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One Billion Words and you still don't understand

By faradhi ·

Wow, We have 1 billion words with which to argue.


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More of them

by Water Slosher In reply to OK, all you colonial sort ...

See- and

And from :

A pig in a bit of a slough
Said to his sow at the trough:
"Some bits are tough
And it isn't as though
The rough bits just pass straight on through".

A similar one with 'ough' is from someone attempting to learn English and gives up, but I don't have it at hand.

And then there's my cat, Phydeaux, and most anything by George Carlin - the Grand Wizard of the English language.

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Neil - Well Done

by maxwell edison In reply to OK, all you colonial sort ...
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Have you seen "Eats shoots and leaves"?

by daveo2000 In reply to OK, all you colonial sort ...

It is a book about tortured English. My dad bought me a copy recently (haven't had time to read it yet). The title is from a rather cute joke.

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In my alter-ego of OneAmazingPedanticOldGit,

by neilb@uk In reply to Have you seen "Eats shoot ...

I read it with the intention of picking it over for grammatical errors.

Yes, there are...

Don't let me stop you reading it, though. It is well worth a look.

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I wonder if they have

by Oz_Media In reply to One Billion Words and you ...


It seems half of the Americans I deal with eXspeshially like to use that one.

But my biggest pet peeve of all is when people use words or meanings they don't understand, such as eXspecially, or when people say "I could care less" (that oine drives me insane!) I can't see how ANYONE, regardless of education would say "I could care less", it COMPLETELY reverses the meaning of the actual saying "I COUDLN'T care less" and people use it more and more all the time, eXspeshially the lower life forms I have to deal with in day to day life. Doesn't anyone pt even a moments consideration into what they are saying, doesn't anyone actually THINK about words or what sayings mean anymore?

I gotta go now before I get too, freaked out and kill some poor bugger for nothing.

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How about when someone "Ax a Qurstion"

by faradhi In reply to I wonder if they have

I cannot stand that. Ax. I want to respond, "No you may not do anything with a sharp heavy object around me."

But alas, I know they just will respond "HUH!!" Which is another of my pet peeves. ARGGGGGGGHHHH!!

What exactly is a Qurstion??? They want to Ax it though.

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Today's local rag

by Oz_Media In reply to How about when someone " ...

There's a small local rag, free, that is handed out as Skytrain stations, surface fluff, very left wing and simply elarborated headlines with tiny stories.It's like a primer to actual news.

Today they had a story where a famous US actor was quoted as saying "I could care less what they think".

The scary part is that even if the actor read the quote, chance are it STILL wouldn't seem abnormal.

If you COULD CARE LESS, then obviously you care somewhat. How can people screw up such a simple and logical phrase??? People use it when they simply don't care at all, therefore you COULDN'T care LESS!! GAWD, what's wrong with the morons that destroy language?!

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You'd love ...

by daveo2000 In reply to Today's local rag

the license plates in Pennsylvania have as their state slogan "You've got a friend in PA".

It drives my dad a bit nuts since it should be "You have a friend in PA"...

Then there is their habit of saying "You'uns" (much like the Brooklyn "Youse guys"). "Are you'uns going to the McDonalds?"

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Wey, man!

by gadgetgirl In reply to How about when someone " ...

Ya's ax a kwestion tu gerrit ansad, divven't ya? Eeeh, ya bugger man, bluddy yanks canna speek proper lyek, y'knaa.

Lyek wot we allus can......


GG for the translation device......

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by neilb@uk In reply to Wey, man!

Yowm dead yampy sumtoimes, Bab!

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