Old Laptop; Scrub Win2000; install Linux????

By gtmedley ·
I have an old Dell Lattitude with Win2000 that is slow and rickety. It has been replaced, but I was wondering if it would be possible to totally remove Win20000 OS and replace with Linux for web browsing and OpenOffice? Just curious. I am not a techie. Is there a easy way to do this? Thank you.

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A PIII should run most just fine

by jdclyde In reply to 66mhz is your limitation

depending on how much RAM he has. (we haven't been told yet)

I would make sure it is a MINIMUM of 256m, checking will give the right memory for that laptop.

I am running MINT on a P4 1.5, but don't know how it would work on a system half it's speed.

Puppy linux is a nice small one. Designed to run off a flash stick.

Got an old PII 400 I am about to try this on.

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What I found with Ubuntu on my p2 200 was

by Slayer_ In reply to A PIII should run most ju ...

That while most motions were snappy, when you tried to load something, it would just seem to sit there, no mouse curser animation or nothing, giving you no indication it was doing anything. After you loaded each app once it got significantly better, with the exception of making sudo gui sessions, which took almost 5 minutes to load with no actual indication of it working. I had it set to an icon, so I would just click it and go watch TV for 5 minutes.

I tried the stock GUi and one called xfer I think..... Both were crazy slow. So I would definitly say 200mhz is far to low for Ubuntu. I had 256mb of RAM btw :).

The machine just recently detonated, so I never got to try any other nix distros on it.
Tho I tried DSL nix on my main machine, and was not impressed with the feel of the GUI. Particularly how the mouse buttons worked and how after 10 minutes of going through menus I could not find anything to change my resolution. It may have been obvious, but I couldn't find it .

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You're right...500 megahertz PIII...

by gtmedley In reply to 66mhz is your limitation

...not 66.

Also, it has a 6 gig HD and 256K of memory installed. Bus Clock is 66 mghz.

This was originally a corporate machine from a (ah, the good ol' days) and has Win2000Pro and Win98. I get both options on bootup, but it won't run on Win98; something about missing files.

I'd like to scrub is all and run some version of Linux. Would a new HD be a way to start "clean"? How could I remove the unusable Win98? Do I need to free up HD space to run Linux?

Sorry for all the questions. You have all been a great help. Thank you. Gary

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Unless you want or need a new drive

by seanferd In reply to You're right...500 megahe ...

the old one is fine.

Someone suggested or you can also try

These programs can be used to wipe the drive. If you have a Win 98 startup disk, you can Fdisk and Format the drive.

Most Linux distros I've tried offer partitioning and formatting at the beginning of the installation procedure, as they do not use the same filesystems as Windows. You can simply choose to delete all partitions and use the entire drive for the Linux installation. (In other words, you can have the Linux distro you choose perform this operation for you.)

Here is one site you can use to check out various Linux distributions:

Most all distros have a Live DC version available. You can download the ISO file, burn it to CD, then boot from the CD drive. This allows you to test drive various distros with different desktop environments without installing. Many will also let you start a full installation from the Live CD, if you so choose. Note: as you would be running off a CD, it will not be as fast as an installed OS, and will need to do first-time configuration every time you boot from the CD, as nothing is written to the hard drive (unless the Live CD allows for you to set up a swap and config partition on your HDD, and you choose to do this).

Take your time choosing a distro, so you are using something that works well for you. Of course, you can always install a new distro if you decide you want something different.

Also realize that the desktop environment ("appearance") can be changed as well, to something that best fits your needs. Many distros have more than one installed, and all you need to do is switch between them.

Have fun. Post back if you have further questions.


Ubuntu system requirements at bottom of this page

No processor spec is mentioned, however.

In general, look for the "system requirements" on the website for any distro (or any software whatsoever, for that matter). If your system is a bit better than minimum requirements, you should be good.

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I did just that with an older lappie.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Old Laptop; Scrub Win2000 ...

Linux Mint 2, Fedora Core 6, and Ubuntu 7 all install easily and run quite nicely on it. No dialup, but I don't really care about that.

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tthat's not an old laptop

by Jaqui In reply to Old Laptop; Scrub Win2000 ...

my Dell Inspiron 3000 is an old laptop.
266 MHz Pentium-mmx, 144 MB ram. [ 128 mb sdram and16 mb onboard cache available to total 144 mb, maxed out. ]
40 GB hd.

runs Mandriva, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, DSL, Puppy just fine.
PCLinuxOS, requires a p3 @ 500 MHz because of their compilation and configuration choices.

installation of ANY distribution will give you the option of keeping or removing windows.

pick a distro and give it a try.

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