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Online Reputation

By Maevinn ·
Do you worry about your online reputation? Clearly, with more and more employers checking places like MySpace on prospective employees, we all have to be wary about our electronic 'face', so to speak. Do you conceal your real identity? Do you worry what others, particularly somewhere like TR, think of you?

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by Jellimonsta In reply to Online Reputation

I don't think any of my employers have ever checked for my online presence, but I couldn't give a rats petoot if they did anyway.
I have a MySpace account, but it is for my band, not a personal one. I am too old for that stuff now anyway.

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by Ed Woychowsky In reply to Online

Thinking about it now I'm pretty-sure that I had a manager that never made it past the porn sites. So the idea of looking at my postings probably never entered into his mind.

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by Jellimonsta In reply to Hmm

I think I worked with that guy too!!

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I worked for this guy too.

by NickNielsen In reply to Hmm

But he used to check out our web sites to see if we had anything posted (pictures, that is!)

Edit: This darn laptop! Keyboard can't sepll!

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Use of Nicknames

by Maevinn In reply to Online Reputation

I do use nicknames online. It's mostly because I became active on several chats in the way-back-when and everyone used a nickname. I don't think I saw someone using a real name, or even their initials, until 5 years ago. So, it just became a habit for me. My other hobby is aquariums, and I've used OrionGirl for almost all of those sites for years now--Heck, I'm the 2nd item Google comes up with OrionGirl.

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Re: Online Reputation

by sridhar.jayaraman In reply to Online Reputation


This is part of a bigger concern: do we have any privacy or rights once we are online?

I blogged about it sometime back -

Please do check and leave comments.


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When we enter the on-line world we lose all privacy

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Re: Online Reputation

it is akin to standing on a box in the middle of a aprk and shouting. We can expect none and anyone can record it and use it, it is public domain.

BTW Will look at your blog, make no promises about responses though.

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Hey thats a dumb blog service you use

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Re: Online Reputation

it insists that I create an account before I can post, but then does nothing to check or verify anything. I was lucky to get the post accepted, but I never finished the joining process as I refused to create a blog of my own and it would not let me continue without doing so. So don't be surprised if my comment vanishes.

here it is again just in case.

There is nothing new in all this. All that information, and more has been available to anyone who cared to look for over a century. All thathas changed is that what we put onto the computer system can now be easily found by a computer serach and not asking individuals. Much of the data won't be used becasue there is simply too much.

You are wrong to trust these companies, the moment they can get a financial advantage they will sell the information. Phone companies have been doing that since the first phone book.

The answer is simple, the internt and everything stored on it is public domain, don't put anything there unless you want it known. Don't use webmail for personal stuff, use an ISP mail address, that way it's not stored out there.

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You are who you are

by Nick Corcodilos In reply to Online Reputation

I believe the main reason a person's postings on the Net can create problems is anonymity. So don't be anonymous. Use your real name, or don't post. Clearly identifying ourselves helps keep us honest - and undoubtedly helps decrease "the load of nonsense".

I try to practice this not only when I post, but when I judge a posting. If a name doesn't accompany a post, it has less credence. I want to know who is behind the words. I want to know they've put skin in their words.

Accountability is as important online as anywhere else. It fosters responsibility, and it fosters credibility. When you identify yourself, you also create a kind of bank account - with time, you build a solid reputation. You are who you are. When you try to be someone else, you start with a bank account of zero.

This is not to suggest that people who use screen names and post consistently good stuff aren't credible. And certainly some folks need anonymity online because of their corporate affiliations.

But I wonder - if we all were held accountable for our postings, would our words have more power to change the policies that prevent some people from speaking out under their own names? In a time when "intellectual property" is the real asset, why do people (and companies) want to suppress the identities of those who create that IP?

There will always be dopes who make themselves look bad online, whether they care or not, and whether they use a real name or not.

But the potential to build a solid reputation across the Net starts with accountability. Anyone who doesn't believe in the persistence of the image they create of themselves has a lot to learn - the hard way. Those who get it can prosper because the Net is a phenomenal amplifier of IP.

Nick Corcodilos

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by j2per In reply to Online Reputation

I am not so worried about my online rep... I mean my employer already knows I speak whats on my mind. I use the same ID for just about everysite I am on and I have had the ID for years. It's a clever way of making my name into an alpha numeric handle that still sounds identical to my real name when spoken. If employers are so worried about what your doing on your myspace then they are not looking for a hard working employee they are loking for a spokes person to be a face of the company.

I know that having a good reputation can be a bonus for a company because it will bring in more customers but in this day and age it has become increasingly hard to hide any secrets that we may ahev and we all have them. I don't think the average person calling my company really cares about what I say on myspace as long as I can build a good looking website for them.

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