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Okay, this is getting absurd...

By cmiller5400 ·
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Okay, this is getting absurd. I was on Newegg earlier today looking at a shell shocker deal they had, and I saw a bundle and I clicked on it to bring up some electronic piano's. SO... Here I am back at TR and what do I see... An add for Newegg that offers new customers $10 off their first order. AND to top it off, they had the EXACT keyboards on the advertisement that I was looking at.

Coincidence? I think not.

I'm getting tired of ad's raiding my cookies to see my shopping/browsing habits. Maybe it's time we stood up to these companies and said enough is enough: don't touch my cookies

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Ah, and I thought he meant

by AnsuGisalas In reply to well.... if SOMEONE

"I like Cookie"... which makes me wonder what kind of bar he frequents

... wouldn't be the Nudie Bar, by any chance? ]:)

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by jck In reply to Ah, and I thought he mean ...

...could be ]:)

Actually to be totally honest...not been to one in quite some time.

I have a girlfriend who looks better than any of the girls in those places.

And yes, I ask the question too: why the heck does she like *me*? :^0

Guess it's just my goofyness is finally appreciated. B-)

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Perhaps, then

by NexS In reply to Well...

It's your cookies.

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anyone take advertising as part of Bus Admin major?

by CG IT In reply to Okay, this is getting abs ...

the internet is the same medium of advertising as newspapers, magazines, billboards, radio, and now TV with the big exception that with the internet and places like Facebook, the advertising can be directed directly to the consumer's preferences. Cmillers, experience with and then visiting TR is a prime example of directed advertising. Cmiller looks at electronic pianos on and other sites that allow to advertise on their site can specifically direct the advertising to the individual to entice that person to buy.

It's why Facebook's IPO was valued at $50 billion when really it's only worth a fraction of it. Advertisers can get demographic information and more importantly, peer demographics directly from those who use the site, where all other advertising mediums simply were like the analogy of mud on the wall or spam email. Throw enough out there, some will stick.

Now, the internet allows advertisers to direct advertising campaigns directly at the individual to entice them to buy a product they looked at at one site, while on another. Didn't buy on but visit TR, Newegg can offer a discount. Don't take the bait on TR, visit PCWorld, or any CBS affiliate, there will be another offer for a discount to buy the product you looked at.

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I rarely use a linked ad to buy

by jck In reply to anyone take advertising a ...

Ad revenue is their income for a website from clogging display space up.

If anyone needs to get something from my purchase, it's me.

Sorry, but I gotta be selfish sometimes. B-)

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I understand the need for advertising, BUT

by cmiller5400 In reply to anyone take advertising a ...

I don't want them raiding my computer for it. You want to show me a product or service fine, but don't go searching through MY computer to do it. The worst insult was that it was an offer for $10 off for new customers only. Discriminatory buzzards: I've bought from Newegg for over 6 years; at least they could throw me a bone every now and then

PS: I block most ad's anyway since I use FF w/ Adblock Plus. This was a new one that wasn't in the rules.

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no matter where I "surf" . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to anyone take advertising a ...

I don't see any ads,

and even if I did they wouldn't be all that targeted anyway
because I don't allow any history of any sort on the system

peek at my cookies all you want
there ain't any
and if you do happen to find one or two from the current session
you can't shove yer ads in my face anyway

- 0 Days history
- no Download history
- no search / form history
- allow / keep cookies: until I close Firefox or use Clear Recent History

and the following Add-ons:
- AdBlock Plus
- NoScript
- FlashBlock
- Better Privacy (DOM / Storage and LSO Flash "Super" cookie killer)

keeps it clean and prevents profile bloat

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The Cookies are a LIE!!!

by RayFoxxe In reply to Okay, this is getting abs ...

owo Just like the cake is a lie, the cookies are too!

x3 Kill it with fiyaaaaa!!!

Or just scan your system with good anti-adware and spyware scanners and then setup an anti-adware/spyware shield that blocks ads and spies from getting in. <w<

OwO Soon enough they'll even know what you're thinking!!!

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Okay, this is getting abs ...
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