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OK I don't know the exact time in the US right now

By HAL 9000 Moderator ·
But two hours ago there was some massive TV coverage of YS forces caputering Saddam Hussain. As the actiion was then at least 20 hours old I susposed that they had timed the news realease for US Prime Time but maybe they used local time in Iraq and are waiting for everyone in the US to wake up for some good Sunday Morning news.

Anyway at least the people involoved looked happy even though they did not seem to believe that the troubles would stop quickly and might even esclate for a short time. Finially some really good news now if only theuy could find Ben Ladden the world would be a safer place.

All I can say to those involved IS GOOD WORK GUYS KEEP IT UP!

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It isn't out of respect..

by LesDabney67 In reply to Out of respect for the fa ...

The tide turned against Vietnam because of all the news coverage of the caskets returning.

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"We Got Him"

by Joseph Moore In reply to OK I don't know the exact ...

Dug out of a 6x9 foot hole, with 2 machine guns and $750,000 US dollars!
And it is nice to know, according to the video, that Saddam does not have lice or bad teeth!
I thank the US military for their fortitide in sticking with their mission in Iraq, for their sacrifices. The price to get this guy has been very high.
But it is a price that has been paid, and we as US citizens must support those who are paying the price, and our leaders also. The US government made a hard decision to get Saddam. It is not a popular decision.
But, IMHO, it was the correct one.

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Well said

by maxwell edison In reply to "We Got Him"

Those of us who have been voicing full support, regardless of the criticism levied against us, are somewhat vindicated this morning. I find it quite humorous to see those who have been in opposition try to back-peddle and twist their own words trying to find a way to save face.

The American and coalition troops have performed magnificently.

And President Bush has shown both moral and political courage to stand firm in his convictions. The story of this President with regards to the war on terror, which included Saddam Hussein, would indeed deserve a chapter in John F. Kennedy's Profiles in Courage. It's been a long time indeed since we've had a President willing to stand firm in his convictions in the face of such political adversity.

Well done to all involved.

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Have a seat

by Oz_Media In reply to Well said

Hey Max, I know that sadly enough this is one of the greatest days in your life but you hve no reason for feeling vindicated this morning, just grab your Cheerios and relax a little.

I haven't read ANYWHERE in these posts where anyone has SAID Saddam's removal from power is not neccessary.

As much as I am against the MEANS of undertaking and especially justifying the invasion in the fashion that it was conducted, at no time have I ever said that removing Saddam from power is wrong or unjustified.

There are still the deceptions by GWB, the true goals which we will soon see come into full action and the ongoing terrorist actions against your country and others from related regimes including the undefeated Taliban.

The good news sis that at least you managed to capture your flag this time as it was close to home and pointed out. Well done.

One battle is won, not the war yet, you know better than that, I thought.

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One point

by maxwell edison In reply to Have a seat

I'm not going to get into an argument with you. However, there is one point I'd like to make. (Not that I expect you or any other past naysayer to concede the point.)

You (and others) have said that, "Saddam's removal from power was necessary". But there's always a "but".

But you don't like the way it was done.

But you wanted unanimous global support.

But you wanted the United Nations to say okee-dokee.

But you wanted the French government's "blessings".

But you didn't agree with the timing.

But you question the stated reasons.

But this.

But that.

There's always a "but".

Well I say, but nothing. I say do what needs to be done, and just let the chips fall where they may. That takes moral and political courage, something too few people have.

GWB did what his father should have done thirteen years ago.

GWB did what Bill Clinton should have done ten years ago (after the first WTC bombing).

GWB did what the United Nations should have done twelve years ago, eleven years ago, ten years ago, etc.

How much longer would all the "but people" have waited? (Too damn long is the right answer, because there would have always been a "but".)

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by Oz_Media In reply to One point

Even though one MUST often take initiative and make sacrifices to get the job done (which I agree with fully), this is not asking a girl for a date or pushing for promotion. This is a political invasion of another country, a toppling and rebuilding of a government and it's people and it can's be taken so lightly nor does this even focus on the objective, just a token goal to make people feel good.

I think this whole thing is being taken out of proportion a little. You've captured Saddam and I think that this is a great step in beginning to break down his support, keeping in mind that his troops support a cause more than a man.

This doesn't detract in anyway whatsoever that you have undermined the trust of your allies, who's iterests were blantantly ignored. This is not a BUT, it is a reality. You step on toes to work your way up the corporate ladder not to gain world peace.

You have still completely ignored the fact that remains as my true stand against the war to begin with. The President of the USA betrayed his people by deceptive actions in order to justify a war for his own benefit, not if's, and's or BUT's aobut it.

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Okay - a couple of more points

by maxwell edison In reply to But...

Contrary to what you claim, President Bush did not betray his people. You obviously don't understand American politics, or you would just concede the point that the opposing party, especially in the midst of an election cycle, will always oppose something. One has to simply put politics aside and just do the right thing. And if you discount "political opposition", a HUGE majority of Americans believe in and support the President's very tough decisions.

The WMD issue: One of two things is true. Either Saddam had WMDs, but they were destroyed or have yet to be found. Or everyone in the world thought he had them - everyone. If it's the former, the facts will eventually come out. If it's the latter, then the whole world was equally fooled. Either way, it should be a moot point, as this was only one of about a dozen reasons for the toppling of Saddam. The constant harping about the WMD issue is just grasping at straws.

And the United States did not, as you claim, "undermine the trust of our allies". These so-called "allies" were the ones doing the "undermining". They undermined the thirteen year old United Nations resolutions. They undermined the cause of freedom and liberty. They undermined the future of the Iraqi people. Moreover, the French, the Germans, and the Russians, all three being the primary opponents of this action, ALL had undermined stability in the region, they undermined the UN resolutions, they undermined the war on terrorism, and they undermined the Iraqi people by dealing with Saddam Hussein "under the table", and in violation of their very own UN resolutions. As the old saying goes, with friends like these, who needs enemies?

As for the Canadians, you all admit to hating the USA. Okay, so anything coming from them comes from the perspective of hate, so what else could you expect? Moreover, I guess you guys are just a bunch of panty-waist pacifists, whose main focus in life is legalizing gay marriages and smoking dope.

The USA is already at the top of the figurative corporate ladder. So there were no figurative toes to step on. There may be some grasping fingers stepped on, however. Fingers of those who want to see the USA knocked down a few rungs. But guess what? It ain't gonna' happen.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Okay - a couple of more p ...

Most of your post does not warrant the time for reponse, it will go nowhere a proven time and again. WMD WERE the imminent danger that must be reduced immediately and therefore the justification for war. Even those interviewed on the street are saying it's nice to know that this threat has been taken away. What threat?

The UN scantion breeches were supported, fuelled and ignored by the USA. I have never voiced my opinion regarding the UN's suggestions, I don't neccessarily buy into the UN.

Upon rereading my last post, I assumed you would read my coporate ladder statement that way.

What I meant to say is, 'as the saying commonly goes many step on toes to work up the corporate ladder, and this is acceptable and although unfavored, often appropriate or neccessary. This same 'do or die' thought process shouldn't apply to war.

The US would have been more justified spending the billions on finding Bin Laden, this man IS a threat, he HAS attacked the USA,he HAS killed thousands of USA citizens. Instead, Canada and Germany are left trying to Liberate a country that still has strong opposition to occupation.

Finish your dinner before dessert.

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One last point

by Oz_Media In reply to Okay - a couple of more p ...

I thought you strongly denied your belief in WMD. You sisn't support that theory as justification for the conflict?

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Oz - You're such a Wanker...

by JimHM In reply to Have a seat

Oz your such a wanker -

You would have something negative to say if we the US found WMD's all over the mountains of Iraqi - you would say the US Put them there..

Take a few Prozac - or Zanx - and go back to your "I am the Greatest Dream" - you truty are a ledgen in your own MIND...

Wanker - Or as we say - Where you born an AssH899 or did you work at it your whole life... whatever you're an AssH899 for life...

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