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Open Excel in Different Window

By ctmidnite ·
I have two monitors. It's very handy to be able to look at different sheets on different monitors. I can do this if I open two instances of Excel and then open different sheets but I haven't been able to get Excel to open in a seperate Window if I open another sheet from within the Excel window that I'm already viewing a sheet in.
Can I force Excel to always open in a new Window?

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Thanks you

by Professor-X In reply to A different solution that ...

Thanks you very much Susie, it's a great find. Really appreciate for sharing.



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by brianlamo In reply to A different solution that ...

Three years after you posted your fix to view Excel worksheets in different windows and it STILL works. Just used your suggestion and presto: excel worksheets in different windows. THANK YOU.

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but it gets shut off when I logout

by twrodke In reply to A different solution that ...

This solution works good but is fragile. I don't know exactly what is happening but when I do everything you say it works good but then when I either logout out or shut down excel or even just lock my PC (via the Windows Lock function) from unauthorized accss to my work PC account Excel reverts back to opening from the same window. Why?
Is there a problem with the number of Excel/Office licenses available to our work site such that IT is running a macro or some other bot that detects these settings and resets them back to a default state?
Thanks for any information on this.

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Open Excel in Different Window

by ferozekhan267oa In reply to Open Excel in Different W ...

Open up a new blank excel document, go to TOOLS >> OPTIONS
Under the VIEW tab put a check mark against WINDOWS IN TASKBAR >> OK
close Excel and try to open multiple excel sheets. Success is relative and sure. Wish you luck. Take care. Let me know if it works.

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Simplest Method

by JackOfAllTech In reply to Open Excel in Different W ...

Open first book, click on the restore button for the sheet, click on the restore button for Excel, drag Excel bottom-right corner to resize to cover both monitor, resize book to cover one screen, open other book, restore/resize to other screen.


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To open excel windows seperately on task bar

by sree_cr In reply to Open Excel in Different W ...

Enable checkbox in Tools> Options> View> Under Show/ "Windows in Taskbar" option to have seperate Excel windows in MS office 2000.

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Try this... its easier.

by gregw In reply to Open Excel in Different W ...

I have tried all of these suggestions and with the exception of opening two instances of Excel, then opening the files, they just don't do the trick. And everything takes too many clicks to get it to work.

Instead try adding the shortcut to Excel in your "Send To" so that when you right-click an Excel file, Excel is an option. It opened in separate instances of Excel, was (and is) easy to use and worked like a charm for me.

Good Luck!

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"Send To"?!?!?

by chip In reply to Try this... its easier.

Not to appear too Win challenged, but how do you add a shortcut to "Send to"?

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Adding shortcuts to 'Send To'

by gregw In reply to "Send To"?!?!?

'Send To' exists as a folder in individual user profiles (speaking of Wn2K and XP here), and is part of the "context menu" that you sometimes hear about. To get there easily, right click on your Start button and select Explore. This will bring up an eplorer window with the Start folder highlighted. The Send To folder is just above that. Create a shortcut in there to Excel. Next time you right click on an excel document and select Sent To --> Excel, it will open in a window of its own.

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by craig In reply to Adding shortcuts to 'Send ...

This is the only method that actually worked!!

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