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One Billion Words and you still don't understand

By faradhi ·

Wow, We have 1 billion words with which to argue.


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Not yet

by neilb@uk In reply to That was...

My Mum is down for a visit next week so we'll mull it over and decide then. I'm pretty certain that her initial idea will be for the Grand Canyon and Vegas with Death Valley and a few other places thrown in for good measure.

I can live with Vegas...

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If in that region

by Jellimonsta In reply to Not yet

If you do not mind doing a little driving (mustn't if you are going to hit Grand Canyon from Vegas), I would recommend looking into Arches and/ or Zion national park in Utah (a decent drive, but looks amazing). You could probably drive west from Vegas too and hit up some place in CA.

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Thanks for the tip

by neilb@uk In reply to If in that region

I've heard of the Arches Park and Zion Googles up well. We were looking at Utah as someone I work with has just come back and he reclkoned that Bryce Canyon was the most amazing place he'd seem.

We're likely to have three weeks if we can afford it so travelling around is good.

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If in that region

by DMambo In reply to If in that region

Please keep in mind that there ARE green parts of the US. Whenever I've been to the southwest, it's taken about 2 days for me to get a nagging feeling that it would be nice to see fields and forests again.

Bryce Canyon is pretty amazing, though.

Just watch out for the crazy polygamist, anti-establishment nutjobs down there!

If the government wanted to end polygamy once and for all, they would only need to show young men a video of a typical Saturday morning at my house. Nobody could suffer through 2 of what I got. :)

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Hahaha! Mambo's got TWO

by gadgetgirl In reply to If in that region

I never thought I'd hear an admission like that on this site!

Hehehe! He's got 2!! He's got 2!!

- so it WAS you in that Porn movie!!!



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by DMambo In reply to If in that region

GG, I had two, until I got married. Now, she has taken them. I believe they're locked up somewhere for safe keeping. She only lets me use them when it's time to negotiate a price at an auto dealer. Other than that, I just hope she keeps them warm and well-moistened.

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Find out

by daveo2000 In reply to Not yet

where it was that Oz_Media went and where he ate. Then AVOID IT LIKE THE PLAGUE! It didn't sound like he enjoyed the places he went to.

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Grand Canyon suggestion...

by daveo2000 In reply to Not yet

If you decide on Grand Canyon and you can swing it, you should try this:

Arrive in the dead of night (dark outside) so you can't see any of the canyon. Get a hotel near the rim and ask the clerk where a good observation point is and when is "the crack of dawn". Get some sleep and set the alarm to get up with enough time to get to the observation point before the first orange line hits the horizon...

Then sit down and enjoy the canyon being painted into life before your eyes.

It might be good to take some snacks with you since the show will last for a couple of hours. But be sure to take the litter back out with you. :)

To be honest, the viewing is better in the crisp cold of winter/early spring (less humidity in the air to difuse the light) but it is still a show not to be missed!

And as a side light... Not far south of the canyon is one of the largest hand ground optical telescopes still in use. I believe it is in Flagstaff and is the one that was used to discover Pluto. It is an interesting geek trip. We drove up from Phoenix in a convertible taking in the sights (and stopping a few nights) then hit Flagstaff at sundown, visited the observatory, then drove on to the hotel on the rim of the canyon. It was beautiful!

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Yo Neil!

by Tig2 In reply to Be my guest

Stay the heck out of Southern California unless you are (a) heavily armed- I'm thinking .44 at a minimum, locals (like I used to be) go .38 snub (b) really enjoy pain and plastic at the same time (c) Have a real NEED to go to Disneyland. And as someone who used to work for Disneyland- Florida is better...

Sorry sweetie- I am talking as your friend. I am from there and just can't recommend the experience.

Now if you decide to ignore this very good advice, peer me for safer places to go and what you will find there.

Personally- I would head north from Vegas...

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Advice noted!

by neilb@uk In reply to Yo Neil!

We looked, briefly, at San Diego.

My mother and I are discussing what and where at the moment and flying into and out of Vegas on a Monday seems to be a reasonable option - Vegas hotels are cheaper Monday through Thursday - and then heading off to, say, Williams for the Grand canyon. They do a train ride from there that we like the look of - touristy but then that's what we'll be.

Then it looks like some of the Utah and Arizona parks - Bryce Canyon, The Arches, etc - and Death Valley.

Done Disney in California, Florida and France so no wish to see it again!

Thanks again.

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