Onboard LAN not recognized

By CoreyX64 ·
Ok im running Windows 7 RC x64 and my computer is a microATX mini tower. The card i bought had a full bracket for ATX, so it didnt fit. i modified it yesterday, but all that time before the card was just plugged into the PCI slot just laying there doing its job with the antenna out the back.

yesterday after modding the bracket i put the card in like it is supposed to be, mounted to the case with the bracket. when i booted up, my onboard LAN didnt work. drivers are fine, it wasnt even loaded in dev mgr. i think this might be an IRQ issue, as ive had this happen b4, but with a PCI video card.

so my question is, if all this time (several months) i had wifi and lan both working, and now it doesnt because of the bracket, what could be causing it? could it possibly be that before, the card may have not been plugged in the slot all the way?

PLZ help me i need my gigabit lan back. FYI my board is a gigabyte eg45m-ds2h. the lan chip is onboard, MFG realtek. the wifi card is a ralink RT61 turbo wireless lan card. Here are pictures if it helps, but i doubt it:

Thnaks in advance for all tips/help suggested.

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Well it depends on the maker here

by OH Smeg In reply to I have a 500w to test wit ...

But every PS is a Switch Mode Unit and has Capacitors in it that can go off. At the very worst these capacitors can fail completely and stop the PS from working.

I've seen cases where the Monitor will display a No Signal Message when you press the On Button and this will disappear when you turn off the power or the unit. When this happens the case Fans run correctly but there isn't sufficient power available to run the CPU let alone the remainder of the M'Board just the 12 V fans.

PS are finicky things and depending on who makes them they can be hurt by spikes or other rubbish on the mains or if they are cheapies they can just pass that junk through to the components inside the case. Ideally the better ones will die and protect the internal components so that all that is required is a new PS and you are up and running again. Of course the cheap ones do not do this and in one case I have seen one of them allow Mains Power into the inside of the case on a server and that then went out over the Network Cables destroying everything connected to the Network. That particular machine was under 2 weeks old when this happened.


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I try not to use

by Jacky Howe In reply to I have a 500w to test wit ...

proprietary hardware as I've been caught with it before. I prefer to roll my own. If something goes wrong it can be replaced off the shelf.

The PSU would definately weaken over time as components wear out. Everything seems to wear out over time. Today we live in a throw away society and unfortunately not a lot is built to last.

You do realise that if the System has a permanent position that you can always connect a PSU externally. It's not a pretty site but it is functional. An old case with all of the fittings removed and layed on its front with holes drilled appropriatly through the top and bottom can house a few Sata drives that can easily be connected to the System with the right USB adapter.

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Forget it:, im getting a new board

by CoreyX64 In reply to Onboard LAN not recognize ...

now its failing even more

ive tried ALL of the suggestions you guys have provided me, but this board just keeps fighting.

here is the list of stuff wrong:

ethernet doesnt work
cant print to network printers, it kills the router
usb headers arent recognized by windows
anytime i try to use a cd, it gives me CRC errors and says "THE DEVICE IS UNAVAILABLE"
cant use shared folders (\\PCNAME\Shareddocs); also kills the router
wont go into Sleep/Standby power state without coming back on after 20 some minutes

all tumbled from simply messing with that bracket. unbelievable. its not a problem anyway.. im building a strictly "offline" system to where these problems wont show since it wont handle any networking stuff.

when i ordered this board i had no idea that gigabyte DROPPED IT 2 weeks later. they have since made a (based on several reviews from Cnet, newegg, etc.) much better revision of the same board with the same features if not more.

ive got the EG45M-DS2H:

and they made a new one, the EG45M-UD2H:

the reviews are much better for the UD2H than the ones from the DS2H. Ive been happy with gigabyte boards this whole issue just must be a coincidence...

thanks 4 the help peeps...

ive already ordered this other gigabyte model, so im curious: in your opinion/experience, what mobo MFR has been the best quality to you in terms of setup/reliability/speed/temps/etc... ?

when i first built this, i asked different people in some forums for their opinion. They all said the PSU was too weak and that the system wouldnt even turn on: FAIL

they also said that onboard graphics would be extremely choppy: FAIL (it can run most of those highGFX games on high settings flawlessly)

so despite those i still built it, ran excellent (at the time). so now this must just be...well....idk. i just was explaining all of the feedback i received then and now.

thanks again,
- Corey -

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Stick with Gigabyte

by Jacky Howe In reply to Forget it:, im getting a ...

I've had a good run with them. Also never had to find Sata drivers just to be able to install an OS like a lot of the others. They have a comprehensive compatability list for CPU's and Memory. Driver and BIOS updates are a breeze. I've only contacted then once for support and I had an answer within three days. To be honest they are the only boards that I use so I might be a bit one sided.

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Me 2

by CoreyX64 In reply to Stick with Gigabyte

The last time I had this LAN issue it was an irq conflict, contacted support and I got a response IN ENGLISH the next day. They talked me thru how to fix it and reconfig the bios it was like unheard of. Like u said I use ALL SATA devices no IDE it kills my airflow. By bios has the NATIVE IDE MODE So sata works like ide. Makes iit so much better espesciLly for xp where they have mostly IDE drivers and very few sata. I've not had any problems with this board jus until I onstaled that card. So I trust gigabyte asfar as board quality. The next one I ordered yesterday is also a gigabyte, so that should be good. I like that face wizard to change the bios screen... Really neat. Hopefully this next board is as good as the reviews tout...I'm confidet. Just got go wait for the box to come in. :)


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I think that

by Jacky Howe In reply to Me 2

you'll be OK. LOL I got up this morning and my main System wouldn't boot. Removed the power lead and drained the capacitors on Mobo and PSU and it fired up. OK it's the PSU. How long since I put this one together, it seems like forever. Checked the paperwork and I'm three months under the Warranty. That's the beauty of Antec PSU's a three year Warranty, so I'll be in touch with the supplier for a replacement.

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i long warranties

by CoreyX64 In reply to I think that

somewhere i read gigabyte has a 3 yr warranty also...i hope thats the case. now the entire board doesnt work besides USB, vga, and power.
not counting power theres literally only 2 working plugs on it now.

check my other post to oh smeg (titled MIRACLES) and i put more details there about my next steps.


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Well I do prefer Gigabyte M'Boards over all others

by OH Smeg In reply to Forget it:, im getting a ...

I have just had a GA6-BXDU fail and that was a old Server Dual Processor P2 Board that has run 24/7 since it was originally built with 266 P2's fitted and subsequently upgraded over the years to 2 X 450 P3's and a GIG of RAM installed and it was as fast running XP Pro as quite a few newer P4 and the early Dual Core CPU's that had considerably more RAM installed.

About 5 Years Ago I stopped using Gigabyte Boards not because they where at all bad but because of the warranty changes that the company went through here instead of allowing the Wholesaler to change the faulty M'Boards they had to be returned to the Country Distributer for replacement. So instead of taking a few minutes you have a 6 week wait for a new Board and in my case that was for a Board that was DOA when I got it. That has since been changed and now Gigabyte have a Repair Facility in AU which makes things even better or so I'm told but I have not had the need to have any dealings with this part of Gigabyte.

Actually that was the only Gigabyte M'Board that I have had any problems with as the remainder have just worked and I have used hundreds of them over the years.

However I have previously found that On Board Video isn't the best possible solution available and a Dedicated Video Card with the Faster Video Memory is always better for gaming and CAD type Applications. But saying that provided that the correct M'Board for the job is used and it is correctly configured I have yet to experience any real problems with Gigabyte Boards. That is a lot more than I can say for some other brands that I have used over the years. There are some brands that I simply refuse to touch even when it comes to repairing Other Peoples Builds. They are just not worth the problems that come with them.


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by CoreyX64 In reply to Well I do prefer Gigabyte ...

If it was old then u got ur moneys worth. Mine has a g45chipset from intel, it has a faster tx rate than other chipsets. Clearly PCI 2.0.x16 is the best choice, integrated graphics aren't as good but the g45 seems to defy that. The other systems I've dealt with , their iternernal cards can't even play a utube video. So it makes sense that there not that good. Mine runs excellent with wow, crysis, halo 1/2, rct3, etc. But it might be driven stronger with dx11... Not sure but I a been very satisfied with that intel chipset and the Gigabyte board itself . When I get my new one I'll let u know how it goes. Should be a direct changeout since these 2 boards are very similar in peripheral location. Hope it works.

- corey -

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The old P2 was a BX 440 Chip Set and it is by modern standards

by OH Smeg In reply to Yep

Truly Ancient but with On Board SCSI Dual Processors and for it's time Unfillable RAM as the biggest that ti can support is 256 MEG Chips and they simply where just not available in any shape or form no matter how much you where willing to pay for them back then it flew. I'm still a bit dirty that it died as I don't think that the newer M'Boards are anywhere near as good but on the other side of the coin it cost 1.2K Wholesale bare.

Wasn't everyones first choice as a M'Board but I loved those Boards to death. They just worked. I'm currently using a GA EP45-DS3L and while it's a great Board it's not in the same category as the old P2 Board and when you consider it has a Quad Core with 8 GIG of RAM it is not that much faster than that old Board. That replaced a 3 month old A Bit Board with the same chip set that was next to useless. Pity that I inherited that M'Board owing to a customers demands for s less than stellar system that they wanted.

The real down side with these EP45 Chip Sets is the very limited Expandability as there just are not sufficient Sockets for Plug In Cards that there used to be.

Anyway lets know how you get on with the New M'Board.


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