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Ok, Batman- Riddle me this!

By Mickster269 ·
I took last week off from work - just a break from the Real World (ok, actually, Keeneland was running, and I needed to see something that would NOT ask me about Email, etc).

So, I come back to see what I've missed.. and I notice I have gone UP in the rankings of members! Is this TR's subtle way of rewarding me for NOT posting?

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now why did

by jdclyde In reply to Well, JD

MARK just go running buy wearing velcro gloves? Is that scream Mambo? :0

run away! run away! ;\

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the ranking hasn't been frozen from what I can tell...

by UncleRob In reply to So it seems

I've slowly been moving up in the rankings over the past few weeks, broke the top 100 last month and now I'm at #80, I've been fairly active in the discussions but nothing crazy. I assumed the ranking was based on the amount of discussions you've participated in and the number of posts you've generated.

I guess with you being at #3, you're battling it out with the other "immortals" in the top 10, you're all probably submitting an equal number of posts each which is keeping your ranking solidly in place. Plus if you're taking time off, maybe the others are doing the same - however I would agree that it doesn't seem to be totally clear. I too would like to know what finite criteria is the ranking based on, there may be other factors involved.

You'll hit #1 sooner or later for sure.
#1 & #2 are probably watching you and submitting posts as fast as you are so that they maintain their positions ;-)

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UncaRob! Don't ! Just don't!

by gadgetgirl In reply to the ranking hasn't been f ...

Don't think about even inferring to jd that he's an "immortal"!!!

Grief, he's bad enough as it is!!! :0

(I don't post more, just faster - I speed tripe, he doesn't.....! )


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I just want to make JD happy...

by UncleRob In reply to UncaRob! Don't ! Just do ...

because I assumed the red spot on his white shirt was from a swordfight he had with another top 10 TR "immortal".

Instead of "there can be only one",
at TR it's "I must post till I'm #1"

(just kidding) ;-)

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by Jim S. In reply to I just want to make JD ha ...

To be honest, I never gave the rating much thought really..... ratings! we don't need no stinkin ratings

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We don't think of your posts like that at all my dear!

by jdclyde In reply to UncaRob! Don't ! Just do ...

"I speed tripe, he doesn't.....!"
Tripe is also a slang term synonymous with rubbish, in the sense of something of little value, or nonsense. This is probably being confused with 'trite'.

I would NEVER say you post anything that is rubbish! :^0

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Chill out, Gadget. It's just a typo

by neilb@uk In reply to UncaRob! Don't ! Just do ...

I think that the 'T' was hit by accident. With all jd's talk of sheep, chastity belts and so on, I think that Uncle Rob meant to say that jd was 'immoral'.

Makes much more sense like that.


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Neil, you could definitely have a career as a comedian!

by UncleRob In reply to Chill out, Gadget. It's j ...

reading your post about JD, sheep, chastity belts & 'immoral' made me shoot soda pop out of my nose, I have to remember that no drinks are allowed when reading your posts!

I'm still laughing!

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Gee Kneel

by jdclyde In reply to Chill out, Gadget. It's j ...

you say that like it is a bad thing? ?

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Funnily enough

by stargazerr In reply to Ok, Batman- Riddle me thi ...

They are never partial with me. Even when I dissapear, I drop down. Never have I been able to climb up the ratings


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