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Okay, Democrats, I'm here to help

By maxwell edison ·
The best thing you Democrats could do for yourselves (and for the country) is to nominate Joe Lieberman for your party's run for the White House in 2008. The worst thing you can do is to NOT nominate him. But you'll probably shoot yourselves in the foot again (and ignore what's best for the country) and nominate the likes of Kerry, Gore or Clinton. I'm telling you, if you nominate Lieberman, the White House will probably be yours! Trust me, I know these things.

(Don't ask me why I'm helping you guys. It's probably because you won't listen to me anyway!)

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Wonder why Rice has such a weak showing?

by Too Old For IT In reply to Republicans can win regar ...

After all, she is the most intelligent and best educated of the bunch ...

Nevermind, think I answered my own question.

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Not to mention, She has a double whammy.

by faradhi In reply to Wonder why Rice has such ...

The republican party still gets a large number of supporters from the south. There are still strong undercurrents of racism in the south. (Although, this undercurrent is not limited to the republicans.) It was one of the things that shocked me when we moved here.

Additionally, Rice is a woman. While the glass ceiling has a few cracks, it is still there.

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I don't live there

by JamesRL In reply to Not to mention, She has ...

But I have spent a fair amount of time in the US South - North Carolina, Alabama.

There is racism everywhere, not just in the US south. I'd have to say from my somewhat limited perspective, I might concede it may be stronger in the US south than many places, but I don't think it holds a majority sway. It would not stop someone getting elected, though it would perhaps make it a tighter race.

And I have worked on several political campaigns for women, and campaigned for women in positions of leadership, in the conservative party in Canada. Over the last 20 years, again I have seen the numbers of people opposed to women dwindle down to a fairly insignificant amount.

My comment on Rice would be communications. She is an academic, a policy wonk and she speaks with that tone. Thats a big strike against her. She is also too closely identified with Bush, who is not doing well in the polls, and that matters.


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Try Living here and see.

by faradhi In reply to I don't live there

There is still a huge race issue here. When I moved to the south from growing up in a military community, It was a huge culture shock. The first day in high school, I was confronted by a group of kids because I was speaking with a "black kid" on the bus.

Now as an adult it is far more subtle. For example, My first apartment was in a middle class area. When a "black" family moved to the apartment next to me, three white families moved out of the complex. Now, one may be a coincidence, but three. I was told by one that they did not want to live by my new neighbors.

That is just one of many stories I could tell. I am a white male and I see it. I am not what you would call super observant. I have actually had people say to me, "That thar Rice lady is prudy smart for a N****R." When I objected, I was called a N***** lover.

The attitude is changing. It is far better now than it was 15 - 20 years ago. But it is still predominant enough to affect polls.

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I will admit

by JamesRL In reply to Try Living here and see.

The people I worked with were all IT people, well educated, in a company that promotes diversity and tolerance(actually two different companies). So naturally I don't see the day to day stuff that occurs.

And perhaps living where I do, I get used to pretty tolerent behaviour. Here we have straight people going to gay pride events, white people attending Caribana (great event too crowded) etc etc. According to the latest stats, even in my formerly whitebread suburb, 1/3 of the residents weren't born in Canada and a majority of those are either from south Asia (Indian subcontinent) or Caribean. If you used the N word in my city, you'd see so many jaws drop. And you would probably be ostracized pretty quickly.

In the riding next door to mine, a political neophyte, a young Indian born female doctor won as representative at the federal level. The conservatives elected a female leader in 19** (she fought one election and did badly, but not because she was a woman). In the current Liberal Leadership race, there are quite a few women involved - almost half the candidates.

We have had many women as Governor General here. The GG is a mainly cermonial role - they are the Queen's representative - they "sign" all the bills in order to make them laws, but they don't have any real power. The current GG was born poor in Haiti, and is female. The one prior was also female of Chinese ancestry.


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You don't want me over at State

by Too Old For IT In reply to I don't live there

I'd scour the grad schools for card-carrying conservative women who graduated in the top 5% of the class and would make Paris Hilton look frumpy. Give them a refresher course in how to apply make up and the purpose of low-riders, mini-skirts and crop-tops. I'd send them over to every fundamentalist Islamic theocracy on the planet as United States Ambassadors, and by the way lets talk about your treatment of women and children.

And in Africa, lets talk about how your brother in law has to have sex with your AIDS infested widow just to prove something-or-the-other.

I think I could save a bundle in the foriegn aid budget as well ... don't send any!

(Edited for fat fingers)

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I'd take a chimpazee over Hilary

by shamusoneil06 In reply to Okay, Democrats, I'm here ...

Not saying that I like anyone running for President, but hey... I'd still take a chimpanzee over Hilary.

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by viztor In reply to I'd take a chimpazee over ...

You've got one.

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by yobtaf In reply to Well,

That's a good one.

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by Jellimonsta In reply to Brovo
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