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By Maevinn ·
Do you worry about your online reputation? Clearly, with more and more employers checking places like MySpace on prospective employees, we all have to be wary about our electronic 'face', so to speak. Do you conceal your real identity? Do you worry what others, particularly somewhere like TR, think of you?

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Re: Online Reputation

by Justpassinthru In reply to Online Reputation

I have no worries about my on line reputation, because I do not play with little girls are little boys on the Internet is that it is taboo in my book. I also do not use my space as that can **** your reputation quickly. My electronic face is clean and will will remain clean.

Anyone that has to worry about his reputation has definitely done something wrong. There are those who try to hide everything they do. This does not concern me.

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by Ed Woychowsky In reply to Re: Online Reputation

I must live in a cave, I never heard of MySpace until it hit the Philadelphia news. I spent way too much time writing and coding.

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I heard of it about 6 months back, made the

by Deadly Ernest In reply to MySpace

mistake of letting my nephew talk me into joining, I check it about once a fortnight and have still to find anything worth while on it. The majority of people seem to be in their mid to late teens.

How do I know, you ask. I tried their little serach program to find other MySpace people in my region, kept widening the criteria until I got the whole of my state. At least 9 out of every ten people found were 21 or under, and most were 16 to 18 years old.

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