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OK, so who's up for a beer?

By neilb@uk ·
So, I'm over here in sunny Florida just across from St Peretsburg. It's a mild 89F (hotter up where jd is getting toasted by global warming at the moment).
If there's any local peers that fancy a cold beer - I'm buying. Send me a peer-mail...
Nice place, nice beach, nice exchange rate.
Ma's sitting under the burgundy and white beach-brolly.
Later, peeps!
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Neil, I am sorry I will not be able to get to

by DadsPad In reply to OK, so who's up for a bee ...

St. Pete to see you. Are you planning any more Southernly trips in Fla.?

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Neil, are those...

by Leee In reply to OK, so who's up for a bee ...

...hurricane clouds I see brewing in your picture?

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Not THIS week - maybe next

by neilb@uk In reply to Neil, are those...

There are, apparrently, some bits of nasty brewing up in the Atlantic for next week but this week is 89,90,92,89,90.

For this poor Celtic-skinned individual, that's HOT. My natural skin colour is pale blue and it takes me weeks just to go white.


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I guess we're even now..

by maecuff In reply to Not THIS week - maybe nex ...

kinda blurs the fantasy Neil just a little bit.. blue?

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Andorians are cool!

by Dr Dij In reply to I guess we're even now..

blue skinned race on Star Trek. Native to ice worlds mostly. Call us 'Pink Skins'

And hey, what guy wouldn't want to have the wiggly things on their head :)

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I suppose you'd prefer

by Tig2 In reply to OK, so who's up for a bee ...

That whole "in-person" thing. You really should try visiting the Midwest in that case. I even know a few civilised places where they know the difference between beer, lager, and stout. Keep this in mind when vacation planning!

Have a wonderful time in Florida!

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You planned your trip too early!

by maecuff In reply to OK, so who's up for a bee ...

We're going to be in FL NEXT month, not THIS month. Bummer.

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Neil, you lucky dog, you

by AV . In reply to OK, so who's up for a bee ...

I am so wanting to be where you're at! Love the sky in the picture. Great picture.

I'm not in the area, but consider this a virtual beer. I love the west coast of Florida. Its sooo gorgeous!

Have a great time!


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Neil I hope you miss everyone!

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to OK, so who's up for a bee ...

Mind you if you had of accepted my daughter all those years ago when she was in the UK I may be thinking differently.

But then again you would now be way too poor to travel. :^0

Enjoy the trip.


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If you're making it up into the Carolinas

by NickNielsen In reply to OK, so who's up for a bee ...

I know I'd be willing to allow you to buy me a beer. I'm fairly sure Palmetto and JustinJames would be willing to join us in that endeavour.

Enjoy the sand. You're on my favorite side of Florida!

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