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On a lighter note...

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This is by no means an important discussion! Today I witnessed a computer with smoke billowing out of the back. This is the first time I have even seen smoke come out of a computer. Since I'm the only uber geek on staff here, I had to share it with someone else that might appreciate such an event!

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TPS Reports

by mrafrohead In reply to My personal favorite is


You DID get the memo regarding the cover sheet on the TPS reports didn't you???


You're about to see my "O" face, beyatch Mail bombs awayyyyyyyy....... You should be nice to us, wehaven't done anything to you... yet!


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Just like "Mission Impossible"

by handyman In reply to On a lighter note...

Yes, I too have seen what appeared to be white steam **** a 1 foot high geiser from the power supply, just before my PC died. I replaced the power supply with a higher wattage and it works fine.

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by mattj2121 In reply to On a lighter note...
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