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Okay here is a theo-political Question

By MallardtooXX ·
First off yes I made up Theo-political....shoot me =) My question is simple and I am sure you guys will tear though it relatively quickly. What do you think would happen if NASA found Bones on mars? Is this the type of things that would tear up humanity? Would this cause governments to fall and religion to be cast aside? Furthermore what if the bones they found were human and pre-dated our current civilization by say 2 million years? What do you think would happen? Where would this take the Tech sector? and how would you deal with it? I am genuinely curious about this one.


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Sorry sleepy-bye-boy

by HereInOz In reply to last word OzMentalCase

Sorry, you seem to be under the impression that Oz and I are one and the same. Nothing could be further from the truth. Come down to Australia and see a real man?? Wow, that's getting me all hot and bothered!!

Alan. (already in Australia - where are the real men???)

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I don't think so

by Oz_Media In reply to Sorry sleepy-bye-boy

He knows you and I are two different people.

He was replying to another post but wasn't quite sure how to use the internet and it ended up below your post.

Don't worry, nobody thinks you're THAT crazy.

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You come on down to Australia and you'll see a real man.

by Oz_Media In reply to last word OzMentalCase

"You come on down to Australia and you'll see a real man."

The question is, does he let you wear pants to the welfare office sometimes or do you always get the dress? Perhaps your real man needs to find out how dumb his ***** is.

I am thinking of coming to Australia as I was saying to another peer here, like I said give me some contact info and I'll look you up if you can't make it here. You see the problem/mistake you've made here is that you have NO idea who I am and you have created a mental picture of me. This can be very dangerous and could bite you in the ***. Your lack of intelligence here PROVES you're just a little clown, you have no hope of gaining any credibility anymore, it's over, you're done.

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A disgrace to your country ...

by jardinier In reply to last word OzMentalCase

What a shockingly poor image you present of an Australian.

Well I live in Australia too, and just tell me where to find you and I will save Oz the trouble of sorting you out. Do you get my drift? Make sure your health fund payments are up to date.

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Jules he's probably not old enough yet

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to A disgrace to your countr ...

To qualify for Health Care Funds and relies on his parent for this coverage.

Perhaps you and I should get together and help this discrase to our country pay the Gap Fee that he is going to find he needs or maybe he has just recovered from his last bashing and this is his first attempt at starting another one.

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last word

by maecuff In reply to last word OzMentalCase

You know what I love about people who say, "You just have to get in the last word"? By saying that, they are trying to get in the last word, because the person they are directing it to is supposed to be shamed in to silence. I say go for it, Oz, get in the last word..

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How about you come to Brisbane

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to last word OzMentalCase

And see a real man is instead of hiding behind an allais and trying to tell people what could be nothing but lies about you're self.

If you where a real Aussie you wouldn't neeed to hide behind what you seem to think is an untracable position instead you would be right up front in you're face and to hell with the conquences.

Perhaps you would like to visit my business and some of my staff can teach you how real Aussies act none of them need to cower behind anything.


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Sorry to wreck your thread Duck!

by Oz_Media In reply to Okay here is a theo-polit ...

It wasn't me though, honestly!

I was just swimin' in the pond and he splashed me!

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no apology needed

by MallardtooXX In reply to Sorry to wreck your threa ...

**** I remember our clashes, but at least we were doing more than spewing crap.

Boy. Heh it is funny that asleep thinks Boy is an insult. Prolly doesn't have pubes yet so needs to remind everyone of it.

No harm no "fowl", sorry couldn't resist, I saw the splash and I will deal with it accordingly.

I think asleep is most likely bedding down with his blanky and teddy for a nice nap right now anyway. Maybe his mommy is tucking him in right now.


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don't think it would change much

by maecuff In reply to Okay here is a theo-polit ...

I believe most people would stick their heads in the sand. It's not as if that isn't what usually happens anyway. I've heard a sane and rational person who owned his own successful business, explain to me how the moon landings were all done on a set, that it was nothing more than a hoax. My father-in-law can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that evolution is horseshit. If bones were found on Mars, perhaps some people would change their beliefs on our origins, on religeon, whatever, however, I think most people would stick their fingers in their ears and hum.

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