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Okay, Democrats, I'm here to help

By maxwell edison ·
The best thing you Democrats could do for yourselves (and for the country) is to nominate Joe Lieberman for your party's run for the White House in 2008. The worst thing you can do is to NOT nominate him. But you'll probably shoot yourselves in the foot again (and ignore what's best for the country) and nominate the likes of Kerry, Gore or Clinton. I'm telling you, if you nominate Lieberman, the White House will probably be yours! Trust me, I know these things.

(Don't ask me why I'm helping you guys. It's probably because you won't listen to me anyway!)

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Speaking up not appropriate

by NickNielsen In reply to But He Hasn't Spoken Up

One of the prime tenets of military leadership, from the squad level up, is to voice your disagreement when appropriate, then carry out the resulting orders without further public discussion. This training and mindset carries over after retirement.

Powell voiced his disagreement, then carried out his orders. His current silence is due to his integrity.

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you mean Colin Powell? no way...

by plusaf In reply to Powell for President

he's not a libertarian, big or little L...

i heard him speak twice in person at the Foothill College Speaker's Series in Cupertino, CA, some years ago.

the first time, he sounded a lot like a libertarian and said "all the right things" that would have gotten my vote. i was psyched. i'd have supported him, given him money!

then, just a year or so later, he sounded just like a democrat. ready to solve the US' problems with programs run by the fracking gummint. one leg must have broken, because he just toppled to the left. lost my vote and support right there.

and i'm a REGISTERED Libertarian.

we've got no one to vote for because the two major parties pass laws and restrictions to keep "third parties" down and out of the running, and the way the country is running now [did you see Stephanopoulis' 20/20 a week or so ago?] polarization is driving the country into a pure, bimodal distribution.

a good solution might be a balanced approach, but you'll never see a middle-of-the-road "balanced" candidate win, let alone a "keep out of my wallet AND my bedroom" Libertarian.

the hate-mongers and the media will never allow it.

i promise you that, and that's from only my personal 60+ years of observation.


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Yes, you can HELP!

by FXEF In reply to Okay, Democrats, I'm here ...

If you really want to help this great nation, vote Democrat. It doesn't matter who, the Republicans are killing this country, at least the average citizen. Big business is the only thing that Republicans care about.

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Yeah Right

by wizardb In reply to Yes, you can HELP!

Another president with the ethics of a dog in heat that's what the US needs.At least with Bush you have a man who stands by his convictions and doesn't just toss them aside whenever a **** job is offered.Every democat that has ever been in office with the exception of Jimmy Carter has been a gutter snipe.
Just my prospective from Canada

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Look Who You Elected

by yobtaf In reply to Yeah Right

How can a Canadian comment when you elected the guy you did
(whatever his name is).

In the US the gap between the rich and the middle class has
become too wide and getting wider everyday. All the laws favors
large corporations and very wealthy. We are bombarded by the
most efficient spin machine in history (people don't even know
what to believe any more).

If you believe that this administration has any integrity take a
look at this:

RXEF is right we have only one alternative to stop the direction
the US is headed in (Bush himself said that the jury was still out
evolution, can you believe that?) and that is, for better or worst,
The Democrats.

I just wish they had a better choice of possible presidential

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by viztor In reply to Look Who You Elected

There's a Russian joke about the difference between the U.S. and Russia: "In Russia, we know what the government says is a lie." People who are shown to be correct on the issues are left wandering in the political wilderness, and the posers-that-be want to erode our military in new adventures. Careerism before integrity has become an American disease.

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We knew that

by NickNielsen In reply to Yeah Right

Anybody who didn't know Bill Clinton couldn't keep himself in his pants before the 1992 elections hadn't been paying attention. Then we elected him again because he actually reduced the national debt relative to the Gross Domestic Product ( and the economy boomed.

As for our currrent President, he has not yet managed to allow himself to be confused by facts. He has managed to eliminate the economic gains, while at the same time making sure that the richest 1% of Americans get to keep more of their money.

Both have problems, but apparently bad sexual ethics make you a worse person than starting a war over WMDs despite a lack of proof and solid evidence to the contrary. I don't see a difference.

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by RevCacher In reply to Yeah Right

Yes, Clinton got a BJ while in office and was impeached for it. Not ethical, but no one died.

Buch ignored intelligence, including a briefing entitled "Bin Ladin Determined to Attack Inside the US" resulting in over 2900 American deaths.

Anyone who is objectively looking at the evidence can see that Bush side-tracked the 'War on Terrorism' to include Iraq, resulting in over 2500 American deaths and somewhere between 38,000 and 44,000 civilian deaths. These numbers don't include US or other citizens that have been injured, many of whom will never be the same again.

While Bush can't take all of the blame for Katrina, he had the knowledge and was in the position to do something, but he didn't. Some of the 1300+ deaths could have been avoided.

If you are going to bring ethics into this you can't ignore the results of the actions taken.

In light of this all vey public information, I have to question the ethics of people that are still behind Bush. Is it more important stand behind your/Bush's beliefs than to value life?

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You Tell Em Rev

by yobtaf In reply to Ethics?

The facts about Bush and his boss, Chaney are even worst than

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edited out

by X-MarCap In reply to Ethics?
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