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When people get in a car, often a new character comes over them. Some become aggressive, fist shaking, wild drivers. George Carlin, the comedian, quipped the degree to which a person is a jerk (politely put) is directly proportional to the get-a-way factor.

Likewise, online personalities become wild and elements of peoples egos that are normally suppressed become accentuated online. There is also the problem of communication in writings as facial expression and other body language normally observed are removed from online conversations.

What kind of personalities have you seen? What is the worst you have seen? What is the best you have seen?

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Can I just say

by drowningnotwaving In reply to ONLINE PERSONALITIES

a)I apologise to all concerned when I started on TR for jumping on the obnoxious bandwagon;

b) trying to learn how to use those smiley things but f-ck it is difficult. Clearly I'd never be able to set up a yahoo account and I'll probably lose sleep over that too; and

c) I love you Max.

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Dear Obnoxious!

by XEntity In reply to Can I just say

At least you realize it and are attempting to do something about it.

Sometimes computers can be more complicated than necessary. I just want to talk to mine. I hate typing, especially when I get a cold. That running nose just in the middle of an important thought! Its either **** or glow.

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About c)

by deepsand In reply to Can I just say

Best to keep that a secret.

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People Are Perplexing


So many people think they know everything and get online with their super inflated egos orating a lot of garbage.

I have observed that people act like they are intellectuals but rarely know how to conduct an intellectual discussion.

Perhaps I should post my paper on this topic but too may people would too inclined to go off on it.

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This sounds like. . . . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to People Are Perplexing

..... a "super inflated ego ..... acting like (you) are (an) intellectual".

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So You Know...

by XEntity In reply to This sounds like. . . . . ...

this guy Geobub? It sounds that way.

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Was that message supposed to make . . . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to So You Know...

... either sense or a point?

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Was your's?

by deepsand In reply to Was that message supposed ...

It seemed to be a very accurate self-portrait.

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by XEntity In reply to People Are Perplexing

You sound a bit put out. You studied intellectual conversations? What makes an intellectual conversation different from other conversations?

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That's easy

by drowningnotwaving In reply to Interesting

Big words = intellectual.

Just like your post just then. Very intellectual.

Smiley faces = nice.

Obnoxious seems to be the difficult one to define as that is soooooooooooooooooooooooo personal.

Calling a Republican voter a mercenary-****-head will normally do it.

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