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Okay Max, I think I'll side with you on this election.

By Oz_Media ·
I sat and watched the US presidential debate #2 for the thrid time last night (I have a copy on my hard drive for reference).

This time, I decided to watch it from a US citizen's perspective, in the past I have always looked upon the US candidates from a foreign perspective, with my interest focused solely on foriegn policy. I figure internal issues don't effect me as directly and those are really YOUR issues to be concerned about.

But from these two perspectives, I see two completely different results.

a) From a foreign policy perspective, McCain scares me, as does his henchwoman Palin (eeew, she makes my skin crawl that one).

b) From a US perspective, I think McCain can implement his plan and Obama is all talk and no action.

Character, it is sorta relevant afterall.

McCain, I love this guy, what a great father figure and a patient, seeming, person. Patient seeming means he can be as short and curt as he needs to be, but doesn't carry himself as such. There was something i just couldn't pinpoint though, "Who does this guy remind me of?" then it came to me, body language and mannerisms, he's Rich Little doing a George Burns impression! Once it came ot me, I couldn't help but laugh while watching his high shouldered, elbows bent, wide motionless mouthed approach to his delivery. He's a keeper for sure! Rich Little for president.

I find that he has dwelled on the "94 votes against" rebuttal issue a bit too much though, he should let that one die and retain his chracter credibility, everyoe knows who Obama is by now.

I think he has a far more realistic domestic policy approach, he shows himself as a man with experience. While I am sure that being in office is a VERY fast learning process and interns become veterans very quickly, I think he's a natural for such a post, whereas Obama seems a little green. Being new isn' ta bad thing, but whenever Obama is hit with a pressing question for rebuttal, he gets very anxious. YOu can always tell when he' scaught off guard as his voice raises, though he deliberately tries to slow down, and he starts to stutter, look for words and sound insecure/unsure of himself. This indicates he's either making it up, or wary that he needs to be hiding something.

McCain on the other hand, gets caught out and offers rhetoric replies but does so with style. He is cool as a cucumber, and seems to have become that way due to his time in the senate.

But, McCain does try to play on teh fence. He commented several times that he "reaches across" to the democrats and doesn't seek to oppose their every word. He tried to instill his 'middle ground' (which I think America really needs) by making statements like, "even my own party doesn't like me sometimes" (as he reaches across for democratic input).

But being the cynic i am, I find some question in that too. Sure he may 'reach across' but is that simply to ask for THEIR ideas or try to instill HIS ideas in THEM? Looked upon from a bullying viewpoint, it isn't as pretty, though i think that is a bit far fetched too.

So as for an AMERICAN voting on Us policies, I am in favour of McCain. I ALMOST like his foreign policy but it is obvious that his views toward Iraq have been instilled in him by the wishes of his party and they don't seem to reflect his personality, which I believe is quite genuine. He has a big chip on his shoulder and I think he is wary of redeploying troops to Afghanistan because he sees it as runnign in fear and doesn' twant America to 'look' that way, which he said in a few more words himself.

Obama on the other hand, has a good view towards foreign policy. Get American soldiers back with ALLIED soldiers and in Afghanistan, where your true enemy still thrives, exists and plots against America. In fact if I was American that woul dbe a key concern too, terrorists are plotting against you and doing so with more freedom than citizens in Iraq have. (see 'Heavy Metal in Iraq' for more on that).

so when it all comes down to it, there are still two sides but I see them as clearly defined.

1) If you are an American that is focused on teh war in Iraq above all else, Obama is your best bet.

2) If you are focused on internal policy, federal budget and the economic crisis in teh USA, McCain stands out on his own (even with his crony Pailn at his side).

From an outside perspective, I'd still have to choose Obama but only because McCain fails to recognize the real state of affairs in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Character? McCain all the way.
Foregn relations? I'd still go with McCain as he is closer to the age of his peers from other nations and should have a more natural dialigue with them.

I just wish McCain had more realistic views of Iraq, or was at least speaking his own mind and not simply parroting the words of his party. There is a clear difference in his tone between his thoughts and what he SHOULD be saying. Unfortunately what he SHOULD be saying interferes with what he wants to say and it indicates that he does toe the line of the party and does not always speak his mind.

With the sensitivity of the war, I am confident he's been coached, whereas his internal policy is a no brainer and they leave him to tackle Obama with little coaching.

So there ya have it, I actually sided with Republicans, IF I was American and the war on terrorism wasn't my key focus.

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I don't know...

by TonytheTiger In reply to Ozzie, take both candidat ...

One way to view the contest is to judge which one will be more successful in working with Congress,

Congress has done some pretty bone-headed things lately. Maybe we want someone who will work against them.........

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Sorry to interject

by Oz_Media In reply to I don't know...

But thats what I think Palmetto was getting at. Which is why I agreed. I think McCain will have the ability to work WITH as well as coerce Congress into seeing his views too, whereas Obama will be walked on and just paid lip service by congress.

I do like Obama's concept for redeploying troops to Afghanistan, as I have said is needed for a few years now.
But can he make it happen effectively, or will it just result in a weaker force in Iraq and still not enough focus on Afghanistan, resulting in a worse situation than we are all in today?

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Oh I know that one

by Oz_Media In reply to Ozzie, take both candidat ...

Of course there is no lie detector test to prove whos on the up and up, unfortunately, maybe THAT would hold all politicians straight. Can you imagine a G8 summit where everyone is wired up. Lie and you get a zap, THAT would be a meeting worth watching!

I agree though, I think McCain can negotiate and win the support of more people in the senate than Obama, however that is simply speculation.

Kinda like betting horses, you can do all your handicapping and pick the right horse, but you can't make it run when it just wants to come in second. Sometimes its the luck of the draw and that's what makes picking long shots so much fun, but I think I'd pass on Obama (the long shot) and go with the chalk on this one.

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I've said before...

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to Oh I know that one

...that they should conduct one of the debates in a format like that one game show, where contestants are asked questions ahead of time, while strapped to a lie detector, and then asked the same questions again in front of millions of viewers.

Of course, we'd probably be left with 5 out of 300+ million people that could actually win an election; but is that so bad?? :)

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Excellent analysis OZ

by Locrian_Lyric In reply to Okay Max, I think I'll si ...

I take back at least 1/3 of the things I've said about you.

NO, seriously. Great analysis!

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Thank you!

by dixiedi In reply to Okay Max, I think I'll si ...

I was already going to vote for McCain but had a nagging in my tummy that Obama would be better for us internationally speaking. Obama will kill us internally.

But, it's so very hard to split the two, our President has to deal with both. Mentinoing that McCain seems to be speaking what the party wants him to say about iternational affairs allows me to believe onece he is elected his own beliefs will come more into play.
That means the entire problem is fixed! McCain is the man. He will provide the best internally and for international affairs his own will will be seen after the election. His histroy tells me that his will is A-OK on that.
Should be obvious to all now that McCain is the only way to vote.
And hey, Palin is a raw tool ready to be molded into a great VP. She is not jaded with a pocket full of her own special interest groups to bring to the position.

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On one international score McCain beat Obama in the debate

by JamesRL In reply to Thank you!

When he mentioned free trade. I know it was a blip in the US, but it was big news up here.

Canada was pretty much dragged kicking and screaming into free trade in the 80s - Reagan and Mulroney started it off, after Mulroney opposed Free Trade when getting elected as leader. But we did come to accept it, warts and all. And while there have been some issues, like softwood lumber, on balance, we think its a good thing.

To have Obama come out and suggest he would unilaterally make changes to it displays a fundamental gap. Contract law 101 says no one party to an agreement can make a unilateral change to it. It has to be discussed, negotiated and agreed to by both parties before it can change. If Obama wants to open it up, Canada will no doubt have some things it wants to change as well.

I'm not so sure on Palin though.


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Funny that Oz was on the other side of the fence with this issue

by jdclyde In reply to On one international scor ...

When I brought this topic up last time, he came down on the side of Obama.

Wonder if that is still true today?

When you hear Obama talk about NAFTA, he really puts the boots to Canada/Mexico for taking advantage of us..... :0

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Perhaps he means Mexico.....

by JamesRL In reply to Funny that Oz was on the ...

...but is afraid to alienate hispanic voters.

But when he mentions opening up Nafta to ensure we have environmental and labour standards - he should realize we actually have standards up here.


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I can't help but wonder...

by cupcake In reply to Thank you!

... what NOT spending $10M a day in the Middle East
might help to recover our economy internally.

BTW, I lived in Arizona during the Keating crap and
McCain was not a man that I ever thought would
overcome the stigma and negativity that surrounded him
then. From the man I knew then, he was arrogant, self-
serving and scoffed at the idea that this "hero" could ever
be considered as doing something 'wrong'.

I have no doubt that Obama will be our next president.

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