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Open Excel in Different Window

By ctmidnite ·
I have two monitors. It's very handy to be able to look at different sheets on different monitors. I can do this if I open two instances of Excel and then open different sheets but I haven't been able to get Excel to open in a seperate Window if I open another sheet from within the Excel window that I'm already viewing a sheet in.
Can I force Excel to always open in a new Window?

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send to - another way in Windows 7

by spleek In reply to Adding shortcuts to 'Send ...

This is the only solution that works in Windows 7 -thanks! But another way to get to the "Send To" folder is simply to open a window of any folder, and in the address bar, type "shell:sendto" (without quotes) - once there, add a shortcut to Excel.

I couldnt get to the send to folder from your instructions, possibly because I've reverted back to the XP/Classic visual style.

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Doesn't show up in my "send to"

by jammin49 In reply to send to - another way in ...

I followed all of the instructions, and the shortcut to excel is in the "sent to" folder. The issue is that it is not showing up as a selectable item when I right click an excel file and go to send to. Any suggestions?

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This may be the answer

by acetangent In reply to Doesn't show up in my "se ...

Go to Run, then type C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11


Go to Run again, then type sendto

at sendto folder, paste the copied EXCEL.EXE

I hope this will do the trick coz i had the same problem as yours just a while back...

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How to do this in Vista?

by kramsey In reply to Open Excel in Different W ...

Since Windows Explorer using Vista does not have Tools, Options, File Types, how do we change the settings?


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This worked for me.

by jorge_fava In reply to How to do this in Vista?
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You might like this...

by Shaggy719 In reply to Open Excel in Different W ...
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I felt so stupid...

by Jakitron In reply to Open Excel in Different W ...

I came here earlier to find a solution to this same problem. My job consists of a stupid number of spreadsheets and I have two monitors so I figured I ought to make use of them. I still couldn't find a solution for Windows 7, so I finally gave in and called my institution's HelpDesk.

"Why don't you just open another instant of Excel?"

Oh.. Duh.
Anyway, this solution worked. Just click on the Excel icon again. Open your document from within. Problem solved, bah.

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Fix for Excel 2007!

by tom4349 In reply to Open Excel in Different W ...

I stumbled onto this about 10 minutes ago while trying to find a solution like everyone else here. No scripts or other tweaking necessary!

As someone else already stated, using separate instances of excel is a bad idea, because you cannot then copy and paste between the documents or refer to the other document in a formula.

There is a solution, however!!
1)Open 2 documents in Excel, let them open in the same instance
2)Un-maximize one of the documents so that it can be moved or resized
3) Right click the title bar of that document
4)select "Arrange..."
5) select "vertical"
6) Un-maximize Excel's window, and drag it across to cover both monitors. The documents will remain side by side!

To return Excel to normal without "losing" a document in the other monitor when you resize Excel's window back to only one monitor:
1) Right click one of the document's title bars
2) Select "Arrange..."
3) Select "cascade"
4) Resize Excel to cover only one monitor
That's it. Now everything is back to normal, and documents will open inside the Excel window without being "lost" on the other monitor.

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Opening Excel worksheets in separate windows

by Juan Pacativa In reply to Open Excel in Different W ...

On Windows 7, Open the first worksheet and then go to the 'Start', hold the cursor on Excel to open the sheet list and then move it over and open the second worksheet from there!


You have two separate sheets.

Can keep on opening this way.

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Open more excel instances

by CptJacks In reply to Open Excel in Different W ...

Wow.. why has no one before me came with this solution?
It aint that hard.. just:

have your first sheet opened. hold the Shift button on your keyboard and click the excel icon in your taskbar.

another instance will open. you can drag your excel file in there or use ctrl+o to get the excel sheet in there you need.

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