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Okay, Democrats, I'm here to help

By maxwell edison ·
The best thing you Democrats could do for yourselves (and for the country) is to nominate Joe Lieberman for your party's run for the White House in 2008. The worst thing you can do is to NOT nominate him. But you'll probably shoot yourselves in the foot again (and ignore what's best for the country) and nominate the likes of Kerry, Gore or Clinton. I'm telling you, if you nominate Lieberman, the White House will probably be yours! Trust me, I know these things.

(Don't ask me why I'm helping you guys. It's probably because you won't listen to me anyway!)

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I'd take Fidel Castro over Hillary

by Too Old For IT In reply to I'd take a chimpazee over ...

Even Kim Jong Il. At least they are honest about their socialism.

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Powell for President

by NickNielsen In reply to Okay, Democrats, I'm here ...

On the Libertarian ticket...

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The problem with that. . . . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to Powell for President

...he's not a libertarian.

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No, he's not,

by NickNielsen In reply to The problem with that. . ...

Now that I think on it, a Giuliani-Powell ticket would be tolerable. I could actually vote for that one instead of writing in. Unfortunately, we'll probably get the usual "this is a choice?" candidates because of the more radical inclinations of primary voters. I don't think Giuliani will get the Republican nomination, nor do I think Lieberman has a chance on the Democratic side.

Actually, Max, based on many of your previous posts, I had thought you above party affiliations. Neither major party even approaches Libertarian ideals in their basic beliefs.

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Vote ESR

by FXEF In reply to No, he's not,

If it's a Libertarian you want, how about ESR. He could do a folk dance to wake up congress.

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Libertarian Ideals are Great but...

by tracyb In reply to No, he's not,

Guys ? Long ago when I had high ideals I researched each and every candidate, their stance on important issues, their voting record if in a previous position, etc.

Then came CSPAN? and my world changed.

What CSPAN taught me was that no matter who you vote for (presumably the best man,) once they hit Washington they vote the party line.

I watched committee after committee and proposal after proposal. At the time, Democrats ran both houses (early 80?s). If a great idea were brought up but by a Republican it was voted down. If a loosely idea were brought up but by a Democrat it was voted in (hence our failed ?War on Poverty? that has created generations of ?you owe me!? familys.)

Now that Republicans run the houses it?s the same but reversed.

I too lean towards Libertarian ideals but without support in Washington, even if we here in AZ could elect one, he couldn?t do anything of value. Nope, you have to be a party player for that.

Well, since my awakening, I?ve done the only thing I can do. I make one vote now and it?s not for the best person, it?s for the party! I choose the party that most represented my ideals and have stuck with them (though after a decade of power they?ve started acting like drunken sailors. Too bad.) But until the Libertarian party can become a larger player nationally they?re all I have!

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I think it is coming

by Tig2 In reply to Libertarian Ideals are Gr ...

So is Christmas- I know.

My parents taught me to be an informed voter- so I was. They taught me good conservative ideals and I used that information in my selection prcess.

What I have learned is that you can only vote your conscience.

I am still learning the Libertarian party. Max wrote a wonderful essay on this subject in this forum.

What I have come to understand is this- if we don't stand up and get past the fear of standing out, we cannot advance.

Don't give up on your ideals. You already do the hard work that many are not willing to do. Go the next step.

I live in a State that elected Jesse Ventura Governor. He said that he represented what we wanted. He ran under Ross Perot's ticket. He won.

Edited for typo

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How was it?

by viztor In reply to I think it is coming

How did he do as governor? The press in this part of the universe indicated he had trouble getting much done because neither party would support him.

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Then it will never happen...

by NickNielsen In reply to Libertarian Ideals are Gr ...

...and I'm doomed to keep voting my conscience without a hope of ever voting for a winning candidate.

"I'd vote for him, but he hasn't got a chance, and I'm not wasting my vote."

The major problem with trying to establish a viable third party in any two-party system is getting the voting populace past the idea of "wasting" a vote. In our republican democracy, the only wasted vote is the one that isn't cast. In the last Presidential election, almost 44% of the voting age population wasted their votes. (Link:

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But He Hasn't Spoken Up

by yobtaf In reply to Powell for President

Powell is a great man and knows world politics.
He was one of the few people in the early administration who
opposed the war in Iraq. But in an administration where
opposing opinions are not tolerated' he had to resign. He was
also personally ashamed for having to lie in person to the UN.

I do not support anything that the Republicans are promoting,
but if we have to have another Republican president, he
probably has more integrity then he rest of the possible
candidates. McCain used to be his own man but has chosen to
sell out to the religious right for political reasons.

The only problem I have with Powell is that he has chosen to
keep his mouth shut about his disagreements with the Chaney,
Rumsfeld, Bush administration.

I can't support him until he speaks up.

And yes I'm a little left of center, but much closer to center than
the administration or most of Congress, for that matter.

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