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One Billion Words and you still don't understand

By faradhi ·

Wow, We have 1 billion words with which to argue.


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You just hit

by jdclyde In reply to OK, all you colonial sort ...

on almost every valid example that the "English" language was created by morons! ;\

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So what...

by Jellimonsta In reply to You just hit

Does that make the rest of the world for deciding to use it as the universal language? :0

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Jell, my friend

by jdclyde In reply to So what...

you know the answer before you even asked the question..... :0 ;\

Morons. by and for.

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On the contrary, my dear JD

by mjwx In reply to You just hit

It was made by extremely intelligent people who deliberately made hard so the morons would move to another country. Why do you think Quebec speaks french? :)

To all you American rappers and the like, "er" makes a distinctive sound to say ?er?, as in her not ?ah? as in ha. Do you say ?her? or ?ha? when referring to a female ?I did not know it was her? vs ?I did not know it was ha?. So when you have a word like another it is pronounced anoth-her not anoth-ha. This obviously needs to be taught in American schools, we should replace the small arms operation class with a proper English language class.

English is quiet intelligent when spoken correctly. Otherwise it does sound like it was written by morons.

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That is something quite different MJ

by jdclyde In reply to On the contrary, my dear ...

People that are too stupid or lazy to pronounce words are just adding to the existing problem.

There was a push a few years ago to try to validate being stupid by trying to encorporate "ebonics" as acceptable use of the english language. Stuff like "we be".

It was being pushed as a "culture" thing, except there isn't a cultureal reference from more than a decade ago when uneducated people started to speak that way. Instead of making people feel badly, just change the rules so the way people are talking is not considered "badly" anymore. Makes a laughing stock out of Americans once again, and is doing nothing to lift anyone up.

Quebec speaks french. I remember a few years back when they were going off on the REAL french because the REAL french were speaking more and more English (to do business with the rest of the world). The REAL french were not being "french enough". Snobbish maybe, racist definately, but not french enough. too funny! :^0

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Quebec and French

by daveo2000 In reply to On the contrary, my dear ...

Since I never learned more than a couple words of French I can't pass judgement here. But I have heard of several instances where people from France have asked why the people from Quebec call what they speak "French". (Sort of like the argument with English).

Having hung around Universities a lot I met a number of interesting people. One European physicist was talking about having attended a symposium in Paris. At one point, a learned collegue from Quebec was presenting when a French audience member asked if he would be kind enough to continue in English as he was finding it hard to understand what the presenter was saying.

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Great story but....

by JamesRL In reply to Quebec and French

Its more tension than anything else.

After Britain took over Quebec, they were pretty much cut off from France. So over the last 200 years, both places have had the language subtly change.

But is most definately the same language, in the same way that what is spoken in England and the US is English.

There are stories of french Canadian troops coming ashore during the invasion of Normandy and being suprised to discover that the locals spoke just like them. But of course, the academic from Paris would probably have a hard time understanding the farmer or fisherman from Normandy too.


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by oneamazingwriter In reply to OK, all you colonial sort ...

Copy and paste...copy and paste. (May I?)

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Be my guest

by neilb@uk In reply to Clapping!!!

I didn't ask where I lifted them from...

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That was...

by Jellimonsta In reply to Be my guest

Pretty good stuff Neil.

BTW, did you firm up plans for your US trip yet?

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