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Old system vs Big HDD

By john.m1 ·
simple question.
not looking for philosophy, morality or economy.

if i fit a large HDD into an old computer that only reads xx-gigabytes,

will i encounter any problems?

the system only requires say 5-gigs-hdd so if i fit a 60-gig without using any Bios update or disk management will data be safe?

my reasons are unimportant but please treat me as knowing the answer to everything except this question.



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by john.m1 In reply to Old system vs Big HDD

Thanks for all these responses,
i think megasurfer's was the one i was hoping to hear.

it's not easy getting hold of a small brand-new or reliable-s/h hdd (10 gig max).

in the ?4? ($4$) "bang for buck" scenario a 60 or 80-gb is better value than say a 30-gb which are still available.

i am thinking that this old computer may soon be retired and the drive can then be formatted and relocated elsewhere.

oH, and thanks for accepting my "know it all" approach, it was just a focussing device, seemed to work too!

all my life i have tried to "know more today than i did yesterday" but, i am now at an age where i'm happy if i just know different things today than i knew yesterday!

Thanks Guys (n gals)

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by john.m1 In reply to Old system vs Big HDD

by the way "Sarge" it's win2k, and i have read enough replies to always respect your (humble) opinion.

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by RCOM In reply to Old system vs Big HDD

If the BIOS will read the drive you can fdisk and format to that size. If the BIOS doesn't read the drive you can use one of the programs like EZ Bios or something to read the full capacity.

In answer to your most important question, NO! I wouldn't trust this for setup for important data.

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by john.m1 In reply to

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by john.m1 In reply to Old system vs Big HDD

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