Ok TR, what the bloody heck is Track back?

By DanLM ·
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The URI to TrackBack this entry is:

No trackbacks yet.

All I see is text, with no way to click anything. I don't even know what track backs are.

What I end up doing is adding articles/blogs/external articles to my links page.

I am over 3 pages now. lol

So, what the bloody heck is track back and how do you use it?


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Here is a bit of info

by Michael Jay In reply to Ok TR, what the bloody he ...

from the imaginary encyclopedia:

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thank you

by DanLM In reply to Here is a bit of info

I still am unable to do anything with it, it just appears as text at the bottom of the articles I read. The text of the link is just that, text. Not a link.

But, that definitely is more information then I knew before.


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No problem

by Michael Jay In reply to thank you

in 2 to 5 business days you will receive a bill for 5,000 dollars to cover my many hours of web searching to find that info.

Best to ya Dan...

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From what I could glean...

by daveo2000 In reply to thank you

it appears that the remote blogger cites "this" blog using their blogging software and that remote blogger's software sends a (coded?) message to the local software registering "interest". Next time you look at the local story it should list that registration under the TrackBack section.

Again, this is a guess based on what it says in Michael's provided link.

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Here's the basic idea

by sMoRTy71 In reply to Ok TR, what the bloody he ...

Trackbacks are a way to see who is linking to your blog post. It is one way for a blogger (or their readers) to gauge how good or interesting a post is.

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Thanks everyone, I feel kind of stupid here

by DanLM In reply to Here's the basic idea

But, I had no idea what it was.

And in that my motivation phrase is no guts no glory, I thought I would just go for it and ask.


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Don't feel stupid...

by daveo2000 In reply to Thanks everyone, I feel k ...

just lazy... and there is nothing wrong with feeling lazy unless you do it all of the time. I haven't seen you do it all the time so, in my book, you are ok.

Anyway, I had often wondered what that was but never even bothered to ask anyone about it. Based on your question, I got a wikipedia reference and I got to learn it too.

No shame there either!

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