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Ok, enough arguing - I am going to take over the world!!!

By Ciderick ·
Ok, I am tired of all this political jibber-jabber & have come up with a solution... I will assume world leadership & abolish all political parties.

Seriously, think about it, here's my manifesto: -

1. All tech support people will be elevated to near godliness.

2. End users who call on tech support to fix their pc when the pc is fine, just turned off will be dragged out & beaten with a C64.

3. Free beer.

4. More free beer.

5. There will be a weekly tv event where Jardinier & Maxwell will be locked in a room together & given a topic of conversation - non-lethal weapons will also be supplied. (Sorry guys - I do respect both of you but thinking of this made me laugh.)

6. Anyone who is or claims to be a politician will be dragged out & shot.

7. All electrician unions will be disbanded.

8. Keira Knightley will be my girlfriend.

9. So will Kate Beckinsdale.

10. Anyone who agrees with me will become a very well paid advisor to me.

11. Microsoft will be forced to make a Linux OS & an open-source version of Windows will be released.

12. All Macs to be ejected into space. My rules!

13. No arguing with me unless I ask you to.

14. Geeks will now be seen as the new sex symbols, Brad Pitt & George Clooney will be made illegal. To go along with this GadgetGirl will be the new face of Vogue.

15. Jdclyde to assume his new role as Beer master.

16. The girl who works in the office across the street from me will also be my girlfriend. (Late entry but she's got a great smile)

17. Religion is fine as are religious views but any mention of it outside of a place of worship is forbidden except for the new religion 'Jedi' - Loosely based on the teachings of Yoda but also includes kneeling before me.

Ok, sorry if using anyones names in this comes across wrong but tough - my world, my rules. Who's with me? You know you've always dreamed about being an evil minion.

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Water Balloon launcher ROFL

by oneamazingwriter In reply to I hope you do know that a ...

I just capitalized the C to revolt and get a good war going! ROFL I'm planning on recruiting a battallion of bored housewives to be my feather duster patrol!
(I'm into non-violent violence!) Perhaps they can tickle some of the enemy to death!
Wait'll you see my butterfly air support!

(think sleep,'s time to go to sleep!)

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Feather duster patrol - ooh how kinky

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Water Balloon launcher RO ...

seriously though - can you get real feather dusters still. I tried to get one recently and none of the towns or cities had them, even tried Canberra a 2.5 hour drive away. All they had was fake nylon was that had no where near the tickle factor of the real jobs.

If your people are using real feather, feather dusters can I volunteer to be their practice dummy for them to practice tickling on. Yes I am a masochist - would I be in this industry is I wasn't?

BTW I checked Canberra while there on other business, I ain't so stupid as to drive that far just for a duster.

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Two words...

by Techtacular In reply to Feather duster patrol - o ...

E Bay

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All Macs to be spaced - get real I NEED my Big Mac

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Ok, enough arguing - I am ...

I must have a Big Mac at least once a week - I can't help it I am an addict - sorry got to run and get a Big Mac, long trip the nearest Maccas is 40 kilometres away in South Gundagai

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A Mac Attack!

by oneamazingwriter In reply to All Macs to be spaced - g ...

WOW! The "battle"has begun! ROFL

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Big Macs

by Ciderick In reply to A Mac Attack!

The big macs can stay (renamed Big MaK to go along with faithful advisor JDs rekkomendations) but they will no longer be made of ar*eholes & eyelids - French people will now be the filling - after all - I need to help JD get rid of them.

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But you need the French people

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Big Macs

to make the champagne and camembert for the formal dinners. You only need to cull them back a bit and retrain the rest.

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More from the evil researkh dept.

by mjwx In reply to But you need the French p ...

To aid in the spacing of Mac?s I have invented an ingenious weapons to accomplish this. The "Mac Driver" which used high powered magnets to propel the infernal machines into space.

Now for kulling the Frenkh, I propose using an Amerikan built "Frenkh Fryer". This would serve a double purpose of providing food for the unwitting minions.

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Ohh no - the union problems

by Deadly Ernest In reply to More from the evil resear ...

the Chip Monks are not allowed to use Amerikan Frenkh Fryers

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What will you call it - May I suggest the

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Ok, enough arguing - I am ...

Technical Executive Command Hierachy World or TECH World

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