one computer six monitors

By byteside ·
I have a strange question. Is it possible to have one computer and six monitors, keybords & mice all running from the one computer? I want to eliminate the row of computers but keep the ability to access Internet and do other things on the computer but each monitor, keyboard and mouse would be its own station. Each station will be able to do its own thing but all controlled by one computer. Hope this is making sence. Any Ideas would be great. Thanks.

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Haven't used it but...

by JamesRL In reply to Cool

Have used thin clients, both WBTs with embedded Windows/IE/RDP client, and Linux based ones with a browser and RDP client. We use Terminal services for a server.


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Reinventing the wheel

by zoran.pantelic In reply to one computer six monitors
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that is cool..

by byteside In reply to Reinventing the wheel

but my users need windows. I wouldn't mind making a multi seat linux box for myself but my users would panic if they had to use something other than windows.

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Yes and Easy and Cheap

by steve In reply to one computer six monitors

I just set this up for testing and used th encomputing system .
The PCI based card can be installed in one machine and adds 3 users to the system (up too2 cards 7 users (3+3+main computer per system) running XP pro in my instance. 30' limit and watch for electrical interference. the machines connect using regular cat 5 cables and each user logs. there are benefits to this
1- One Machine to upgrade maintain
2- most users are actually low demand an dprocessor does this fine
3- One IP address
the price is around $200 for the Pci system (adding 3 users to one computer of course you need monitors and keyboards and optionally speakers. this does not support USb though the N200 does support usb though.

I like it so far and am investigating using the product mentioned above for remote users, where a network connect allows for non local connectivity it is simple thin client and the price is reasonable for true security (we also use a VPN system for remotes) but testing will take time.

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by jgreyorl In reply to one computer six monitors

It's not possible to do what you wish to accomplish. The best case scenario is to have multiple monitors like a setup from but you will only be able to have one keyboard, mouse. However, you can get a a/b switch and have multiple keyboards and mice connected to the single computer station but you won't be able to use them at the same time.

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