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Open Excel in Different Window

By ctmidnite ·
I have two monitors. It's very handy to be able to look at different sheets on different monitors. I can do this if I open two instances of Excel and then open different sheets but I haven't been able to get Excel to open in a seperate Window if I open another sheet from within the Excel window that I'm already viewing a sheet in.
Can I force Excel to always open in a new Window?

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Not Working

by dmatlof In reply to Opening .xls &.xlsx Excel ...

I've tried this and I can't get it to work. You also say include the quotes there aren't any shown above? What am I doing wrong?

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The trick is in the shortcut!

by Smitty21 In reply to Open Excel in Different W ...

Hey ctmidnite,

I also have dual monitors & use different spreadsheets on different screens. You can force Excel to open each file in a new window by editing the "Target" in the shortcut. Just put the path to the Excel.exe in front of the path to the .xls file. Here's what all mine look like. (I'm using Excel 2003) C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\excel.exe "c:\Documents & Settings\msmith\My Documents\test.xls". (Make sure the path to the actual .xls file is in parenthesis) They might open on top of each other the first time but if you move one of the windows to another screen, it'll open on that screen when you reopen it.

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by ctmidnite In reply to The trick is in the short ...

This isn't exactly what I asked to do but since Excel doesn't seem to be able to be forced to open a new sheet in a new instance from inside Excel this is a good work around. Pretty slick.
I did have to but quotes around the "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\excel.exe" to get it to work for me.
I'll spend tonight changing my shortcuts. :)


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Use the File Association Settings

by FrankMD In reply to Open Excel in Different W ...

You have to tell Excel not to use DDE to open the worksheet.
Open Windows Explorer, Tools, Options, File Types
Scroll down to XLS
Select Advance Button
Click on OPEN in the Actions window, Then Edit
On the 2nd line for application used add "%1".
Make sure to put the quotes around %1.
Example ...\Excel.exe" /e "%1"
Write down what you see in the DDE Section.
You will need this information if you want to return to the original settings.
Now DeSelect Use DDE
When you double click on any XLS file a separate instance of excel will run. Another advantage is that you can open more than one XLS file with the same name.

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One Limitation to Multiple Window Instances Usage

by jjoshya-contact In reply to Use the File Association ...

One thing that I noticed while using multiple instances of Excel is "lack of communication" between the two separate Excel windows. A couple of issues I faced were not being able to reference one another, and when things are copied between them the enclosed formula information is left out.

Any solution to this?

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Work Around

by FrankMD In reply to One Limitation to Multipl ...

You can have Excel open in 2 different instances, but you loose the copy between worksheet options. The workaround when you know you need to features is to open the first spreadsheet, then use the File, Open to open the 2nd spreadsheet. This puts them both in the same instance and you get the full features of having them in one instance.

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Thanks but....

by jjoshya-contact In reply to Work Around

Thanks for the suggestion but I was trying to not work with multiple window screens within one instance of Excel running...

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don't use in that case

by twrodke In reply to One Limitation to Multipl ...

I think you should not use multiple Excel windows if you are going to refer to a cell in one in the calculations in another. Only open separate windows if you just need to view or cut and paste from one to the other.

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file association settings

by fischerkris In reply to Use the File Association ...

I am running excel 2002. the method you mention worked great until today when I had an automatic update. now when I reset the "%1" and turned of the dde, I get a error message when double clicking on the excel file actually its about 10 error messages. I now have to open excel and then open the file I want, then open excel again and ope the next file to use them on multiple monitors...thanks for your help with this.

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re-establish defaults and how to open multiple Excel windows

by gregw In reply to file association settings

Go back into the file association tab, find the .xls extension and click on the advanced tab. There is a button called "Set Default". As I recall, this is what I did after trying all of this stuff that didn't work.

The easiest and most effective to open in multiple windows is to create a shortcut to Excel in the "Send To" folder, which is one of the right-click context menu options. This works for both Office 2003/2007.

The procedure for doing this is in a previous post of mine. Good luck.

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