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Take this opportunity, network admins and support pros, to post your Windows Server 2003 questions, enter comments about our WS2K3 e-newsletter, and offer suggestions for future tips.

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Well acording to Microsoft

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to No support for NT4

If you run Y2k3 in mixed mode it will work with NT4 and so far it does here it is just like y2k but if you allow it to load in its native format it will not comunicate with NT4. To date I haven't had a problem and we have 3 NT4 servers here that only run one program for earthworks as it won't run on anything newer and presently there are no plans to rewrite the program so for the time being we are stuck with NT4 but then again the program is only $80,000.00 Au so it probably isn't all that important like if it wasn't used then we couldn't get the earthworks to the specs that we currently do as there is laser equiptment all over the place on both the machinery and leveling sights on the work site and we can bring any work to within 2 mm. Soguess who's sticking with NT4 for the forseeable future and w2k3 is communicating with it OK.

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Of Course It Works

by modox In reply to Well acording to Microsof ...

We have just moved our infrastructure over from NT4 to Windows Server 2003 and it worked fine. You do need W2K3 in mixed mode then you set up two one-way trusts between the domains. if you want to you can then use the AD Migration Tool (ADMT) V2 which will not only migrate the users but also add the NT4 domain users to the W2K3 ACL's.

All of our major systems are now over we are only waiting for Exchange 2K3 so that we can migrate E5.5 then the NT domain will disappear forever.

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Compatibility may be hogwash

by PsiFiScout In reply to Open the WS2K3 discussion

In the true tradition at Microsoft, their newest OS is touted as being a "cure all" for something or other, in this case it's legacy support. As I have not yet fully explored this capability of Windows Server 2003 I cannot fully address this issue. However, if the legacy support has not markedly increased over that of Windows XP, the claim is false. Over the course of numerous network installs of WinXP I have had the misfortune of having to deal with legacy support issues in everything from applications to hardware (primarily older printers) and using the wizards in XP I have yet to get any of the legacy hardware/software to function. The selections are indeed included in the menus, but the resulting solutions simply failed to support the hardware/software desired by the client.

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SNAP servers

by Lloyd Walker In reply to Compatibility may be hogw ...

To add to the issues. If you have an older SNAP server it has problems with W2003 as well. I've made all the changes requested by SNAPappliance support and still can't connect to our SNAP server. This also appears to be server & client related. If I boot from a Windows 95 boot disk, I can connect to the SNAP server. If I boot up my XP OS it won't connect.

Any suggestions are welcome

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XP is far better than 2000

by gordoncampbell In reply to Compatibility may be hogw ...

XP is far better than 2000 in this respect. If 2003 is even better then this is good isn't it? Its easy to whine about things not being 100%perfect but whats the point? Its better than its predecessor and that wasn't bad so just get on with using it!

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Just remember this is a Server

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Compatibility may be hogw ...

Not a desktop OS and as such the important items are SCSI drives, RAID ARRAY drivers, Network drivers, possibly broadband modem drivers and the like.

Because this is a Server OS what isn't important are things like video, sound, all the unnecessary plug in cards that don't have any usefull application for a Server like video capture cards and the like.

This OS is susposed to be used to host a Domain or even run a gateway or a host of things like that.

What it was never designed for was to run on a desktop where things like new video cards, sound cards, video capture cards and all those things while necessary for a user application arn't needed or for that matter supported for a Server as they are susposed to store data and make various things available across a network dpending on exactly what the server is set up to perform. After all no one would expect a dedicated ISA Server to run games would they?

If you want a desktop OS then stick to XP and leave 2003 for what it was originally intended for.

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by seyiogunwumiju In reply to Open the WS2K3 discussion

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Re: Keeping accurate time on your server

by Steven-s In reply to Open the WS2K3 discussion

This is in responce to the newslatter stating how to keep accurate time on your 2003 server.
Per article Q289689 and KB289689 from Microsoft, a Domain Controller or any XP-based computer that is a member of a domain must relay directly on the domain's NTP service. Internet time synchroization is not an option.

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RE: TechRepublic BAD tips [Keeping accur

by neilpub In reply to Re: Keeping accurate time ...

This "tip" seems to describe horrid internet manners.

To quote:
"In addition, make sure that all of your clients' time properties are
configured properly."

This article already makes the mistake of telling the readership that every server ontheir network should sync directly against a NIST time source.
The quoted section then componds this error by impling that every client should also point to a NIST source.

If the advice in this "tip" is followed, we will soon see that the various public agency reliable time-sources will be so swamped with requests that they will be as overloaded & useless as microsoft's

Who checks these "tips"!

First off, setting through the clock is NOT the correct method, and there should only be one device per site (or maybe one per connection if you have multiple pipes to the internet) that touches a reliable time source.

Each server and client in an organization should then point to the local server at it's time source.

Additionaly in Win2000 and Win2003 you should use a list of timesources so that there is some failover.

The correct basic method of configuring your local NTP Win2000/2003 server to query an external timesource is with:
Net time /setsntp:" yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy zzz.zzz.zzz.zzz"
Where the xxx/yyy/zzz is the ip address of level 2, level 2, level 1 timesource.

More advanced time source configuration can be done by using (in Win2003) w32tm command (w32tm /? for options).

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Question on Browsing

by grandphython In reply to Re: Keeping accurate time ...

Hi All,

We have multi domain, complete trusts. We were all NT4 and have (for the most part) successfully upgraded 3 out of 6 servers to Win2K3.
One problem though. Browsing across domains no longer works. Curiously not on all the domains though. However, we can ping and map drives to ANY PC across ANY domain.
Domains A,B,C, and D.
A,B,C can see all domains listed and get inside to see the actual individual PCs. D can see the domains listed, but can't see the PCs inside the domains.
At first I thought WINS issue, but we can map drives and ping names no problem.
Any help, much appreciated.

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