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Okay here is a theo-political Question

By MallardtooXX ·
First off yes I made up Theo-political....shoot me =) My question is simple and I am sure you guys will tear though it relatively quickly. What do you think would happen if NASA found Bones on mars? Is this the type of things that would tear up humanity? Would this cause governments to fall and religion to be cast aside? Furthermore what if the bones they found were human and pre-dated our current civilization by say 2 million years? What do you think would happen? Where would this take the Tech sector? and how would you deal with it? I am genuinely curious about this one.


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You done crying yet dude?

by TomSal In reply to Still a loser I see

I've been reading through this thread, and how you cut into Oz. Well I've been using these boards since nearly the opening of TR. Oz has written many posts that I thought were intelligent and applicable to the thread's topic. Sure I didn't agree with them all, but that's part of discussion.

Now you are crying like a lil ***** about just constantly adding negativity to this thread.

So get some little lotion coated tissues so you don't hurt your little nosey, stop your crying and either concentrate at ON TOPIC posts or get the **** out. No one wants to hear it.


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Could this be REAL????

by maxwell edison In reply to The headline and news acc ...

In my previous post, I ended my fictional news account as follows:

In a related development, it was learned that the communications channel from the Mars Rover was suddenly and inexplicably lost. "One minute it was sending all its communications just fine", said a NASA spokesman, "but then, poof, it was gone for no apparent reason."

(It was an attempt at humor suggesting that "someone" unplugged the connection on the Mars side.)

Real news story, released today, as follows:

(AP) - NASA's Spirit rover stopped transmitting data from Mars for more than 24 hours, mission managers said Thursday, calling it an "extremely serious anomaly." NASA last heard from Spirit early Wednesday.

Could it be ???????


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I noticed that this morning too.

by Oz_Media In reply to Could this be REAL????

We finally know who you are (Nostradamus), come out of your hidey hole!!

What's even funnier is that the second one lands today? or tomorrow? on the other side of Mars. I wonder if one will find the other and take some pictures of it? More space junk left on planets by man. tsk tsk !

Martians must think we're a damn messy bunch. We'll probably get another camera up there in a few years and see a sign writte in martian with English translation..."NO DUMPING! CITY BY-Law 4502-3, $2000.00 fine will be imposed!"

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Believe it or not. . . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to I noticed that this morni ...

....I correctly predicted the exact SCORE of the AFC Championship football game a week before kick-off. New England Patriots 24, Indianapolis Colts 14. (Did I pick the wrong weekend to not go to Las Vegas, or what?)

Super Bowl prediction: Carolina Panthers 21, New England Patriots 20. (Wow, I'm way out there on a very thin limb with that one!)

Nostradamus or just a lucky schmuck. Like other things, time will tell.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Believe it or not. . . . ...

I just cancelled this weekend in Vegas, gets kinda droll after a few visits anyway.

I will be at Fraser Downs and also betting Aqueduct this weekend.
Looking for solid superfectas only.

I'll give you SOME tech points if you win me a grand or so.

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Actually the truth of the matter is the matter

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Believe it or not. . . . ...

That the little green men from Mars HP printer failed so they had to pull the plug until HP replaced it UW and then they can again start it up and place pictures all around the rover so we only get to see what they want us to see.


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Don't want the last word

by Oz_Media In reply to Okay here is a theo-polit ...

I really want you to reply. In fact I BEG you to just send me an email address, I can forward you my address and even help with the ferry fare if you want a shot at being what you consider a man.

You seem to make big yet idle threats and i would love to take you up on the opportubity to prove you wrong.

As you refuse to address the request to come out of the closet with your little too scared to show my true colors attitude, I will again see you simply offer some useless insults and continue calling people BOY iwhile thinkiong it is an insult of some sort.

The truth is, men put thier money where thier nouth is, I've called you to it, layed down the gauntlet and welcomed you to visit me at home. You'd love Canada, you'll also love our medical system, they will even admit you for free!! What a concept, huh?

The ambulance will cost $40.00 but you can handle that because you are apparently a man, a scared little man who hides, but that's OK, you like to make noise. Now come and make some noise in front of me, instead of in your mom's trailer, and see how well you do. Come and show me your mighty American attitude, give me enough notice to get a camera ready though, shoulc be worth a few TR giggles one day, "The little American who thought he could" LOL!

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by HereInOz In reply to Don't want the last word

Hey Oz, have you thought that it could be GWB's alter ego. Sort of like a Walter Mitty in GWB's clothing, hiding behind an alias so he can save America from the ravages of you heathens across the border and us infidels over the Pacific, by posting murdurous comments in a TR forum.

That'll fix 'em, he says. Teach 'em to mess with Uncle Sam that will!!

Sort of like Yosemite Sam - "Come here, Rabbit, or I'll blast ya!"

Oh dear oh dear, I haven't stopped laughing yet, and I am trying desperately to see through the tears of laughter to write some code!

Unbelievable - do these people actually exist in the world?



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That reminds me

by Oz_Media In reply to GWB?

"Sort of like Yosemite Sam - "Come here, Rabbit, or I'll blast ya!"

Actually I think the sleepy guy is more like Foghorn Leghorn. "Ah Say, AH say, listen up BOY, ya just maaht lern somethin'."

Good for comic relief, but F-All else.

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last word OzMentalCase

by Asleep_at_the_Wheel In reply to Don't want the last word

You always have to have the last word don't you little boy. I knew you would but you did it under a different message just like a little boy would do trying to fool poeple. what an idiot you are. a little boy tough guy. get a life loser.

You come on down to Australia and you'll see a real man.

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