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Okay, we had the "who is the best" guitar player..

By maecuff ·
How about, who is your favorite guitar player..

Here's mine.

And here he is before he became a guitar god..

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But Jimi said Keaggy was the best!!!

by X-MarCap In reply to re: Best/Favorite Guitar ...

Keaggy is older and smoother than a 24 year Ambassador.

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I love Keaggy, but...

by RknRlKid In reply to But Jimi said Keaggy was ...

apparently the Hendrix quote is an urban legend.

For those who don't know who Phil Keaggy is, I do trust you will try to catch up, because the man IS phenomenal!

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Do you think he never listened to others music when in 'NAM?

by X-MarCap In reply to I love Keaggy, but...

I know many guys (U.S. Marines) who did listen to Keaggy in the late sixties...

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re: Keaggy

by KevLev In reply to I love Keaggy, but...

I think Hendrix was joking dude. He was being scarcastic. IN MY OPINION ANYWAYS. I've been playing for almost 30 years, and I've never heard of this guy, and if he really was mentionable, then why not? As far as "The Tonight Show", never seen it, but I'd like to. I do have a recording of him from the "**** Cavet Show". That's the scene where it was shortly after Jimi played Woodstock. They were talking about Jimi's version of the anthem, then **** mentioned to the audience and said "before you send in your hate mail, remember that Mr. Hendrix served in the US Army as a Paratrooper". But he looked at Cavet and was like "why would I receive hate mail. Then **** told him he might receive some because anyone "mocking" the anthem would recieve such threats. Jimi was like "mocking"??, he then said, "Well I wasn't mocking or making fun of it, I thought it was beautiful, but there ya go"!
But I'm gonna have to try and find some audio recording of this "Keaggy" guy. I'll then find out if Jimi was kidding around or not. Who knows, maybe this guy is good, and just a very good kept secret. Kind of like me, I'm as good as Hendrix, but it's just that it's a secret and nobody knows. Ha, Ha, yeah right :-o)...........I wish

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Have you heard of Carl Mason?

by X-MarCap In reply to re: Keaggy

He is dead but he played with Chet Atkins. He too was a whiz, but if I weren't the musician I am I wouldn't know him.

Do you know of Brubek's whiz kid (might be 90 y.o.) guitar player from the 60's. I have recordings of the guy, but never even got his name mentioned on the album back except as in a group of studio musicians and there is a list of 10.

Guitar is a popular instrument. If you stick to one genre, you can miss the beauty of it. Charo was one of the greatest pickers to walk. 35 years ago she was one of the most beautiful women of her time. She doesn't look like that any more, but she can still play. Arthritis is the enemy of guitarists.

Keaggy instrumentals are well known. If you play classical, pick up Master and the Musician. You will love it. Be aware that that is classical guitar. Get Glass Harp stuff for Rock. Get any Keaggy if you can find it, and you will be impressed by his playing of all kinds of different styles.

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I wasn't there, but have heard it for many years.

by X-MarCap In reply to But Jimi said Keaggy was ...

Have You heard of Christian Lindberg. He is the best instrumentalist of the 20th Century.

Because I play the same instrument, I know him. I can play some of what he plays. I know a guy who may be able to out play Lindberg. He is about 60 and can play anything. You wouldn't know Grovemiller. Or Kai, unless you play trombone at that level.

I also have played guitar for 40+ years and know of the guys who can rip it up. Why would a guy who is paid to play all the time not interested in his own instrument. Even Van Halen can say Angus Wells...

I personally think Keaggy is better, but that comes from being able to play Some hendrix licks after picking threm for a while, but some of the old GH licks are amazing...

I didn't know it was an urban legend, but sometimes they get the facts right if not the quote.

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Hendrix is definitely the best, but...

by NickNielsen In reply to Okay, we had the "who is ...

I wasn't allowed to buy Hendrix albums and neither was anybody else I knew at the time. It wasn't until I got into high school that I realized there were only three people in the Jimi Hendrix Experience. It sure sounded like more!

My favorite guitarist, though, is Leo Kottke. He plays guitar with an attitude that says "I've got 12 strings and only 10 fingers, but you'll never know the difference."

But I'm not exclusive. I have extensive collections of Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Duane Allman, BB King, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Bo Diddley, Elmore James, Roger McGuinn, Robert Cray, Chris Cain, and many others, all the way up to Sue Foley & Rory Block.

Except Eddy van Halen. For whatever reason, I never liked him enough to buy albums/CDs. Maybe it's because of what he did to Ray Davies' music... (I really think that David Lee Roth made Van Halen what it originally was, but that's another flame-wa...I mean discussion.)

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wow...sure to rock the world

by mullinsjf In reply to Okay, we had the "who is ...

thanks for sharing...what a little man - would love to hear him play <G> my dau was a little older when she got her first does very well at age 21 - my little jazz diva. Jayne

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Thank You Jayne

by maecuff In reply to wow...sure to rock the wo ...

Right now, he looks better than he sounds. But he'll get there. He loves music, so I suspect he'll improve with practice.

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