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Ok, Batman- Riddle me this!

By Mickster269 ·
I took last week off from work - just a break from the Real World (ok, actually, Keeneland was running, and I needed to see something that would NOT ask me about Email, etc).

So, I come back to see what I've missed.. and I notice I have gone UP in the rankings of members! Is this TR's subtle way of rewarding me for NOT posting?

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by ali40961 In reply to Ok, Batman- Riddle me thi ...

And I don't even get a rank...No matter how many times I post...... But at times it is good to be incognito and under the radar!

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You can have some of my posts...

by Mickster269 In reply to *Sigh*

If it will help?

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YEs it is

by Oz_Media In reply to Ok, Batman- Riddle me thi ...

TR has the oddest ranking system known to man. It is a complete secret how they actually rank based on posts from various areas of the site, as well as blogs etc. But it is based on a 30 day period, not the long term.

How was Keeneland? Personally I can't stand that track, but it's still ponies!

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by Mickster269 In reply to YEs it is

Took my son (he's 17) for his first real outing to the Track. I thought I could help him learn a "Life Lesson", about gambling, social interaction, and just what life is like to relax and have fun. I told him to only take as much as he could afford to lose. I figure, he'll tank at the track, and understand the pro's and con's of gambling.

We get to the track, and I realize he's only brought $20. Now, that will last about 2 races. So I spot him $50, just so he can have SOME fun. I buy him a Racing Form, and give him a brief tutorial on how to read it. We place our first bets, and watch the race. 1 of 2 of his horses pay off. Well, that's good. We get lunch, and wait for the next race.

He studies the Racing Form, and asks some questions. Next race- and he cashes another ticket. We continue watching the races, and placing small bets. I hit it big on one race, and he loses all his bets. Ah, life is starting to balance out. Determinedly, he consults the Form for the next race.

He then started asking those questions that worried me. "Dad, why did you bet on #4 ? He's only good for 7 furlongs. After 8, he's tiring. I don't think he can keep the pace with this field."

"Dad, this horse is dropping in class, and the field is way over matched compared to his times".
Small bells begin to ring in the back of my head, but I ignore them.

Well, it's time for the last race weare going to bet on. The big race of the day. I make my dead-lock picks, and he makes his. 5 minutes later, he tells me he wishes he had bet on this other horse, too. I tell him go ahead, have fun. (I'm also hoping it's a 'gut' bet, and he loses. Life Lesson and all that).

He bets on a horse called 'Sinister Minister'. 9th race, Bluegrass Stakes.

Son of a gun. The dang horse leads wire to wire. He makes a good hit.

We cash in all of our tickets, and I tell him we'll count up in the car. We get to the car, and he pulls out this wad of cash. Starts Counting. Hands me a wad, and says "Dad's, here's your $50". Keeps counting, pockets his original $20. He STILL has $11 dollars left. Including his lunch that he bought, he's up $20 for the day. I'm down...oh, just say I'm down more than he's up.

I'm suck a good role model. My son may be tanking in AP English, but he certainly can read the racing form now.

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He'll learn

by Oz_Media In reply to Keenland

Same thng happened when my friends son turned 19. He couldn't lose for the life of him, then he got cocky. He turned up one weekend and dropped $300.00 (the lajority of his part time paycheque). Now he sinto slots, cards, racing etc. Unfortunately, JUST like his dad. But I haven't seen him drinking too much, yet, the two just don't go together.

Ho wcan you go and bet a 7 furlong race this early in the season?

That's why most tracks run 5's this time of year and the milers come later season, it KILLS the horses. That's another reason I don't bet Keeneland, (it's simulcast here in Canada)the workouts and past performances are just not reliable as the horses are pushed too hard for 26-40K purses.

But it sounds like you had fun, and really that's all that counts on race day. I like to at least win enough to pay for my drinks, but that's not always gonna happen when you drink Scotch the way I do. :)

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Remember, this is Kentucky....

by Mickster269 In reply to He'll learn

These horses train and run year-round. If not at Keenland, at Churchill, or the southern tracks.

And the (Kentucky) Derby is 10 days away, and that's a Mile race.

The good news is that *I* rarely go to the track, and my son realized you don't win EVERY race. He had fun, but I think I showed him how you can lose just as easily as win.

Side note- if you ever want to see the track in person, I think you'll like it better than what you see on TV!

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I'v eseen it

by Oz_Media In reply to Remember, this is Kentuck ...

Off season so I couldn't bet it. I used to travel the US extensively when I ran a music scouting company on teh west coast, I have also seen quite a bit whil etouring with bands, but your free time is limited then so you see a lot of arenas and not much else.

Kentucky was nice, but I am REALLY glad I decided to pack up and stay in Vancouver instead of my other choice of moving to California. Especially since the Bush took office, my god, that was a close one!

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If you need a refresher on Keenland

by Mickster269 In reply to I'v eseen it

Rent "Seabiscuit". All the race course scenes were filmed there.

But you probably knew that already, didn't ya?

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by Oz_Media In reply to If you need a refresher o ...

I got three copies fo rmy Birthday. Sometimes people in the sam efamily should talk to one another before buying gifts. :)'

Hastings is only on week 2 so they rae running 5's and 51/2's so was Emerald Downs last weekend.

Even though the hoorses run other tracks, they STILL aren't ready to run a miler or 11/8 at a new track. That's just killing ponies.

I understand that in the USA, it's only money that metters, so the horse condistion is rarely considered, but still to run long races with new surroundings is a bad idea. The horse will be done before the end of the season, so midway through, all past performances are irrelevant and the long shots come in again. Good for punter money but it kills the horses.

Anyway, a 9 race card tonight at Hastings, 12 at Fraser Downs, several new jockeys, top pprentices moved on last years.

I am just trying to decide which track to hit. Fraser Downs is great on cooler days because I get comp reservations in a private lounge and great table service from hot/friendly girls.

Hastings is great for sunny days becaue it has a great outdoor beer garden, there are lots of hot/friendly girls aimlessly wandering around and live bands.

Today just cant seem to decide what it wants to do, hot and sunny to warm and cloudy.

I think I will brave Hastings, I've been practically living at Fraser Downs all year so far.

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I've been Number 1

by NZ_Justice In reply to Ok, Batman- Riddle me thi ...

Now I am close to number 100, More people have used the site less than you, than more people have been using the site more than you. That you have stayed in the top 100 doesn’t say much for the TR. Except for few hardcore stayers no one really visits or uses this site. And unless TR is effectively spamming your email box, or your one of the never die TR top 100, you would eventually forget that this site existed.

Ernestoe has a Google bomb running, (posting links to external sites to gain popularity for those sites on the Google search engine) The posting back between blogs must be generating account usage for him which will translate into site usage on the TR and keep his Ranking up.

you can get number one and not enter the discussion area at all. Just post answers in Tech Q&A all day every day.

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