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Exchange 200 on WK3

by darkside In reply to Exchange 2000

You can install Exchange 2000 on WK3 , as it tells you when you try to install it.
You just need to install Service Pack 3 for Exchnage upon initial install.

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I was told that's not posible

by fred In reply to Exchange 200 on WK3

I talked to Microsoft and was told that the Exchange 2k uses a different security than Server 2k3. I had to install the Exchange 2003 bata which is the Exchange 2000 for the most part. I have had no problems so far. I have not even rebooted my servers for over a month.

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No problems Yet

by fred In reply to Have you run into any qui ...

I have 2 production 2003 serves that have been running since may 20.

I have exchagne 2003 bata running with no problems(microsoft suggested to use it.)

I also have about 10 win98 clients logging on.

the only problems I ran into at the begining was that there was no anti virus supported, I had to mess with Norton to get it installed.

There was no Exchange anti virus so I had to resort to Nav for Gateway.

and Veritas informed me that the ver 9 was not supported.

2003 Server isnow Supported Bye Symantec and Veritas ver. 9

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Appears Stable - but DFS quirky

by burgmann.tom In reply to No problems Yet

15 users - 6 XPpro, 6 W2Kpro, 3 W98

SBS running on W2Ksp3 PDCserver. W2K3 DCserver added on Jun6. Veritas 9 used for backups.

One W98 & one W2K experience Excel file renaming to numbered file since we turned on DFS between the two servers. No other problems to report.

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DFS issue

by rogerm In reply to Appears Stable - but DFS ...

I have encountered the same problem when DFS enabled on W2K3 DC Server, 9 WinXP Pro workstations all have same problem with Excel files renaming to numbers, what I found is that it only renames after Excel is closed. Looking for a solution but nothing as yet.

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by scott.lorenzen In reply to It's already been release ...

Did you upgrade from 2000? How was it? All hardware adaptable for the new OS?

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by fazeel In reply to Upgrades

Most of the ISA Devices are not supported in W2K3. Modems, Sound Cards and most of the other Devices for ISA Slot. It has no builting drivers. To use these devices I gave the PATH TO INF FOLDER OF WINDOWS XP and it took the devices and when needed the files I also redirected the request to Windows XP System32\Drivers Folder.

Every thing was fit and fine no prob but a bit tricky.

Best of Luck you all.

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Joining 2003 and NT4

by bichelmo In reply to Open the WS2K3 discussion

Does anyone know of a way to connect Windows 2003 and NT4 so that you can authenticate to an NT4 domain.

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Very Simply

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Joining 2003 and NT4

You have to alter the default mode of 2003 into "MIXED MODE" from its native mode. Then you will b e able to work with NT4.

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No support for NT4

by amrish In reply to Joining 2003 and NT4

You can not get NT4 authenticated by Windows 2003 Domain or Wonows 2003 domain by Windows NT4, whithout upgrading NT4 first in to Windows 2000. there are major diffencies in both Windows 2000 Diresctory and Windows 2003 Directory, so watchout for some problem.

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