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OK I don't know the exact time in the US right now

By HAL 9000 Moderator ·
But two hours ago there was some massive TV coverage of YS forces caputering Saddam Hussain. As the actiion was then at least 20 hours old I susposed that they had timed the news realease for US Prime Time but maybe they used local time in Iraq and are waiting for everyone in the US to wake up for some good Sunday Morning news.

Anyway at least the people involoved looked happy even though they did not seem to believe that the troubles would stop quickly and might even esclate for a short time. Finially some really good news now if only theuy could find Ben Ladden the world would be a safer place.

All I can say to those involved IS GOOD WORK GUYS KEEP IT UP!

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I don't know who it was

by Oz_Media In reply to Your source is mistaken.

While surfing around with the TV on in the background (I CAN'T BELIEVE CORONATION STREET WAS PRE-EMPTED,THOSE BASTARDS!!!!) I caught the tail end of an interview..

Some dude in his military unifrom from the New Iraqi Government was saying that they no longer have a death penalty when questioned as to where Saddam should tried.

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Maybe you haven't heard...

by LesDabney67 In reply to sshhh

but the violence continues unabated today even after his capture. I'm glad they captured him but it doesn't change the fact that this war was executed based on lies about WMD. Finding Saddam is great...not finding the WMD is criminal.

We weren't sold the war based on the capture of Saddam. The public was sold a war because of the weapons Saddam was alleged to have...and so far NOT ONE scrap of WMD has been found.

Not only that but Saddam had NOTHING to do with 9/11. If you want to hear praise Bush should capture Osama.

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I am with you on that one.

by Boricua65 In reply to Maybe you haven't heard.. ...

It's funny that the news media never ever showed body bags coming home. All they report is the amount of people that have died. Basically, it started with the 9/11 incident and let's get Bin Laden. Then all of a suddent Dubya wants to go after Hussein. Now that it is all said and done, what will happen next? Who will be the next target?

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Siria is next

by LesDabney67 In reply to I am with you on that one ...

Check out for a detail list of their plans.

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Syria is next

by maxwell edison In reply to Siria is next

One can only hope.

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by LesDabney67 In reply to Syria is next

[sarcasm]One can only hope that we bring more death, destruction and injustice into the Middle East.[/sarcasm]

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It's funny that the news media never ever showed body bags coming home.

by Oz_Media In reply to I am with you on that one ...

Actually it's not funny at all. There was a media black out applied by the White House that specifically addressed reporters and photographers were banned rom showing ANY dead returining from Iraq. THey also heavily censored against ANY wounded being shown, Iraqi OR US etc.

THey always have done, as I've said before, in other countries we see the reality in our media, this is WHY we don't happily support war unless in dire need to defend ourselves.

We also don't have as many homicides (in proportions to the population) deaths by hand gun, stabbings, robberies and other violent crimes. We have pretty uncensored TV and Print media, we support death less I think as a result of exposure to reality.

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The corporate media is covering them up.

by LesDabney67 In reply to It's funny that the news ...

Bush ordered them to NOT film the caskets coming into Dover.

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President Clinton signed the order. . .

by maxwell edison In reply to The corporate media is co ...

...that the caskets coming into Dover Air Force Base not be covered.

It was done out of respect for the families of the fallen soldiers.

It was the right thing to do.

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Out of respect for the fallen soldiers

by maxwell edison In reply to It's funny that the news ...

The practice of not showing the bodies of fallen soldiers was started in the early 90s. The pentagon made the request, and President Clinton approved it and subsequently signed the order.

It was done out of respect to the families of the fallen.

It was the right thing to do.

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