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Okay here is a theo-political Question

By MallardtooXX ·
First off yes I made up Theo-political....shoot me =) My question is simple and I am sure you guys will tear though it relatively quickly. What do you think would happen if NASA found Bones on mars? Is this the type of things that would tear up humanity? Would this cause governments to fall and religion to be cast aside? Furthermore what if the bones they found were human and pre-dated our current civilization by say 2 million years? What do you think would happen? Where would this take the Tech sector? and how would you deal with it? I am genuinely curious about this one.


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Sums it up

by HereInOz In reply to You're a little boy with ...

And that comment from our good friend Asleep_at_the_Wheel just about sums up why the rest of the workd thinks that Americans are a little strange.

Your comments remind me of one particular tobacca chewin' sherriff in a James Bond movie, that's if'n you ever done bin to them thar movies there old fella.

How on earth, or Mars, can you expect you and your people to be taken seriously with comments like that??

As one good friend of mine said after he had been to the USA: Lovely country - pity about some of the people.

Hop into it guys - that's what it is for!!


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Will that become a saying??

by Oz_Media In reply to Sums it up

I wonder how ong it will be before people start saying "How on Earth or Mars..."?

That's an interesting thought, what other sayings will change?

Will we have unearthly AND unmartianly actions?

Will things we discover now become unmarsed as opposed to unearthed?

Will we start talking about little BLUE men on the Pluto instead of little GREEN men on Mars?

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you too?

by Asleep_at_the_Wheel In reply to Sums it up

Who ever said I was an American?

Actually I was born in Australia and have lived in many countries.

OzMentalCase is an idiot and if you don't see it, so are you.

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It can happen anywhere

by HereInOz In reply to Sums it up

Oz is an idiot? Well having never met him I am not prepared to judge hm as an idiot or not. He lives in Canada and they seem a reasonable bunch.

I just found your comments a little over the top when you consider that this is a discussion forum. To have a discussion normally involves two or more people with differing points of view. When you get someone who basically states that "because you don't agree with me you are an idiot", it does tend to stifle the discussion.

Given that this is primarily a US based forum, and I live in the antipodean region of the planet, I rarely get anyone to agree with me on these fora (the correct plural form of forum, by the way) except other Australians, and Oz.

To carry this thought a little further, given that similar people have similar views, it must mean that all Australians are idiots, else why would they agree with me and Oz agree with them.

Thus given that you are an Australian by birth, and by your own definition, Oz, and by extrapolation, all Australians, by virtue of their agreement with me, are idiots, then you must have been born an idiot to start with. Were your parents pleased?

I rest.


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The funny part

by Oz_Media In reply to Sums it up

Here's the good part Alan. I have no idea who this guy/girl is or where he/she came from. Yet IT has taken an instant Anti-Oz attitude.

One would guess is that this is an alter ego or supportive ego of another peer that also may hide its activity.
Another, just a complete retard.
Yet another, a complete waste of space, I'm sure I got that one pegged.

Here THING has had no discussion with me, shared no points of view with me and yet has an opinion of who I am. I think it is safe to say that would fall into the 'unqualified opinion' bin.

IT has also directly broken some of the few rules of TR.

IT has also not particpated at all in helpig others in the Technical Q&A forum, yet feels qualified to offer an opinion on such.

IT has contributed NOTHING at all whatsoever here except these little kiddie shots at my character as well as an open threat, which when welcomed is still unrespoded too, I am almost willing to pay airfare for ITS visit now. I could probably write it off and it would be entertaining as I've been off the venue circuit for a while and haven't needed to deal with drunken losers for a few months.

Bottom line, I earn more money than IT, I am much more successful than IT, I have a much brighter
and more entertaining future than IT, etc. The list goes on, IT is not worth it. IT will mooch and complain all IT's life and be bitter at the success of others. IT is a poor loser that just realized IT is going nowhere in life. IT is just skin, and a waste of it too.

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OzMentalCase memory is short

by Asleep_at_the_Wheel In reply to Sums it up

you think I just now appeared? Your memory is short little boy. Everything about you is probably short. you were an idiot when we first crossed paths and your still an idiot now. you're the reason I quit reading these discussions and you're the reason they come to this. You ruined these discussions little boy. I'm gone.

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Born in Australia?

by HereInOz In reply to Sums it up

Thank God IT left!!

Lived in many countries? Why so many? I will leave it to your imagination


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Methinks thou doth protest too much...

by MallardtooXX In reply to You're a little boy with ...

This thread was not intended to start a bash fest on anyone. I am a little taken aback by your pugnacious attempt to drive it to such. I am not really familiar with you so I am not going to react too much; but if you feel the need to jump into a thread to malign someone then start your own and leave mine alone please. I just want people's opinion on this as it is something of interest to me if you have something to add to the thread then by all means please do otherwise shut up and grow a set because you are not impressing anyone with your rants, I think the kiddies forums are down the hall if you wanna try or something.


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I have a different insight

by road-dog In reply to Methinks thou doth protes ...

having worked in the space program and tied my life in the exploration of space.

Many of us sat around BSing about what would happen if incontrovertible evidence of life on other planets were discovered.

The prevailing theory was that if proof of visitors came in the form of them landing on the White House lawn and introducing themselves, a general breakdown if societal order would result.

This is a different case entirely. Bones found on Mars would greatly increase the urgency of a Mars mission and dominate the news until mankind was able to visit the site. Life would probably go on much as normal, because the bones indicate life at one time, not the present.

Academia would debate the origins of man and reevaluate our understanding of history. All accepted anthropological theories would face reexamination in light of the very real possibility of extraterrestrial intervention in our evolution or history.

Theologians would undoubtedly find an interpretation of scripture that would allow for such a discovery, or simply ignore it as they do with fossilized proof of a longer timeline for the earth.

Personally, I welcome such a find as it would assuredly "put us in our place" as a species. Many of those cultural differences that divide us would be made smaller in light of our diminished stature as no longer being the sole inhabitants of the universe. It's harder to care about the "little things" when one realizes that the "world" has gotten much larger.

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Nice on Road Dog

by Oz_Media In reply to Methinks thou doth protes ...

That is such a logical thought process (maybe because I feel the same way, in which case you may want to rethink).

The first time I saw long beach on Vancouver Island, I decided to camp on the beach for the night (despite the signs saying NO CAMPING ON THE BEACH).
It is the absolute farthest west point in BC, next stop Japan.
Things from Japan wash up on the beach quite often, used to be the glass fishing floats (VERY popular)but all I found was a washing up liquid bottle that I couldn't read,:-(

Laying there you couldn't help but feel so miniscule an insignificant, the ocean hit the horizon (cool sunsets) and you could see a large 'stripe' curved across the shy. You could actually see the curvature as you looked up at the most amazing star view I've seen (and I've seen a lot of dark starry nights where I live with little city to brighten the sky.).

It is so humbling to think we are not alone and I feel that you would have to be pretty arrogant to actually think that our destructive and confused human race is really the most intelligent lifeform in space, we are a joke as a race. We have no idea what to do next, which way to turn or who to befriend. I think the world often just runs on fear or paranioa as if preparing for something that never comes. SLOW down and enjoy it instead, have a laff and all that.

One day, probably not in my existence or even man's as we know it we will find out what's out there. How do we know that some other race isn't millions of years ahead of our own evolution and already enjoying such freedoms as space travel?

Yes, we are insignificant and wee tiny like.


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