Onboard LAN not recognized

By CoreyX64 ·
Ok im running Windows 7 RC x64 and my computer is a microATX mini tower. The card i bought had a full bracket for ATX, so it didnt fit. i modified it yesterday, but all that time before the card was just plugged into the PCI slot just laying there doing its job with the antenna out the back.

yesterday after modding the bracket i put the card in like it is supposed to be, mounted to the case with the bracket. when i booted up, my onboard LAN didnt work. drivers are fine, it wasnt even loaded in dev mgr. i think this might be an IRQ issue, as ive had this happen b4, but with a PCI video card.

so my question is, if all this time (several months) i had wifi and lan both working, and now it doesnt because of the bracket, what could be causing it? could it possibly be that before, the card may have not been plugged in the slot all the way?

PLZ help me i need my gigabit lan back. FYI my board is a gigabyte eg45m-ds2h. the lan chip is onboard, MFG realtek. the wifi card is a ralink RT61 turbo wireless lan card. Here are pictures if it helps, but i doubt it:

Thnaks in advance for all tips/help suggested.

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Well in a perfect world the lights should be out

by OH Smeg In reply to its fried

But in reality anything can and does happen as these things are incredibly complicated.

But the Orange light should be for the Link to the LAN and the Green Light is for Data so when it's flashing it's sending/receiving Data but without the Orange LED light there is no link. That of course is if the thing is actually working correctly. Have you checked for any crap on the M'Board that could be creating a Short Circuit?

I have a Gigabyte P35 Chip Set Board here that needs to be cleaned very regularly or it fails to boot so that could be worth a try here.


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ill check

by CoreyX64 In reply to Well in a perfect world t ...

its not very dirty or dusty, but ill **** it out with my air compressor anyway. wouldnt hurt. this system generally stays very clean since, unlike standard towers, this is 3" wide so the airflow is excellent--the air just goes in an out and theres no extra space inside the case to suffocate airflow. but i think the airflow also causes the dirt and dust so that may be to my disadvantage but it doesnt matter im happy with it...

ill try cleaning it and repost and see what happens. if its alredy "being" shorted, wouldnt there be no chance of reviving the chip?

also my LAN and audio are both made from realtek and are part of the same physical silicon module on the board. wouldnt the audio not work either, im still hearing things...


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Verify somethings

by IC-IT In reply to ill check

Open network connections.
Right-click on the connection and verify it hasn't been disabled.

Next open it's properties and verify that it has drivers.

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Not Necessarily

by OH Smeg In reply to ill check

I have noticed previously that the Signal Lines of these IC's can get shorted and this stops the units working correctly.

When there is a buildup of Dust and other crud it can cause signals to go to the wrong places or just disappear to earth as they are effectively just a Positive Charge and if they get rerouted to a different destination that part of the Board just doesn't work.

The reason that you get dust build up inside a case is entirely down to airflow, the more that there is the more likely you are to get Air Borne dust sucked into the inside of the case and then the I's cause the dust to get caught and this is where the problems start. As not many Computer Cases are Filtered these Days this is something that needs to be watched.

Also when you **** out the insides remember to prevent the Fans from spinning when you hit them with the Air as they will generate Electricity and this can damage the M'Board.

As I said previously I have a P31 M'Board here which needs to be regularly cleaned or it will not boot. While if left running it will not show any signs of trouble the moment that you need to restart you hit problems. I'm assuming that if it was left long enough the system would give problems but as it's running Windows that just isn't an issue as Windows can not be left running long enough to allow the issues to surface.


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removed all cards, still nothing

by CoreyX64 In reply to its fried

if i need to reinstall W7, i can, dont really want to, but as a last resort option.

PnP OS is enabled in BIOS. so is the LAN card itself.

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It really

by Jacky Howe In reply to removed all cards, still ...

depends on how much time you want to spend mucking around trying to repair a beta install.

Edit: It really doesn't take that long to reinstall.

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i clean installed it on may 5th

by CoreyX64 In reply to It really

when the RC came out. i didnt repair anything, infact that causes more problems in windows. clean installs usually are the only thing that work for me...

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OK that isn't sounding all that good

by OH Smeg In reply to removed all cards, still ...

Instead of trying reinstalling Windows try a Live Linux, you can one as a Cover Disc on almost any Linux Mag at your Local Newsagent or you can download one from here.

If the On Board LAN Card doesn't work under Linux then I would expect that the IC has been adversely affected somehow. Maybe a Static Discharge as that seems about the only thing left.

While any Live Linux should do I would recommend Knoppix, Mandriva or Ubuntu others may not support that LAN Card but the above should with Mandriva and Ubuntu having a reputation of just working. You don't have to worry about damaging the 7 Installation as these run off the CD so all you need do is make a CD insert it into the Optical Drive and boot off it. The OS will just open they are all a little bit different and I use Knoppix all of the time but Mandriva is very easy and doesn't do anything without first asking you can it. Unfortunately I haven't used any form of Ubuntu for a while so I'm not sure just how well the Live Version that they make works. But a while ago it worked a treat and would initialize LAN Cards both wired and wireless when ti loaded unlike many others.


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I'll try that

by CoreyX64 In reply to OK that isn't sounding al ...

It's a realtek LAN card wich seems pretty common in oem boards today. Not sure the exact number but I'm sure a Linux distro would work fine.

I'll try that and report my findings back to you guys. Thanks.

- corey -

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by Jacky Howe In reply to Onboard LAN not recognize ...

when I was Beta testing Vista I was installing a couple of times a week. At the moment I'm only running Vista in a Virtual PC. I don't trust it well enough to run it on my main System even with SP1.

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