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On a lighter note...

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This is by no means an important discussion! Today I witnessed a computer with smoke billowing out of the back. This is the first time I have even seen smoke come out of a computer. Since I'm the only uber geek on staff here, I had to share it with someone else that might appreciate such an event!

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It's happened to me to!

by MTBerJim In reply to CD-RW Explosions

Scared the %&#* out of me too. My original Win 98se disk had a small crack in it. 1/2 was still perfect the other 1/2 was reduced to dust.

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heheheheee :) ... but no...

by admin In reply to CD-ROM explosion?

the thing actually exploded out of the front. Shrapnel everywhere. Honest and for true.

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Fast drives

by generalist In reply to Not just smoke, Smoke Bil ...

Actually, for the last couple of years I've been wondering if some of the fast drives would cause problems due to their speed. When you can feel the vibration of some of them spooling up you sometimes wonder if it is safe being around them.

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My CD ROM exploded as well

by handyman In reply to Not just smoke, Smoke Bil ...

Never put a CD ROM that is cracked into your player. The centrifigal force will rip your discs apart. I know because I narrowly missed loosing an eye when my CD Writer exploded and blew off the front cover.

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by TheChas In reply to On a lighter note...

I have seen smoke billow out of many electronic devices, but never from a PC.

Much as your trying to keep this light, I am curious as to the source / cause of the smoke.

I hope that it was just the power supply giving up because a fan failed, and the user did not report it.

If there was a more serious, or humurous cause, I hope you will add it to the discussion.


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I Never Saw A PC Burn, but..

by road-dog In reply to Cause?

During an office move, I had a user plug an early laserjet printer into a UPS once. When the printer began to warm up to print, something exploded inside the UPS. The UPS began smoking and I promptly took it outside.

Upon autopsy, I found that 2 capacitors fragged so violently that melted plastic was spewed all over the inside of the UPS.

As it turns out, the UPS was rated for 10 amps and the top draw rating for the printer was 16A.

On the next move, it was explained to the users that they could install power strips but not UPS's.

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Have any of you seen a PC burn?...

by mattj2121 In reply to On a lighter note...

u are all ritarded ******* nerds

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correction for mattj2121

by maxwell edison In reply to Have any of you seen a PC ...

That should be "retarded" - with an "e", not an "i".

You're welcome.

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by HereInOz In reply to Have any of you seen a PC ...

We may be ritarded, we may even be the other two words you used, but we are not retarded in any way.

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by GuruOfDos In reply to Have any of you seen a PC ...

Infamy...infamy....they've all got it infamy!!

Ok....ritarded. I checked with an English Professor at Southampton University. He says although the word is NOT in the Oxford English Dictionary, it IS in common slang usage here in the UK. A ritard or 'ritarded' person is one who is using (or should be using) Ritalin. This dextro-amphetamine drug, as you may be aware, is used to treat certain mental problems, most commonly ADHD/ADD. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder/Attention Deficit Disorder is obviously what this mattj2121 person is suffering from, but because they are not getting enough Ritalin, they need to come and bug us on here :-)

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