.

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