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Okay here is a theo-political Question

By MallardtooXX ·
First off yes I made up Theo-political....shoot me =) My question is simple and I am sure you guys will tear though it relatively quickly. What do you think would happen if NASA found Bones on mars? Is this the type of things that would tear up humanity? Would this cause governments to fall and religion to be cast aside? Furthermore what if the bones they found were human and pre-dated our current civilization by say 2 million years? What do you think would happen? Where would this take the Tech sector? and how would you deal with it? I am genuinely curious about this one.


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About the moon landings

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to don't think it would chan ...

Perhaps he watched the movie Capricorn 1 {at least I think that what it was called} and thought it was a doco rather than fiction.

That might explain a lot.


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could be

by maecuff In reply to About the moon landings

Yes, that could be it, on the other hand, perhaps he's just an idiot..

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Well I was trying to be nice

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to could be

And I didn't want to call him an idiot because he is entitled to his beliefs no matter how desulanial they are right?

Besides with my lick it would probably be someone on TR and I would then have everyone attacking me and taking this even further away from "Duck's" original posting which was interesting.


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Okay, break it up!

by Jay Garmon Contributor In reply to Okay here is a theo-polit ...

Hey gang, Trivia Geek here with a message of warning.

[Puts on referee's jersey]

We've been getting complaints about name-calling, flame-posting, and general antisocial behavior from people in the Discussion Forums. I've got no problem with passionate debate of any issues, but trading insults and macho posturing are strictly off the approved menu in this establishment.

If the behavior continues, the guilty can have restrictions placed on their TR privileges, including bans from the Discussion Forum, Tech Q&A, and outright deletion of TR membership.

Fair warning has been given.

[Takes off ref's jersey]

On the topic, any finding that gets NASA a bigger manned spaceflight budget is cool by me.


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by mrbill- In reply to Okay, break it up!

I agree, the sooner we get off this rock and leave all the petty squabbling behind the better. Man belongs in space, we are destined to push our boundaries we have done it from day one why stop now.

Also agree about cutting the name calling stuff and getting back to civilized discussions, or at least as civilized as a bunch of IT folks can get.

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Jay - Thanks for chiming in

by maxwell edison In reply to Okay, break it up!

I've actually spent less time participating in these discussions because of such behavior. But I also have to admit that, at times, I've crossed that line myself when I've been, what I might consider, pushed a bit too far. Almost without exception, however, I've not crossed the line unless I, myself, was the target of attacks that included such behavior. (Even though that's no excuse.) Nonetheless, I'm certainly glad I refrained from participating in these most recent tirades.

I'd like to take this opportunity to remind others, especially some of our non-American friends, that "name-calling, flame-posting, and general antisocial behavior", as Jay described it, can indeed be seen in attacks towards one's country as well as one's person. (For example, look at how Americans were attacked and criticized in this recent bout, one that didn't even involve an American! And in another thread, the attacks continued, despite the fact that a request was made by the thread originator to refrain from such behavior.) It's time we all practice a little more tolerance and consideration towards others, even if we disagree.

Enough said.

Thank you, Jay, for the much needed reminder.

Having said that.........

To infinity and beyond.........(Thanks, Buzz)

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Cheers Jay

by Oz_Media In reply to Okay, break it up!

I often get tangled up in these messes, self inflicted most of the time, and spme others aren't sure how to deal with me so they resort to this kind of defamation. Most of the guys here know me and can play fair but sometimes people don't have the ability to discuss or even differ in opinion without stooping this low.

I am no angel and have been guilty of the same, yet I also try to keep it within reason and not utter direct threats. Lately I have been making a concious effort to stay somewhat open to ideas here and have as a result found some common ground with past conflicting peers.

We can share this sandbox just fine, 'til someone starts kicking it up.

As far as the space budget, I say remove all military funding from every country on Earth and combine the effort to better mankind instead of erasing it on Earth.

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by FluxIt In reply to Okay here is a theo-polit ...

The probability of human bones on Mars is near zero percent. However, the discovery of life would not necessarily cause a paradigm shift in thought as this is one of the biggest scientific questions we seek to answer. The discovery of intelligent life would certainly disrupt many paradigms.

On a grander scale the exploration of space poses many concerns. NASA Mercury and Apollo mission 'has-beens' or 'dinosaurs' are still influencing the direction of NASA. They are bringing Cold War mentalities into the program and not fresh vision. I listened to C-Span last December as these 'dinosaurs' provided speeches. It bothers me that they are talking in New World Order terms and finding 'Marvin the Martin'. On a positive note, they did talk about economic growth opportunities and humanitarian improvements. I also found it bothersome that these people seemed to ignor some scientific discoveries that may strongly influence whether or not we even should go to Mars. I believe James Glieck spoke of this problem in his book 'Chaos: The Making of a New Science'.

The bottom line is that we need a new generation of Technocrats. Unfortunately, our colleges are more monetarily and politically motivated than driven by knowledge. The United States education system is pumping out only 'new and improved' citizens not independent thinkers. What happened to breeding people who run combinatory play and image stream? Did Einstien not day dream (image stream) he was riding on a photon of light?

It seems to me that solar winds travel at high rates of speed let alone gravity acts instanteously through out our universe. I would think we could stream of a time when we could roam without wings without wheels.

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Wouldn't it be cool if....

by Oz_Media In reply to A FEW THOUGHTS....

If we FINALLY found a way to get out of our universe in some little manned probe only to find interstellar traffice lights and heavy congestion.

Would we feel so advanced at that point or would we be humbled in our betar VW (sorry Colin) when compared to the other Porches in outer space.

A real George Jetson scene, the looks on the astronuats faces would be priceless. Other races zipping around space with little oxy masks whlie we're all bundled up like the MIchelin man. LOL!

I better go to bed I think! :-P

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To Quote OZ Wouldn't it be nice

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to A FEW THOUGHTS....

If a great bloody great space ship came into close orbit of thsi planet and then hailed us with the following message. "We are about to destroy this insignifant planet to make way for a galatic by pass!" That would make everyone sit up and think wouldn't it?

But then D. Adams has already come up with that one so what could outdo that?

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