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When people get in a car, often a new character comes over them. Some become aggressive, fist shaking, wild drivers. George Carlin, the comedian, quipped the degree to which a person is a jerk (politely put) is directly proportional to the get-a-way factor.

Likewise, online personalities become wild and elements of peoples egos that are normally suppressed become accentuated online. There is also the problem of communication in writings as facial expression and other body language normally observed are removed from online conversations.

What kind of personalities have you seen? What is the worst you have seen? What is the best you have seen?

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by FluxIt In reply to Interesting

Of the topic! Everyone tends to digress into slams, cuts, and insults whenever their belief, no matter how wild, is challenged. They want to be right when deep inside they know they are not but continue to struggle to justify some off the wall idea.

Go read some of the mean spirited babble. When it is pointed out they project fault onto you. I don't want to name names but there are a few here that are off the deep end.

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I know one.

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to THE TREATMENT...

IPirate or sopmething like that wasn't it.

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Hello, Pot?

by maecuff In reply to THE TREATMENT...

This is the kettle calling..

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by FluxIt In reply to Hello, Pot?

Are you one of these men who pose as a female online personality? I have not observe many femine qualities in your postings.

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Well, Mrs. Miami, why don't you tell us.

by deepsand In reply to BY CHANCE...

Inquiring minds want to know.

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Mr. Miami

by maecuff In reply to BY CHANCE...

is that really the best you can do?

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by maecuff In reply to BY CHANCE...

How does one post in a 'femine' way? (I assume you meant feminine). I can't really dot my i's with hearts and flowers, can I? What makes a post feminine or masculine? Do I lose my 'girl' card if I have an opinion? Or, do I only lose it if I have an opinion that differs from yours? Are females supposed to just agree with what men say? Or is it just YOU that should be agreed with?

Can you explain to me how YOUR posts are masculine?

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He earned the salutation of Mrs. at the EL thread, ...

by deepsand In reply to Question

where his mannerisms reminded me of a phrase from a ritualistic response required of all U.S. Naval Academy Plebes (freshmen) when asked "Why did you guess?", said phrase being "... and, relying more on a women's intuition than a Midshipman's erudition, ..."

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Mae, I remember well from last year

by neilb@uk In reply to BY CHANCE...

that he used slip into a rather nasty, misogynist persona when rattled. Looks like you've got to him...

Hit him with your shovel - that nice pink one with the shiny stainless blade.

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I dunno..

by maecuff In reply to Mae, I remember well from ...

I might break a nail. Or my hair could get messed up.

And Neil, as I recall, he excused his behavior with calling his rants 'banter' or 'jokes'. At least I have a the stones to stand behind what I say (type). Although, I guess that's not very feminine of me to say that, is it?

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