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By XEntity ·
When people get in a car, often a new character comes over them. Some become aggressive, fist shaking, wild drivers. George Carlin, the comedian, quipped the degree to which a person is a jerk (politely put) is directly proportional to the get-a-way factor.

Likewise, online personalities become wild and elements of peoples egos that are normally suppressed become accentuated online. There is also the problem of communication in writings as facial expression and other body language normally observed are removed from online conversations.

What kind of personalities have you seen? What is the worst you have seen? What is the best you have seen?

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by XEntity In reply to NOSEY?

So the facial avatars that are inserted sort of effect a sense of being with the person. However, they are contrived and not of the instance.

Is there anyone you would qualify as being misunderstood frequently because of their writing style?

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Damn near everyone

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to ok

As you said there is so much information missing that you get from face to face.
Body language, expression, tone.

Then there's language. Not just if one of our eastern colleagues posts but even those with native 'english' consistently misunderstand each other.

Words themselves, a very imprecise way of communicating anything.

Personally I would say that most are not misunderstood, but not understood . A very different thing.

We get a lot of projection on here. A post will come across to you as angry or contemptuous, you promptly flame them and they come back with HUH?

What we post here are opinions, preferably backed up by facts (there are some who forget that bit).

One of the things you should factor in, is the numbers after our aliases. They are the number of times we've been judged to have helped someone.

You should also beware your own emotional involvement. Do you have strong feelings about global warming, or religion, or Microsoft ?

Assess mine if you want, there's a fair bit of material

Post the perception and then get some of the others to assess your assessment.

One thing I can say for myself is I've made no attempt to construct a false perception of who I am, well no more than I do in real life anyway.

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Cool and Insightful

by XEntity In reply to Damn near everyone

I am just wondering if something like You Tube could replace chats? One post their video in response to another post. I host of tools and creativity could go into it.

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God no.

by drowningnotwaving In reply to Cool and Insightful

My face is good for emails and posts. A camera???? Now that would scare a republican. And a democrat to be fair.

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That might stop a bit of confusion

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Cool and Insightful

over whether I'm being offensive or not.
It won't stop me offending people though.

Or others.

One of our great debates was on whether you could be moral if you weren't religious.

Serious lack of understanding in that debate, very little misunderstanding though.

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Have you taken leave of your senses?

by deepsand In reply to Cool and Insightful

Or, do you really want to see me in my natural splendor?

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by Oz_Media In reply to ONLINE PERSONALITIES

I have sen mltiple aliases used by the same user, each with a different personality.

Myself, in my day to day life, I am easy going but a cut and dry person. I call it as I see it. I am a very firm believer in being myself all the time, though I do get carried away sometimes here.

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by XEntity In reply to Many

Know that the easy going, cut and dry dude that you are is perceived that way?

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People around me

by Oz_Media In reply to HOW DO YOU...

I am told almost daily that I am easu going and impossible to worry. It takes a LOT to get me worried or preoccipied thinking about something these days. Life has made me see it as completely unpredictable and I'm just along for the ride.

Like I said, I have fun here, I puch buttons etc. and nobody really knows how to take it.

I real life, I do the same but everyone knows me and ses it as just my cut and dry, no BS approach to life. This is also a result of taking everything in stride, I can tak it so I have no problem dishing it out. If you can't take it, don't bother getting into it with me, I won't be sorry and I won't hold back. nuff said.

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Reviewing many people on here...


I have been just observing many of the conversations on here and how people think.

Some people are quite narrow minded. They have an opinion and that is that.

Other people seem to make their theology, science, or social understanding.

Then there are a few that are here just to lamblast anyone and everyone equally.

It is quite a wild time observing people here.

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