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On a lighter note...

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This is by no means an important discussion! Today I witnessed a computer with smoke billowing out of the back. This is the first time I have even seen smoke come out of a computer. Since I'm the only uber geek on staff here, I had to share it with someone else that might appreciate such an event!

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Ah the magic smoke!

by opatzg In reply to On a lighter note...

That is the magic smoke which makes the pc work, once it's gone the pc will work no more

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Magic smoke actually seen

by generalist In reply to Ah the magic smoke!

When I read the heading, my first thought was that someone let the magic smoke out of the machine. It is good to see that somebody else thought of this.

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My smoking story

by maxwell edison In reply to On a lighter note...

I once had to replace a power supply on an older AT machine, and I wanted to avoid the hassle of removing the front panel to access the off/on switch. So I just unplugged the four wires that were connected to the back of the switch, thinking I wouldjust keep the old off/on switch, and simply plug the wires from the new power supply into the old off/on switch. I assumed that the color-coding of the wires was consistent between power supplies.

I’ve been wrong about other things as well.

Talk about smoke, you would have thought there was a fire. I fried the new power supply and the motherboard, not to mention my dignity. I was very lucky the smoke detector didn’t sound, (I was very surprised it didn’t) which would have necessitated an evacuation of the building, and would have also automatically alerted the fire department. So it could have been worse.

Oh well, live and learn.

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A little schematic goes a long way :)

by admin In reply to My smoking story

Not only are the color codes different, but different mechanical configurations in a double pole double throw are out there as well!

Personally, I enjoy being a retarded geek nerd and appreciated the correct spelling above. Thanks!

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I saw a computer on fire

by TomSal In reply to On a lighter note...

Where's theres smoke theres fire....not always.

I seen a computer with literal flames coming out of the rear of the case through the fan vents. There was no smoke though - until we doused it of course then there was that lovely aroma of black smoke that burning silicon and plastic give off.

This was the case of an extreme overclocking experiment gone horribly horribly wrong. These basically underscored the EXTREME importance of proper cooling (especially when trying to nearly double your CPU's core clock speed.. ).

(Tip of the day: Every tech should have a fire extinguisher at his work bench)

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Why did I suspect the third paragraph

by admin In reply to I saw a computer on fire

halfway through the second? I've smelled that one too... no flames, but that aroma with the sudden sinking feeling you get from losing a hot proc and board.... "If I had only been satisfied at..." heheh...

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by kent5150 In reply to On a lighter note...

Back when I started building PCs I made a mistake I'll never repeat.
I placed the CPU into the socket the wrong way. I powered it on and about a second later *poof* smoke.
I took the CPU out and found it had melted the pin and put a hole in the socket.
Luckly it was a P90 CPU and old MB so it wasn't much of a loss, but it was a good lesson learned.

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by meatwad In reply to My FUBAR

That sounds like more fun than the time I reversed the AT MB power supply connectors. Black wires out, right?

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by admin In reply to RE: MY FUBAR

haven't used those boards much, but I still remember: "black smack" as in "Smack together!" :)

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hey i am back

by mattj2121 In reply to On a lighter note...

hey ******* dumbasses. Are you all just ******* nerds and geeks or what?? Who gives a **** about this ****?!?!?!?!

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